Two Heads Are Better…

This past week I had such a good time meeting with and reading the Spiritual Advisor you may know from the Keen network, Rayna (Readings by Rayna). It had been eight months since we last met (before I moved out to Vancouver) and so there was so much to get back to. Somehow it was as though no time had elapsed.

Rayna has had a booming year and particularly in December and January when the site put her to the front of their features list and so she hadn’t had a lot of time to mentally revisit all of the goals and predictions set in motion last year. As we are both in the same field of facilitating and talking through life’s paths, we both commented on how when one is in such a frenzy and life starts to pick up the pace, it is so easy to lose track of the implementation of our lifelong goals.

Why so particularly hard now? The temporary economic recovery we have had in 2011! While there is so much suffering going on still, when I returned to the US for this visit, there was a palpable sense that more people are at work and life is returning back to normal somewhat. Both Rayna and I agree, coming at it from different methods of prediction, that this is a temporary breather for us all not to be completely deceived by, but a great opportunity to put money away and at the same time make some small scale investments as people become more courageous. The downside with such momentum is that when you’re busier in the world of commerce, it’s easy to forget attending to your spiritual goals.

During and after Rayna’s reading, we made a list of how to attend to ourselves and yet take advantage of the opportunities around us:

  • Settle all debts as quickly as possible (there must be some reason for why the officials are letting them rack up so much and there are so many prison spaces out there).
  • Have as much non-perishable food in supply as you can, but don’t go overboard.
  • Spend money locally and a bit more than you plan sometimes, but not on wasteful things where the price does not match the value (e.g., an expensive dinner somewhere when you could have made it at home for 10% of the cost).
  • Now is the time to show your true feathers and make your mark. There is a lot of mind control going on in the media and such, but we can overcome it with light and authenticity!

There was lots of laughter and a bit of a magic spell at the end of our visit, but you’ll have to ask Rayna what that was about!

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Have you had any interesting readings or impressions of the future lately?

Rayna has a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and has been performing readings with Keen for the last four years.

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