Tarot of the Day #9: 2012 Tarot Assessment

John Lett (About) (Readings)


Happy New Year to everyone the world over!

This time I have decided to let visuals take over for the most part for this assessment. You are more than welcome to ask follow-up questions that are of global importance.

Overall, I expect 2012 to be rocky, but with a few euphoric highs at times, when competing factions will try to please or terrify populations in many places where it is an election year.

I will be on the road a lot this year, and so if you need a speaker or group session, or simply a boost from our audience, please refer to the About or Readings pages here for information on how to go about this.

We are definitely more on our own now than before, but if we reassess what is valuable this year, this redefines what capital is, and we can instigate a great wealth transfer outside of orthodox money creation and control.

All the best to you, and please enjoy the video!

John Lett (About) (Readings)

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