Dystopian Young Adult Literature and the World Situation

Over the last year, I have been writing snippets of what will be my next book (working title: Sorcery), dissecting how tarot is not an absolute future predictor and also the fact that most of the time you cannot predict the future in a rigid manner. In this, I address a lot of the mind control techniques that are being employed against us, both wittingly by some and unwittingly by others… and further, what the cards say are general predictions for the future of countries around the world. As cynical as this could end up being at times, there are a surprising number of positive turnarounds I can see happening here as well (see Tarot #2: regarding Japan’s nuclear disaster).

But even without looking to tools of divination, there is a lot of evidence around to support that there are many people who say “No, we do not agree” to the terms that have been set before us by our leadership, often in dystopian young adult literature and young adult culture. This quotation comes directly from The Hunger Games collective consciousness of District 12, when the town of the District seat does not pander to rules and is not complicit in their persecution. There are a number of books out there now that consist of young adults who say no and challenge the Establishment – including The Maze Runner, and older titles such as Feed. Youth culture is always accused of being degenerate, and there is certainly a vapidity in the iTunes let-me-stay-in-my-media-bubble-and-I-must-not-make-eye-contact-with-anyone-else mentality, and mindless reality television, but probe young adults now, and you will find a very informed generation who knows who their oppressors are… if they are not too busy trying to get degrees from them.

What have you done with the knowledge you have acquired from many more sources out there discrediting the soft totalitarianism we live in? Do you hold onto it? Do you spend differently? Or do you disagree with it but decide that we have to be morally fluid in order to enjoy the products it produces, or just keep a job?

In tarot, I say there are not really “bad cards” – at least not with my deck. There are situations and there are reactions, and what we do in this dimension has fairly limited reach, so go forward with each predicament, and even the worst can be somewhat playful if you surround yourself with constructive people and words to pull you out of it.

John Lett (Readings), Value$: A Mixed Economy

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