Tarot of the Day #4: Environmental Manipulation

Quite often it comes up about the overwhelming number of earthquakes that have been hitting the world in the last three years. First China, then Chile, Haiti, New Zealand (at least three times, two of them severe), and last Japan. As three of the four corners of the Pacific have been hit, it is only logical and nothing to do with tarot or prophecy to say that there will be a significant seismic event within a year somewhere between California and Alaska. This is not what we are asking today. The main area of contention is whether these are natural events or man-made, either through environmental imbalances from drilling for too many resources, or part of the mysterious HAARP apparatus out of Alaska and other stations across the globe. There is speculation that this is all some staging point to go after public health across the globe. I must preface at first that I do not know, secondly I am unassuming in this regard, and lastly, I will go only into what the cards say. One thing I do believe is that even if there is manipulation happening, it is possible that a lot is still not understood by anyone.

“Dear God, we ask that these cards provide us with information that may help the planet. Please keep the influences of both the Establishment and also radical opinions away from this revelation.”

Is the sudden surge of earthquakes in the world a natural event or a result of human activity?

Past and Present: Six of Cups, reversed; Four of Swords

Six of Cups is the card of looking back and nostalgia. Most interpretations of its reversal have to do with bitterness or contempt in this looking back. In short, it is emphasizing negative. It implies at first that there is a fair bit of a negative outlook on life carrying us right now, and also making the past look better than it was. The Four of Swords is very loaded with meaning here, as it can have relevance with the number. The number four is significant in tarot and also in Jungian philosophy/psychology, having to do with the thinking, intuition, feeling, and sensing/sensation. As this is not the prediction stage yet, it tells me that the Earth is off-balance and in hibernation, ironically. Of those four pillars, perhaps one of them is absent in the way civilization operates, or a fourth-dimension is waiting to come through on Earth (we only know of three-dimensions that we can actually detect). As the earthquakes of this batch began in 2008 and I believe there is one large one that remains, I think this card could be telling of a four-year cycle, 2008-2012.


Future and Answer: Three of Pentacles, reversed; Two of Pentacles

I have to admit that this is the first time I have really been shocked by an answer, especially with the lead in the other cards provided. I was expecting this to be a natural cycle or at worst a mistake.

With two Pentacles side-by-side, the situation can only be related to the work of humans. Pentacles are to do with work, skill, prosperity, and a harmonious relationship with nature. When reversed here, this means competition in a workplace, mediocrity, abusing your skills, petty, etc. If the tarot cards say anything, this means that there is absolutely intervention from human work here. Experimentation. Not necessarily evil or malicious intent, in fact that is not present at all, but a “let’s see what this does” kind of activity, and several egos involved. Two of Pentacles also shows someone who is almost a scientist or one working with alchemy. Experimentation, weighing the difference between possibilities, and making adjustments. In some decks, this is a card battling opposites or trying to restore balance. The magnetic equilibrium of the planet is off, and also there are people behind the scenes who stand to profit from the changes that are being forced around. Perhaps there is something that can be done but there is a competing interest.

In the Aquarian deck, the Two of Pentacles also surfaces to say “eh, it’s not so bad.” Therefore, the summary of it all is that we are near the end of a four-year cycle of lots of earthquakes. It is somewhat a natural cycle, but being exacerbated by experimentation that is not malicious but of a flippant and egotistical scientific order. While damage will be done, adjustments are being made, and it is a cold, calculating manipulation. It will not spell the end of the planet.


Will human health as a whole be impacted?

Future: Eight of Pentacles, Queen of Swords

The Eight of Pentacles is a highly productive, adaptable, hard-working card. Some descriptions describe it as “Apprenticeship.” This can only be a good thing. Very resistant people, solution-oriented. In other words, people are going to be more constructive rather than panicky as the ground shakes and certain aspects of life related to nature become less certain. The Queen of Swords, Swords being mental sharpness, authority, cleverness, and clear-thinking, shows an era of frankness. I must admit that I now realize I asked this question largely with the US in mind (but did not really think of it consciously), and so I see that being a particular territory with that attitude. This is a rational woman. This means a hardened era where less frippery and consumerism will prevail, and more critical thinking skills will prevail. So yes, health will be impacted, this is like the grimness of war, but very ingenious leadership and fundamentals will come from it, both from male and female principles.

– John Lett (Readings), Value$: A Mixed Economy

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