Tarot of the Day #8: “Occupy —“… Will They be Successful?

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Occupy Vancouver, image by Michael Tippett, October 15, 2011 from Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40040706561@N01/6252438142/

I have not been able to participate in the Occupy Wall Street (and
elsewhere) events as I would like to, as I am involved with work and completing my master’s degree. However, on the weekends when I am working in downtown Vancouver, Canada, I have been going to the Vancouver Art Gallery, where the protest/demonstration/occupation is playing out. In the beginning of it on October 15, 2011, I found that the scene was very optimistic and it was mainly very middle-of-the-road people attending. There has been some controversy over this, but before I get into any tarot discussion of this, I wish to give my personal perspective here: middle-of-the-road is what you want to have attending these events. The marginal (I include myself in this at times), tattooed, pierced, dread-locked, goth, vegan, pot-smoking, or easily identifiable “fringe” external characteristics or behaviors are usually people who are already convinced that the financial system is corrupt and dysfunctional for the purposes of most people. These people have known this probably for forever and these expressions are apathetic or rebellious reactions to a negative order; however, they do not represent a large enough or powerful enough contingent in the population to make any real changes. If you want to be effective, you have to come off as square and conservative as possible in order to convince the people in mainstream US or Canada that there is really something that needs to be done. This is not to dismiss anyone with “tattoos” or the like, as people who have stayed away from the mainstream were often decades ahead of knowing that these financial and consumer issues were going to arise.

When I returned to the event later in the day, it was then overrun by Bob Marley music, bongos, “tents and dogs” (as a friend of mine said) and Zeitgeist people. The first installment of Zeitgeist was the bellweather of the Truther movement, but in parts two (Addendum) and three (Moving Forward), it turned into an advocate of an automated utopia where no one has private property. Whether this is “right or wrong” I do not think is possible to ascertain, as that kind of economic system is morally neutral, but it would take total economic collapse and absolutely no hope for the future for people to part with their property in the west and surrender to authority based on that kind of trust.

At the moment, there is and will be a battle for who is controlling this movement. I am personally very suspicious of people like Michael Moore jumping aboard and getting people to chant messages. Furthermore, a lot of people wish to completely dismiss capitalism as a system, when in fact what we are fighting is not capitalism. The bank bailouts are a form of the welfare state, but the recipients are institutions, hedge funds, and a small core of private companies and investors, not the people. If we really tear down capitalism completely, it will be no different than what has happened in Libya, which was once a secular state and now will be living under Sharia law indefinitely.

STAY FOCUSED, PEOPLE. Keep your eyes on the money issue and stay away from the ethnic and class tensions where possible. Those are all one-trick pony stunts by the media in order to keep things like this from lifting off. Stay as mainstream as possible so that the middle 60-80% of the population is not scared off. Give them specific tasks, such as the “Bank Transfer Day” of November 5th when people are meant to move money from large banks to smaller ones or credit unions. Make them ban big box stores, and also direct people to working out their own mini-unions or networks of commerce. Indicate that money will still exist but it will be more localized and “clean.” Also, the low-ball figure millionaires and upper-middle class are not your enemy; we are talking about probably less than 300 families worldwide that keep things going the way they are (and they are also victims of the system).

With that rant over, I will neutralize my personal beliefs and stick to what the cards say. I would like to know where this movement is heading and if it will be successful. Therefore the question is:

Dear God, We are aware that now many people are waking up their oppression. There are many camps involved here and various motives at work. What is the “Occupy” movement? Will it be successful? Who will take it over, or what will the end result be?

Past and Present: Queen of Rods, reversed; Five of Cups

The Queen of Rods in reverse and in the context of this question means a very bad, dread-filled atmosphere for an extended period of time. People feel oppressed, they are being oppressed, but in an incremental series of reducing the standard of living rather than one massive event. Contraction. It can also mean a loss of face, so therefore people feel really humiliated about their losses in addition to being angry.

