Instant Karma

Instant Karma     John Lett (Readings)

Without knowing a considerable amount of details about the astrological conventions that shape our behaviors and political trends, most people are acutely aware of imbalances taking place at the moment. Most people think that driving cars too much and foolish politicians have created our imbalances, and this is the end of the story. Since the 1970s, the mantras public and formal education have spouted out have all said “It’s all your fault. By breathing, you are killing the planet. It’s time for you to pay.”

Well, some of that is true but the blame game has backfired. Recent tarot readings here have indicated that while one could never say that people are willing to give up a whole lot to combat malevolent or destructive market forces (such as Wal-Mart), there is a skepticism that has trickled down to even the most vapid consumer. If one was to challenge banks or speak out against media too much five years ago, that person was strictly marginal, but now people will at least find the resonance of truth there.

I started noticing the speeding up of karma when I was living in South Korea. I do not know if this was your experience in other parts of the world around 2007-2009, but in Korea, the effect of all the uncertainties economically seemed to bring any kind of corrupt nature directly to the surface. I do not remember this being the case in North America or Europe before, but really since last year (2010), there have been Madoffs, Murdochs, and the emergence of Anonymous and Wikileaks.

In the next year, there will be a considerable power shift. Many people who have done wrong are going to be brought to justice, however, I do have two warnings for us all as this process goes on. The first is to remember that no matter how many heads fall, we will never be able to go after the core manipulators of the world economy and social systems. If we ever produce a real threat to this core, the repercussions will be very severe – war, total financial meltdown much worse than we have now, the stirring up of factions, and a complete breakdown of society. We know from the 1930s in particular that it takes no more than three years to do this, and by the time 25% of the people are unemployed and the government is collecting gold, people will be willing to do anything. A YouTube poster on a really great page of artist and community advocate Lisa Falour said in response to a video: “People are just like removable pieces in a game, that can be sacrificed for the end result=majority can continue their happy ignorant life. This is the way so called democracy works. Tyranny of majority. If there seems to be tyranny of minority in some matter, it must be politically advantageous to some major parties.” Therefore, make your money and your intellectual capital less and less accessible to these institutions you believe to be bad, and resist in passive forms.

“People are just like removable pieces in a game, that can be sacrificed for the end result=majority can continue their happy ignorant life. This is the way so called democracy works. Tyranny of majority. If there seems to be tyranny of minority in some matter, it must be politically advantageous to some major parties.” – YouTube poster

The second piece is that we must not get too nasty to jump on the people that will be “put on trial.” I have inferred from my experience with tarot that mob rule type justice is very bad, and the worst punishment when nothing else can be done should be ostracization. Except for killing a spider that may poison you, or killing a chicken that may feed you, etc., we should be very wary of doing harm to any other living entity, even if they “deserve it.” What really gives wickedness power is our participation, and so when something comes to light, express regret, devolve yourself financially, and hitch your ideas to some kind of positive resistance. It is very important too that the money you handle has been the least tainted it can possibly be, otherwise it will be harder to hang onto, and the things that you spend it on that are bad are going to cause more harm. It sounds crazy but if you take notes of the kinds of market participation your peers are engaging in and their attitude towards going after other corrupt figures, you will see what I am talking about: ill-gotten gains or premature gains are almost always wiped out and redistributed.

If you feel like you are in a bad karmic cycle as everything becomes upturned, I do have some bits of advice in this regard.

  • If you fear money slipping from you, visualize yourself stepping on money and arms outstretched, receiving it. Imagine happiness being the generator of money and also people smiling receiving it when you pay for something, indicating a beneficial, ethical business cycle.
  • If there are toxic people or a work setting around that is affecting your health, imagine yourself in a protective glass… similar to flowers you may have seen that are preserved for years in this method.
  • If you are stuck in a job that revolves around making money from questionable sources and you cannot afford to quit, spend as much of your earnings in local companies as possible and view the money as a blessing device that you can redirect purpose with. By doing positive things with it, you have changed its trajectory for the next several transactions and may have done more good than any bad that may have generated it beforehand. A job in a bad place can be justified by doing good things with the earnings.
  • Spend at least part of your day staring at greenery and/or listening to the movement of water. This will relax your cellular memory and have some positive mark on DNA for your entire line. Also, as we are so connected that everyone connects mentally on some level, you can potentially reverse negative trends or thought patterns affecting the whole of humanity.

