“27 Club?” No, Just Don’t Eat White-Colored Food

John Lett (Readings)

Recently, I was extremely down for a period of about eight to ten days. I chalked it up to very much disliking my graduate program, hearing so much bad news between debt ceiling negotiations and friends losing tremendous amounts of money in investments even though I had warned all to pull out by March 2011, or some major chemical malfunction… or perhaps I had fallen in with the now infamous “27 Club” of people who supposedly meet an untimely death or crisis point at the age of 27.

Not so fast. While I constantly espouse healthy living, in the midst of drudgery, yesterday after eating some white basmati rice I realized while walking on the University of British Columbia campus – I had not had any fresh vegetables in at least ten days. Therefore, on a hunch that might be a cause of my malaise, I broke one major rule of mine because of the violation of a bigger one of eating healthy: I spent a lot of money on food. I dragged myself to the Student Union building and went straight to the salad bar and put as many colors of food on my plastic tray as possible. The bill came to an astronomical $9.43. Anyone around me knows that I try to spend no more than $10 on all food and drink within a 24-hour period, averaged over the period of a week (obviously Saturdays are more costly generally, so a couple days out of the week, one should only spend $6-7, or that amount in their local currency, also such as 600 Yen or 6,000 Won, etc.), as this saves most people about $2,000 per year.

Let me tell you, it was very much worth it! The worst depression I have experienced in years evaporated and has stayed gone for 24 hours. I know that it is very easy to manage and totally nutrition related, rather than even the worst stifling effects of watching economic meltdown. Whatever is the strongest taste you can remember either when you’re very sick or very well is the item that contributed to that state, and I can tell you that the beets, spinach, and tuna were there this time.

This reminded me of something I have to arrive at again and again, but let me disseminate it here: a lot of strife in the developed world exists because actually people with abundant food sources are starving. While there certainly is an orchestrated effort through financial and media tools to destroy the well-being of average people, a balanced diet will defeat a large portion of these efforts. Very closely monitor what you eat and then what happens to your mood immediately thereafter. Fast food and excessive coffee tend to make people very anxious, paranoid, and irritable, and are all promoted because they are cheap to produce with very high mark-ups and keep everyone in a state of limbo.

Anyhow, I had violated a rule that some Israeli associates I used to know told me many years ago. Two of the girls from this clique told me that it is standard motherly advice in Israel “You must eat at least 11 colors a day and avoid food that is white.” It sounds really weird, but when they elaborated, what they meant was you must eat a variety of fresh food of different colors in order to have internal balance, particularly dark green, dark red, or purple foods.

If you have been experiencing depression, make sure you check your diet. You might actually be starving even though you are surrounded by food. If you need a quick boost, look into Vitamin B-rich foods: real cheese (particularly feta or Swiss), eggs, fish, oysters, clams, and possibly tofu… and just anecdotally speaking, fists full of raw spinach.

John Lett (Readings)

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