Tarot of the Day #10: Syria Situation

John Lett (About) (Readings)

Syria features more prominently in our media headlines worldwide, but few people know what to make of what is happening there. A German journalist and media manager from Frankfurt I spoke to a few days ago in Berlin told me that Syria-related headlines are obligatory, but few people want to click on them, whereas Whitney Houston’s death was the most clicks per hour her publication had ever seen, and total clicks second only to the death of Michael Jackson in June 2009. I was informed from this woman that not only is it expensive to send journalists to Syria (and with little payoff in terms of public interest), it is now verboten and that implicates all sides as doing something unsavory.

As stated in the video, I do not know all of the particulars, but the archetypes involved are quite clear to me. The reading for this is quite similar to the results I often get from corporate assessment tarot readings where work teams are assessed and the machinations of agents in the organization are analyzed. We are looking at concerned foreign heads of state, but with some corrupt misallocations of resources and aide and a leader that is very detached.

This is just a cursory view of the situation and the forces at work; something more in-depth would require informed questions.

On the ground in Europe, I have encountered a few people that believe that much of the violence is being staged or forced by foreign influence. The cards do not say that there is a conspiracy, but they do say that it is an impressionable society because the people are not particularly intense or demanding. The cards do indicate, however, that there is some outcome that seems “inevitable” to Syrians and that they are avoiding, but I have no background knowledge to say what this might be – although I suspicion that it could mean an allegiance or affiliation with either the West or Iran.

Perhaps the most interesting factor is that the US and EU seem to come out of this cycle unfettered.

UPDATE FROM MAY: Some reading may recall a video I did on YouTube where more was revealed and it looked as though Turkey would become ensnared, which later has happened to some degree (7.1.2012):

John Lett (About) (Readings)

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1 Response to Tarot of the Day #10: Syria Situation

  1. Very good! Right away, as soon as I saw the hanged man reversed, I thought, uh oh, that indicates a lack of regard for the evolution and welfare of sentient beings.

    I use an Aquarian deck similar to yours, yet different. I don’t use the cards very often, preferring runes and numerology. The cards take me too long, but if someone wants an indepth reading and has the time to listen and some way to record it or to pay me to give them a written record, that can be arranged.

    When you did that reading on Fukushima and there was the five of rods, I thought, oh, no, we are cooked! Meltdown and in the hands of crazy people!

    Four is a number heavily associated with real estate and concern over material goods and security. Whenever a client asks me about a real estate purchase, I check the address and which number it adds up to. A number four is never going to bring anyone a sense of security in that dwelling. They are likely to always be worrying about losing it and might be too concerned with frivolous status issues. In many places, such as the USA, addresses can actually be changed! So it’s not the end of the world if you find the right place but the address is inauspicious. With names and numerology, your full given name at birth sets your destiny, but it can definitely be tweaked later to help you achieve goals. This is easier in some cultures and countries than others, but can be also as easy as using a married name, a middle initial, and so on. Many places in France have no address, but the house or hamlet has a name and people are free to pick that and register it. Numerology to the rescue! I think Ireland is similar, from what I have heard. Many roads in France have no name. They may have a registered number, yet no one seems to know it! It is funny and the local delivery people are well adapted to it, as is the postal carrier and administrations.

    I continue to be amazed at all the brouhaha going on in North America over the European and Middle Eastern situations. I also find it sad that Americans in particular feel often so threatened by China and India. They were warned about not buying “Made in the USA!” We had a lot of ads about this on TV in the ’80s and also ads warning us about massive debt and how this would choke off our future. I met Mr. Durst, creator of the Debt Clock. I merely wrote to him and asked to chat with him for a few minutes, around 1990. He graciously accorded me about 20 minutes and showed me what his company, the Durst Organization, did, which was primarily parceling real estate, at that time in and around Times Square in NYC, for development. I continue to find that if I ask someone for a face to face, in writing, I often get it. I remember to send a thank you note and not push any agendas. If my meeting is merely informational in nature, I just stick to asking a few thought-out questions then leave ASAP without hogging their time.

    There is a huge amount of false flagging going on right now, particularly for Americans. Since leaving the States so long ago to live abroad, I notice that I used to have a LOT of knee-jerk, emotional responses to things which were NOT well-informed. I used to judge very quickly and would be fairly easily stressed and even panicked. I am encountering a lot of “sour grapes” about Europe from Americans and many seem to be salivating for calm and prosperous Europe to collapse or to fall into trouble. Misery loves company, I guess! Except for environmental issues, I cannot see Europe having insurmountable problems. We still manufacture things here for export and domestic use, and though it may be too late, things are way more “green” than when I first moved here in ’94. I keep hearing about Greece defaulting, but it is my understanding that Greece has already recently defaulted quietly four or five times. Not for restructuring, but the rest of Europe having to take haircuts. Europe is an ancient place and for the most part, most Europeans are fed up with war and hassles and just want to carry on with their lives. Americans who bray about “our founding fathers” and the Constitution don’t seem to realize America was set up to make money for a few élites who considered females invalid and even if a black man owned land, he was only worth 3/5 the value of a white male property owner. The Constitution of the U.S. was essentially a ruse, to steal land from indigenous peoples who had been accorded free use of the land for hunting by England, but people get livid when I start talking about this. I’ve taught history and when I point out my serious credentials, people go bananas! The truth hurts and they don’t want their worlds rocked! The realization that you have been lied to and even brainwashed is hard to take.

    I pick up from your reading that choices have to be made, and these are on the parts of Syrians themselves. The world reversed is not generally an auspicious card, but it can be full of surprises, because the world is a problematic card in and of itself.

    The world in its upright position means evolution, enlightenment, and success (usually) but this can stir animosity in others, such as jealousy or just meanness. In the reversed form, it can mean flight, loss, stagnation. It might be an indicator that Syrians (and the rest of us) do not understand their/the situation in an educated, wise way. This can lead to suffering.

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