Spiritual Connections and Kylie Minogue

There is an old article from Daily Mail in the UK that has always stood out in my memory, dating from 2004, I believe. In the interview, Kylie Minogue (having just wrapped up a five-continent world tour) is interviewed and states she has commentary with the spirit of her former lover, Michael Hutchence, who was in the music group InXS.

She has so many profound things to say, including:

  • “The soul is the endlessness of our beings, it is indefinite and we are just passing through.
  • “I believe I have lived before but I am not very advanced in my series of lives.
  • “I’m not even into double figures. I don’t have a visual memory of my past lives but I believe I came from somewhere.”
  • Miss Minogue, who moved to London in the late 1980s and now lives in Chelsea, said she has a strong moral code because she believed in a ‘peaceful place’ where ‘people who have lived good lives will achieve peace’.
  • “God is either a universal energy outside of us or a life force within us. Or both,” she added.

This is all very illuminated compared to what we generally hear people in the celebrity world saying, and it all definitely reinforced my belief in her authenticity as a role model to all.

While her references seem very similar to Eckhart Tolle, I believe there are very strong tie-ins to tarot as we have interpreted it here. We all come from a place of omnipresent existence where time is only relative to our experiences here. We take on lives as accelerated missions to educate ourselves more quickly, rather than learn in a static environment (what we would call Heaven or Nirvana).

When I saw Kylie Minogue in Paris the year after this interview (at Le Zenith), I found that her fanbase is quite spiritual and at one with their environs. The police who secured the event said afterwards that they had never seen people in such bliss, and whereas they normally have to break up post-concert fights, they were able to take pictures of people who had made new friends.

I am convinced that one day I will get to give her a tarot reading.

Are there any other authentic spiritual leaders out there you’ve noticed who are not front and center, publicly espousing their beliefs?

John Lett (Readings), author of Value$: A Mixed Economy

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