Angels Among Us: A Blessing on Greek Day

Athens subway station, June 2012

Athens subway station, June 2012

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

It’s funny how when you have a very distinct outlook in life and you know your

aims, people naturally migrate to areas that are going to be conducive to building upon that energy. This was definitely the case on June 26, 2011 when my neighborhood of Kitsilano in Vancouver had its annual Greek Day. I will be doing a post or two more about this former Greek neighborhood with a few vestiges of Greek business remaining (as well as the mafias that firebomb rival Greek supermarkets, as was the fate of the market behind my house six months ago, though it is now beautifully restored), but this was definitely a singularly great occasion. I overheard people saying this as the biggest turnout in over 20 years and it was definitely needed after 12 or 13 businesses around this normally vibrant area have closed.

I was standing near a corner of the closed off street watching some children perform and a lady came and stood nearby. I am normally slightly conversational with people but I felt like reaching out and complimented the children by saying they were shy and excited, thinking she might be a mother or auntie of one of the children. Shortly into fair-weather conversation on the sunny, warm day, we got into the toxicity of our environment and how we both detected radiation from Japan on the same day a week after Fukushima’s initial meltdown event. “What are the chances two people in this city would make note of that? People would think we are nuts,” she said. But people with this awareness do inadvertently find each other, and we are finding each other – not to assemble for anything violent or in preparation for an overthrow, but a total calling out of the Establishment at work and saying, “We’re on to you, and also the fact you do not have the authority to control reality.” Normally, I have a tense view and approach of this area, but this lady has such a plucky attitude and emanates a natural calm in this regard, and she said “Yep, they are getting desperate now because it’s over. Egypt, Syria… it’s over for them.” And she beamed this tremendous smile that was not self-righteous, but knowing that good people prevail. She introduced herself as Cheryl.  Unfortunately, I had to go to a rally downtown to support a UBC student in distress, and she was meeting up with a friend and kept seeing other friends she knew and had to go, so we quickly exchanged information and planned for another meeting. I felt sure of her sincerity, the alacrity of her remarks, and the certainty of her assessment of things medical and of well-being.

It turns out that she is in a similar field to me and what we do is so compatible. She does many forms of healing modalities and has significant credentials as well (hence the awareness of what was going on with the radiation, but from a more scientific standpoint than what I get from tarot or supernatural responses). It’s sort of like tarot for the body, given the reciprocity and interactive nature of what she does. Her work is to intuitively discern areas of the body that are out of sync/unwell. Thereafter she energetically restores the area into full “coherence” with health. She is able to determine if there are deficiencies, blockages, emotional issues, etc. that are holding one back from expressing from their true potential – body, mind, and spirit. Using her gift of energy attunement to your whole essence, she is able to restore your body back towards wellness.  She later showed that this is done remotely but she checks in with you at the start so as to sync up with your energy as well after the session to tell you what areas she worked on and why.  She promises you will be amazed.

This is another discrete one in the world. While she is fully linked across the web, and people were attracted to her in that first meeting and in a subsequent conversation with her later, she told me “the social networking and passing around cards and all that… I just don’t want to get into that world. I have been living well for the last seven years just from word-of-mouth and I never take on more than two clients a day so that my energy is fresh and focused” So she has been afforded the ability to do what she loves working on people all over the world and sustains from the merit of her work alone.

She recommends this in the coming years:

  • Due to the increased  radiation now including electro-smog by many new cellular services; supporting your sensitive thyroid can be had by purchasing Lugol’s regular iodine (a solution of iodine in potassium iodide, named after J. G. A. Lugol)/and spreading it on your tummy.  Your body absorbs what it needs safely and you can tell how valuable it is to your body by determining the darkness of the stain four hours later….if your body needs this (which I am sure it will in this environment) your stain will be greatly diminished if not almost disappeared.
  • And as a reminder”“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. — Albert Einstein

It is possible even in a bad economy to be independent of achieving your “market value” outside of mainstream companies, and in fact once you have found your stride, you can prosper even better in knowing your work is original and it matters to the people it touches. You will bump into others in this state of mind, as all the subscribers here have done, and your holistic wealth-building and sharing traits definitely become enhanced, as this new friend of mine indicates.

Questions for Cheryl click here: She is at present full for local clients in Vancouver but is periodically in France and Germany.

– John Lett (Readings), author Value$: A Mixed Economy

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