As Cheryl, whom I met from Greek Day in Vancouver (2011) pointed out to me, these are exciting times, and for the figures who have done us all harm, the game is over for many of them. Stay in the monetum and out of the maelstrom.

-John Lett (Readings), author of Value$: A Mixed Economy

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4 Responses to Instant Karma

  1. Fun to see myself quoted here. A moment of lucidity for me, ha ha! No, seriously, there is much wisdom in this message here today. We lower ourselves by judging and taking revenge. If we are truly evolved, and avatars, we cannot be at peace unless all sentient beings evolve. Their suffering becomes our own, one way or another! Without going into martyrdom meltdown, we can be positive daily forces. We can unplug, engage in healing for ourselves, and yet aid universe. I have a strong feeling some very evil forces around me are about to fail, and they know it. I almost smugly watch their panic, but it is with sadness, too. As they grasp at straws, they lash out in the most nasty ways imaginable. Asymmetrical behavior, not playing into their games, and moral force are coping strategies. See how they run!

  2. I’m just reviewing this blog after some time off, and sure enough, I have seen more instant karma at play here. Wrongdoers being punished, and often by “anonymous” sources. I’m trusting my instincts more and more, and recent certain feelings about money coming to me have turned out to be true (I hope) and yet as pacifistic and forgiving as I sounded in my last comment, I have also recently chosen to “lash out” at some toxic persons around me and tell them they are sick, to leave me alone, I’ve had enough of them. I’ve even used strong language and told them, in effect, “Get thee hence!” Oddly, though very draining, it’s been very beneficial.

    We are about to experience absolute, total collapse of all banking systems, which shouldn’t worry you all that much because we’re also about to lose about two thirds of human life on this planet. Culling. It’s nobody’s fault.

    One other thing I realize clearly now is that at many times in the past, rather than trying to “raise my consciousness” I have descended into lower things. Instead of moving up, I moved down. Remember the story of a saint who feared lepers. He saw one approach on a road, and was full of disgust. He kissed the leper on the mouth and the leper became Jesus Christ.

    I had been very abused and feared all physical contact with people. I was afraid of sex and very inhibited, very mixed up. So I went to work in the sex industry and immediately, the fear vanished and I had a lot of fun. It was very healing. I like the message in this tarot interpretation because if we perceive we are getting money or resources from questionable things, why not turn around and share the wealth? Without pride and without expecting thanks. At the very least, it might give someone a huge leg-up. Weird economics, eh?

    • Lisa, there is definitely an era of “correction” happening right now. Karma does not necessarily mean justice but nature and also the Establishment want to reverse a lot of things. There is definitely a great push to rob people of wealth even moreso. This will likely be a successful endeavor but people are also operating outside of the economic system, so other areas of prosperity will open but be very difficult to measure. At the same time, we must be wary of a lot of the public figures who seem to have the “solutions,” whether they be right or left-wing.

  3. I recently made a comment to a YouTube user who said they were looking for a leader. I said they should use their own noodle and figure out what to do. I am fed up with people who mutter, “What to do?” and “Oh, my.” This may seem sexist of me but when I hear a male doing this, one who claims to be an adult, it just sounds as though they are old ladies. The recent massive power outtages in some of the American Southwest is a good indication — people are unprepared. When the power comes back on, they will still not prepare. I think more than a correction, a culling is likely. I’ve heard of people in San Diego who didn’t have enough gas in their cars to get home from work and the pumps were shut down, obviously. These are workers, mind you. So, they got stranded and couldn’t get home. Really idiotic. My father ran out of gas once in Ohio, and my mother said to him, not in an unkind way actually, that that had been an absolutely stupid, unforgiveable, thoughtless thing. He never did it again. Americans seem as deer frozen in the headlights, muttering inanities. Ineffectual, dumbed down. The last American male who said he wanted to have sex with me, this was quite recently, I said, “Okay, let’s go,” and he suggested using his FINGER! I said no way, rock hard and missionary position with a condom, which I had, or NO. I am easy to please, five minutes is okay. Turns out he couldn’t get it up and had never done missionary in his life, EVER. THE VANISHING MALE. Cranky mood, sorry.

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