Keep on Fighting

To dash off a quick note, it does seem like there is a bit of a quiet moment before serious battle just now, so this is time to regroup, form alliances, and go for the things you want. 2011 has been a very traumatic year for many already, given floods, tornadoes, earthquakes in Japan, and New Zealand. I feel lucky for many reasons but also because I happened to stay in this youth hostel in Christchurch before the earthquake, and you can see what the area looks like now, according to BBC photography.

There are a number of predictions I have in the forthcoming book Sorcery, which I hope to finish after graduate school finishes up this December (2011), but there are certain things that can be known now. The main thing my master’s program classmates and I discuss is where to go in the event of disasters, where will the employment centers on Earth be, and so on. From what I have seen with tarot and my personal predictions, this is what I can tell you:

  • Yes, do train with IT skills and know what to do with the tools, but do not go overboard. They are used to strip people of their personal logic and instinct to some degree. Do not be suspicious of them to the point that you don’t bother to learn, but make sure that you see them as a game.
  • When picking a place to live, unless you have a profound connection to a place that has other characteristics, make sure that you think you could live there if all things electric and electronic shut down suddenly. You do not need a lot of land or any land at all, but you want to make sure that the climate is one you could make do with if there were just basic tools.
  • Do not buy or live on direct ocean front or creekside properties. You can live near water but make sure that there are at least 5 metres or so between you and the cresting of that water so that you can have time to take action.
  • If you merely want to escape from Asia, North America, or Europe, then Australia is where you should go, and go now. Prices are high and you are isolated but this will be a safe haven to a certain extent.
  • Most people who are running from things now are going to Central and South America. It might be good to have some investments there but don’t put more than 20% of what you have into it. I think there are going to be some serious climate issues and repossessions that could be problematic in most places except for perhaps Brazil. If you are okay with making small amounts of money and staying there regardless however, that may be the place. Just again, be sure to have high ground and consider leasing property rather than buying it. Ownership will be shaky.
  • As mentioned in another post, if you want to go to a place that is going to really fight back hardship and be innovative, Japan seems to be very revolutionary in the near future.
  • The economy here in Vancouver, British Columbia is going to continue to slide – this is simply logical. Everything is tied up in property. Vancouver Island looks okay for those who are willing to give up a contemporary lifestyle, but it comes at a price. Alberta has growth left.
  • Protesting in large demonstrations seems to not really be doing anything any more. These events are easy to distort and you can end up being blacklisted in the media spin of the events, such as with the G20 Summit in Toronto. As Margaret Atwood described in a dystopian book, The Year of the Flood, paraphrasing “they hadn’t found a way to make people buy things yet.” In other words, the best thing you can do is not participate financially.
  • Actively find small businesses and sponsor them, but only if it is things that you actually need or that can improve your life. If there is a place that serves expensive meals you don’t really want or need, don’t go there. This will change how money flows.
  • Limit your pop music. Use Lady Gaga or whatever uptempo music you need to work but limit it so that you are not in fantasyland (a big mistake of mine). No sad music.
  • Try to talk to random people. Take your headset off in public places and don’t have your phone on, or don’t have a phone. These things are also very bad distractions.
  • Don’t watch almost anything coming out of Hollywood. They are often propaganda films without you realizing it. If you are not learning something, you should not spend money there. A comedy film other than satire for anyone other than children is a waste of time and a scam.
  • Find a mentor or partner who does not talk when it is not necessary to chatter in order to bounce energy off of and squeeze productivity out of each other. Meet this person daily.
  • If you are very young, go and do the hardest physical labor you can and socialize with people who do construction, engineering, sales, work with food, etc. You will have a better chance of employment.

There is so much more to be said, but that is enough of a lecture for today!

– John Lett (Readings), author Value$: A Mixed Economy

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2 Responses to Keep on Fighting

  1. Yes and Yes! What we don’t realize in the Age of the MultiTask is that we have only enough attention for ONE thing at a time. Since quitting facebook and the computer, I find I use the internet on the smartphone maybe about an hour a day in scattered periods (such as breaks) that would have been spent doing little else. My time here is more focused and serene. I get the information I need (take notes if necessary so I don’t have to access it here again ) and get off and back to life.

  2. It’s nice to know that some people have chosen tactile productivity over digital and managed a way out, though the digital world has its merits if done purposefully. Keep it up and stay productive!

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