Five of Cups in the Aquarian deck (which I use now) shows three spilled wine chalices and birds fleeing the scene. This is another card of loss and regret, but not hopelessness. A lot has been lost but there is room to recover. The birds indicate a potentially angry situation, so realization of the meaning of events has occurred. I take this card to mean this is a period where people have realized that they still have enough assets and rights left to act, but time is limited. They are also grateful for what they have. I take this to mean that the majority of the participants are positive, active thinkers, noble-minded characters who at the moment have the will to make some progress.

Future: Two of Swords; Knight of Cups, reversed

People are very flummoxed as to what to do. This means avoiding making a final decision. There are very ugly choices that need to be made. There is not a conventional win or lose outcome in this configuration because the game is different this time. Any path taken quickly will lead to another type of Establishment or leave the population vulnerable to a more oppressive strain of the same system. I get the impression that it may be that society is split into two camps with different levels of participation. There may be a political structure of two or three parties in this protest movement, and they will be fairly amicable to each other. This could be a means to have varying opinions but keep them structured so as not to overpower the unity that many are saying exists right now.

The Knight of Cups in reverse warns us from getting too romantic, excited, or letting our tempers become inflamed. In fact, the more subdued the events are, the more likely something favorable will happen, but the results are not going to be as dramatic as a movie or sporting event. People are used to instant gratification and may become bored if there is not some large demonstration of change. It is important that people stay smiling and even-tempered.

Will the movement be infiltrated or shot down?

Future: King of Swords; Page of Cups

Either a strong male intellectual figure will act as consultant to the movement or this is the energy that will take over it. In terms of a speaker, on the “right wing” imagine if Ron Paul was elected as the representative of the movement, or on the “left wing” perhaps someone like John Kerry (I do not advocate either one and nor do I believe in the right vs. left scheme but this is to put it in context) – the demeanor of calm, “there is nothing unreasonable about what we are asking for.” I could also interpret this as the rhetoric of “occupy” beginning to affect the presidencies of the world.

The one warning that comes with King of Swords is that if this “rational” energy becomes too powerful, it could offset real reform from happening. If you are participating, do not let the energy become too linear or authoritative.

The Page here represents a Renaissance-like energy with youthful influence. You could say these two cards together are asking all participants to make sure everything remains inclusive and multigenerational. There could be a religious/spiritual aspect coming into this and there will be economic movements that are legally set up around the system, such as loaning money or within community bailouts. The Page also reminds us to not let anyone tell us that real reform is impossible.

While there will inevitably be people who use the movement for their own ends that may be bad, if these cards are any indication, they will not overpower the movement.

Can we expect escalating violence or an increase in the Police State presence?

Future: Four of Cups, reversed; Eight of Cups

Four of Cups indicates either police and other participants not having malevolent intentions OR a time where people can act and not have too serious of consequences by challenging authority. It is a lackadaisical card.

Eight of Cups is a card of regret or disappointment. This is a perplexing card to get in this scenario, but it does not by any means indicate more violence in the majority of situations. We have been hearing a lot of the 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge and elsewhere (such as Melbourne, Australia’s 100 faithful being broken up), but this card says that for the most part, legislation expanding powers or harm as a result of this are not really in the cards. I do not know if I agree with this totally, but that is what the cards say.

Conclusion: The end result of this spontaneous protesting will not be as dramatic as people may be anticipating, but it is a positive exercise that is going to make people feel like they are doing something constructive. There will be factions, but it is possible to structure political parties within the movement so that it can have more order. There will be one or  more prominent figures to give the movement some credibility, but also youthful energy and ideas to make some real things happen.

The heavy presence of Cups in the configuration (five out of nine cards) tells me that this is primarily a matter of expression and cohesion from the people. It is putting a voice to what everyone has observed for the last decade or more, but which has been somewhat politically incorrect to talk about. The Cups also tell us to avoid fantasy.

John Lett (About) (Book a Reading)

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How is the movement going in your city?

