Disorientation: Facebook and Technological Revisions

John Lett (Readings)

If you think that revisions on Facebook’s interface and other mechanical improvements we face in the IT world are for your benefit, the majority of the time I suspect this is wrong. Change in steady amounts is good, but if it is unrelenting, such as with Facebook updating itself in some way almost daily at this point, the only possible intention could be to disorient and be like a history revisionist. People are now living with a very short political and historical memory, and this is how so many bad things are being allowed to happen. Remember from Tarot the Day #5 that the opiates of the masses are being ramped up right now.

Without sounding too cynical, bear in mind a mantra I have used with clients for years: people always do what is easiest for them, or what pays them the most (not necessarily monetarily, even abuse can have a “payment” mechanism in a person’s psyche). An organization that grows rapidly only does what is profitable, and starts talking ethical when it has reached a red ocean, or market saturation.

No one can place a date on it, but things are going down soon. Not the end of the world, not a cataclysmic war, but there will be some market aberrations that will wipe out a lot of people if they are too unquestioning of what happens. Some of this has been mentioned in tarot sessions, but the most striking evidence was with the release of Google+. It is very strange now that Facebook would do such an unpopular and dysfunctional change to their system… unless they are in cahoots with their supposed rival and are pushing people over to Google.

Facebook has been both the greatest device for the Establishment to keep tabs on people and their greatest deterrent at the same time. So many people are spreading political awareness and information kept under wraps that there is no way that Facebook will be allowed to go on this way. There is too much potential and use for free advertisement for their liking. There has also been censorship and restricting the flow of information, as there have been countless incidents from posters who complain their traffic is not put in others’ feeds even if the feed is supposedly more than just your most frequent users. Furthermore, when chat was integrated into the private messages’ archives, I suspect this allows more spiders to infiltrate keywords and contents and keeps a more comprehensive record of what you have said.

While this change in communications on Facebook is meant to be a punishment that is to drive you to another similar outlet or to respond to the punishment by getting further entrenched, it is actually going to backfire. This is your chance to get more productive. From now on:

  • Make the effort to keep better paper records as to your friends’ whereabouts.
  • Join pages and message boards more relevant to your interests so that you can concentrate on them more intensely.
  • Stand by small publishers and alternative newspapers. Get subscriptions and pay for advertisement there, if the rates are reasonable. People still respect and absorb what is on paper differently than they do digital materials.
  • Do not be so quick to hop on to the latest trend. Let the kinks be worked out for a while beforehand.
  • It is very hard to remember to do this, and I am also guilty of it, but make sure that your most intimate and potentially incriminating information be spoken as often as possible, and not written – especially if it is in a social networking place. It is my understanding that yahoo.ca is the most private mainstream e-mail provider because they only track and sell data related to the words used in your e-mail titles, rather than all the contents of your e-mail – at least according to their service agreement.
  • If there is a celebrity or a story that you think is meant to be a distraction – do not type their name or anything about them. “Starve the beast” as they say.
  • Be wary of buzzwords and anything that claims to be a revolution or “the greatest thing” – not that any great danger can come to you for following this, but it is important to set yourself apart in the workforce anyway.

This marks another step towards a monopoly on information. In the near future, the big players online are going to either find ways to make money off of things we have been getting for free, or they are going to make going to lower traffic sites expensive to frequent… the jury is still out, but I am going with the former. Take this time to go the indy route in terms of social networking, and steer your friends towards more private communication but keep posting the most alternative news you can find in order to make sure it is not only the censored, blue pill information that you’re getting.

– John Lett (Readings), author Value$: A Mixed Economy

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6 Responses to Disorientation: Facebook and Technological Revisions

  1. Excellent advice. Will share. People have been fussing that I got off social networking in 2010, but I value face to face contact and regular first class mail. I have a video up on Dailymotion people may find interesting, yet disturbing. It’s called “Rense & Moret — Google’s Sinister DNA Plan.” It is uploaded and credited with full permission. I group my videos and slideshows on Dailymotion under “LisaFalour.” I won’t even use Skype.

  2. Lisa, your videos are excellent and you have a lot of terms in your videos I think you may have invented – “CAPITALISM FAIL” and “DOOMER CHICK.”

    People would not believe the difficulties I have encountered in the 15 hours this response has been out. There is a very well-known journalist/activist in Malawi who read this on Facebook and when she responded, her message inexplicably duplicated four times! She thinks her computer has been hacked there for her activist work for the LBGT community, I think it is trigger words regarding Facebook. Everyone who spends any amount of time online knows that traffic is manipulated and traffic numbers altered – YouTube, like a used car salesman that is dishonest working with an odometer, has rolled back numbers many times. I have friends of friends who knew for sure that their phones were tapped in the mid-2000s, so these things do go on. We are not in danger as such yet, but there is the interruption of vital information.

  3. Noel says:

    I gave up on Facebook 6 months ago. Since then, I have felt freer. I prefer to have more personal interaction with people.

    • It’s a good way to spread general messages and get a wide audience for something but then life has to go on outside of it. Did you delete the account entirely or just stop logging in?

      • Noel says:

        Deleted it entirely. When I tell people, they act surprised, including the people I had as “friends” in Facebook. They don’t even notice I am gone.

  4. Recently in the news is someone in the Carolinas in the USA who got put on some terrorist list for “liking” something on Facebook. I only planned on being on it short-term, anyway, but it was very hard to actually delete my account and not just deactivate it. I still get e-mails trying to lure me back. Feh.

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