Tarot of the Day #5: Navigating Changes in the World

TarotWorldTour by John Lett (Readings)

It is always a challenge to select a question for tarot cards that can apply to people all around the world or specify an issue that is of worldwide interest. This time I tried an unconventional approach. When reading external questions, I always begin the session with Four of Pentacles, my own tarot lead card (in my reading system), and proceed from there. Today, I placed immediately underneath it XXI: The World. It is in our best interest to find out what traits, strategies, and ideas are conducive to thriving in the world as it is shaping up at the moment. The staging of this question implies, do we comply with a New World Order (for lack of better referencing to what that Establishment is, although we all have a general idea what they are), or resist it? Do we go headlong into commerce and fight with an underground economy, or do we take the socialist path of bolstering the contents of the coffers of the state? Do we go underground and get second citizenships in more discrete countries, or hold out in the US, UK, and elsewhere and reform circumstances back to vitality? Is such vitality possible?

So first, a prayer or blessing before our question

Dear God, Please guide this Aquarian deck of cards today through your own agency or the work of your benevolent emissaries to give us all reliable information that we may use for our benefit, and the benefit of others. We ask that you direct the querents today to information that will make them thrive under trying times the world over, and also prosper. Please show us a moral, healthy, and well-intentioned path to success. Please give us insights into what hardships to expect and yet do not let fear of doom overpower our ability to experience joy or potential to make rational, clear-headed decisions.

Today’s question:

What can most people do to survive and prosper the Earth, economic, and social changes that are enveloping and will envelope the world in the next several years?*

Past and Present: Knight of Swords; III: The Empress, reversed

The Knight of Swords is a card of cunning in an environment of war.  It is a card of blind bravery – charging forward without worrying about battle wounds. It means moving forward with business or very sharp ideas. This is referencing the mood that has dominated the world over the last 30 years, where ideology and ideas took precedence over caution and order. This does mean that a lot of brilliance has ruled this period, but it is not noted for introspection. Some could even argue that the primary energy has been well-meaning, but blinded with concepts and drive.

The Empress is such a blatantly obvious card for the context of this question, particularly that she is reversed. The Empress is the Earth itself, symbolically Aphrodite, Venus, balance, fertility, strong feminine energy associated with motherhood. In reverse, again introspection is lacking. BiddyTarot online refers to the overbearing mother. The most apparent meaning to this to me is that the US and/or particular forces have had too much of a controlling nature over the activities of the world. It can also mean that in recent years our lives are too tightened or restricted. There is a cutting off of natural bounty, to be frank.

Future: Seven of Pentacles, reversed; Page of Cups, reversed

Seven of Pentacles reversed means that money is still going to rule for some time, and rule in a negative way. It is not really possible to escape the economic order that we live in entirely. This card means that a lot of effort is going on but the rewards are going to be limited. We must all be very careful to concentrate our efforts and not invest too much. This card says to avoid indebtedness now more than ever before. Make lists and allocate your energies to the top priorities you have, or you will sincerely risk exhaustion and defeat. Form alliances and lay low to an extent, only publicizing one or two issues at a time. There is a lack of consensus on a few core areas that is making it hard for sovereignty or standards to be maintained. Do not fall prey to random issues or projects! Success is possible but concentrate.

Page of Cups in the reverse is also somewhat ominous but not hopeless. Cups upside down usually mean resources being poured out or lost, but resources more of the emotional or harmonious variety. Emotional stability is slipping away. A card of diversions and addiction to cover up pain and over-stimulation. In all honesty, I was expecting more of a forecast of war or more pronounced danger, but this card tells us that the future is quite shallow! Perhaps this means that our food and drink will take on a more drug-like quality to keep people in a particular state of mind – and I do mean even your standard fare openly having slight opiate qualities to it so that people are uplifted.

Romantic relationships are indicated to be more unstable here as well. People are going to continue to become more obsessed with sensation and instant-gratification to the detriment of partnership. While the cards are not God or set in stone, it looks like there is not going to be a significant aberration or interruption of the technological movements currently at work.

The advice stemming from both of these cards is awareness. You do not have to fully participate in these trends and you can thrive if you keep in mind that they underpin the movement of the economy and world.

The two cards here do not indicate a cataclysm, but they do indicate three D’s: decadence, debt, and decline. Just remember that you can lift yourself by going about your business and preserving what you believe in, but be prepared to be worn out by the fight at times and do not live with the expectation to save others beyond those who want to save themselves.

Are there any wars or population-reducing developments that we have to be worried about in the next several years? (unfortunately this question cannot cover every country or region, therefore, the question will be answered according to the likelihood of how it applies to the readership here)

Future: King of Rods, reversed; Eight of Cups

The King of Rods or Wands is normally a stable and justice-oriented figure who rules with sound judgment but a hard, heavy hand at times. This means that there is an oppositional, selfish energy around things. More resource disputes. More bullying. It is not a card of outright war, however. There is going to be a lot of rapid snatching things up before there is time to organize, and some people of the casual investor type will continue to profit from these transactions for the next several years – perhaps this is why it can continue for longer. This is also not necessarily evil most of the time, it is just a political and economic climate that prevails, making people feel the incentive to profit quickly and neatly. This persona may be condensed into one political figure at some point within the next seven years… the first thought that comes to mind is someone acting as President of the EU or at a more distant possibility, the United Nations. It seems as though the EU will be the main power block in the coming years, in spite of financial problems appearing.

The Eight of Cups is a card of someone who has full balance and harmony stacked up, but still does not see the assets available and still has some regret. It means that some problems will go away or at least be ignored. One is not able to enjoy the spoils or accomplishments. This card pleasantly suggests that the world, in spite of becoming more shallow in some ways, has no patience for another war. There will be more bowing to authority in terms of going with the flow of the technology developments and organizational demands but the people have gotten sick of warfare and there is a higher realization of the meaning of life in this regard. Therefore, there will be many attempts of rallying the public in various places for the cause of war, but the type of education most people have had will not leave room for this kind of savage behavior. This does not mean the eradication of war and it does not mean peace, but popular support for war in the West has pretty much evaporated and previous propaganda tactics will not work in the next several years.

The cards today do not point to a return to exuberance but rather a more fetishized culture of bacchanalian pursuits. Pay attention to what is happening, but do not throw all your energy into trying to defeat it – just produce what you know to be true and right and let that ride on its own. The entire environment is not going to be destroyed (at least according to these cards), but there are no major turnarounds for the better in sight for the next seven to ten years, either. The EU will rise to more prominence in global decision making and there will still be an exploitative grab for resources and profit in many respects. The technology, drugs (mostly legal and mostly in food and drink), and poor economic circumstances will continue to eat away at many relationships, however a bright spot is that people are now morally opposed to war and can see through propaganda.

– John Lett (Readings), author Value$: A Mixed Economy

*Bear in mind that it was determined in another posting that Australia is considered a safe haven if one is completely mobile and not primarily concerned with cost restrictions.

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3 Responses to Tarot of the Day #5: Navigating Changes in the World

  1. Hope you’ve read the new web bot report, July 1 2011, number 21. Available from Halfpasthuman.com. The empress reversed card is mentioned in it obliquely as a red-headed siren, a lure, I believe. This reading follows what I’m picking up on with divination here in France just now. The inverted cup, to me, is a clue that media and communications will go far to placate people, not in very good ways — it will dissipate their concentration, distract them.

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