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3 Responses to Tarot of the Day #8: “Occupy —“… Will They be Successful?

  1. Great blog!

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the “middle of the road” thing and about having a calm, straight demeanor. I live in a culture where tempers tend to run high, and we must all make a huge effort daily to speak calmly and politely. It is the only way to get things done.

    I have a reputation for being strict about grammar, presentation, and speech. This was drilled into me as a poor white female in the USA. I continue to deal with human resources people who are frustrated by good candidates who cannot speak their mother tongue correctly, nor can they read, write or do long math. Not only do clients pick up on this immediately and it turns them off, it leads to errors and a lack of INTERNATIONAL communication. In this increasingly global world, people are fairly likely to take the time to have our comments and communications translated, and if the initial material is unclear or erroneous, problems arise immediately.

    I live in France, where work attire is very relaxed and informal. They don’t expect you to be in a fine suit and tie or to have a fancy wardrobe. They are much more interested in stuff such as do you show up at work on time, are you industrious, do you concentrate on the quality of your work? A few seconds in to the job interview, if they hear “suburb-speak,” the interview is OVER. This kind of speech is often hard for even mother tongue speakers to understand, and has no place in professional life, except during a convivial lunch break with other employees, for example.

    As for the Occupy people, I agree — the fact that middle of the road people attend is good. I was too young to be part of the Kent State anti-Vietnam war protests in 1970, but I was a part of it in 1977, when we had to occupy the shooting site with a tent city, as a gym was planned on land which was still involved in litigation. When this movement failed, we stayed calm and dropped out of the college; about 30% of us did, anyhow — voting with our feet and wallets. We wrote letters to the administration, who were all pretty much the original fools, explaining our actions. Their responses in writing were long, panicked and gratifying. I was begged to stay on as an honors student about to begin my third year. Two long single spaced pages. They were scared! But I left. In fact, I left the entire region.

    I just cannot see absolute, total economic collapse happening in many parts of the world. I am surprised the US has hung on as long as it has. France was quite destroyed in WWI and WWII, and things seemed bleak and hopeless. (We still find live bombs here from time to time.) As an American-born person, I used to fear collapse but as a European now, I realize these things happen. What counts is the way we as individuals, families, communities, deal with trouble, whether it is natural or not. To rebuild, and to change, is essential, doing better next time around. Governments, monetary systems, religions — these come and go. What is sad is when no lessons are learned.

  2. I had not heard of “suburb-speak” in France before but it sounds like it might be equated to “chav” language in England or with “like, like” in the US. It is wrong to have to modify who you are to get certain tasks done, but what I come back to is that the ideas of expression also come from external forces, not our own. People think that by smoking marijuana that is a rebellion against the State and that it upsets the social balance. No, it keeps the police state and money laundering rolling. We get a pierced nose, well, that’s just voluntarily marking oneself as not employable in their system (not a bad thing, but ineffective in persuasive exercises).

    It’s good that you have the European perspective because these overthrows and collapses are really nothing new and it’s not the end of the world, but the game is certainly changing and we have to have survival methods somewhat worked out.

    • Thanks for this. I adore hemp oil but gave up smoking any cannabis product long ago. I saw too many friends ruined by this habit, and too many became marginal criminals dealing with it. It’s not worth it!

      People do judge us for our appearance and speech. My concern is effective communications. Many in the world do not speak English as their mother tongue, and do put in the effort to try to read our writings in business and to listen to us, yet are confounded by our accents, tics and bad grammar. Most of the second and third world are willing to put in hours to listen and translate by hand. Garbage in, garbage out. If it’s incorrect to begin with, they cannot understand it.

      The suburbs in France are generally poor. The wealthy live in the inner city and either have a country place or get to rural areas often. There is a huge market for vacation residences, for example. Fully furnished. Very fun!

      I have known pot growers for decades and they were the very ones who were dead set against its legalization! They’d have lost their fat incomes! It was rotten.

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