Joseph Campbell and the Welfare State

In a mini-book called The Way of Myth there are interviews with the late philosopher Joseph Campbell, who has a lot of concepts that I very much agree with from a spirituality perspective.

He states in one of the interviews that the welfare state and massive corporations act as mother and keep people dependent and child-like:

“Well, you know, every squirrel knows how to take care of itself. The welfare state is the mother, all right, in her all-absorbing power – ‘Won’t you come to me, darling? I’ll take care of you. Kiss mama!‘” (page 80-81)

A number of great Joseph Campbell quotations are so practical and yet spiritually fulfilling. Economics, rationality, and spiritual warmth are not separate things!

– John Lett (Readings), Value$: A Mixed Economy

image of Joseph Campbell from photograph owner: Joan Halifax (Upaya), from Flickr Creative Commons

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