Tarot of the Day #1

Sporadically, I will try to ask the tarot cards a question that pertains to the news, society, or trends that affect everyone. Ideally, please do put forth questions so that they may be featured here for others to enjoy and comment on! I will use my own card, Four of Pentacles (i.e. essentially, one who fights the urge to hoard things. You should see the papers on my desk!) as the starting point for asking the questions. If you’d like to know what your main tarot card is and to ask a few questions, write me at johnayco02@hotmail.com, or call (US) 1-785-380-4340 and leave a voice message in order to make an appointment.

Today’s question:

Is relief coming to the American South regarding floods in the near future?

Past and present

Six of Swords, reversed; Queen of Cups

This is a situation not anywhere near over. The Six of Swords in a normal position (upward) means “a journey by water” and finding resolution over time. In this case, it means spreading. Also, people very much need to be wary now more than ever about living in and locating towns in flood zones. Almost every place that is in a vulnerable position will be hit with something in a relatively short space of time (perhaps the next 10-12 years) as the Earth negotiates new climate patterns.

The Queen of Cups looks at us benevolently (I use the Aquarian deck printed in Belgium, with 1970 illustrations) with a rose blossom covering the stem of the chalice. She reminds us that it’s all relative, and what happens here is not the totality of reality. Your suffering does not last forever and will not. Remain relaxed and keep faithful in order to hold onto your sanity. Take this as an opportunity to stretch yourself as a person, if you are in an affected area, and reach out to others.

Future sequence

The first two cards in a first question I ask represent the past and the present… a synopsis of the situation and a general advice aspect. The next two, final cards are more of an actual prediction, although tarot does not always deliver absolute declarations given the fluid nature of symbols.

Five of Cups; The Hermit, reversed

Five of Cups shows spilled wine glasses with a few remaining behind. Birds are flying away, and there is a river in the distance. Loss, despair, homelessness. Many more homes remain to be lost, however the two gold cups behind represent intact assets that will be momentarily forgotten, but realized once again. The birds in air represent displacement. Some glasses being spilled and some full make note of how it is all in how we choose to interpret events – events do not have meaning on their own, actually.

Reversed, The Hermit means awakening to something after a period of intensity. This final card means renewal, a new perspective, coming out. Therefore, once again, the South is going to unify even more than ever. New communities will be built. Some old sites will be left and dedicated as parks, but higher ground will be sought and I see three towns in Mississippi merging.

– John Lett (Readings), Author, Value$: A Mixed Economy

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