Proposed Spiritualist Base

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One of my many objectives in traveling throughout Europe, parts of Western Asia, and potentially Eastern Asia once more is to find a base which can attract visitors and give them a sense of solace in tumultuous times (in other words, any period of time). Such a place would need to have a distinct historical feeling, be affordable (or accessible at least), quiet enough for reflection but yet with enough foot traffic to reach passersby, and be a place with distinct values appreciating education and informal decisions. The closest place I have found thus far has been in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. At this spot, the moderate but changeable weather of rain and shine almost every day, heavily forested grounds, fresh water and natural springs nearby, the international hub of Frankfurt, and the oldest university in Germany all provide an excellent backdrop to making people take care of their health and have the right balance of stimulation to advance their goals spiritually.

You can see many of my videos about the area on my YouTube channel, though one must scroll down a bit as the present videos are primarily set in Turkey.

A relocation or set-up in Germany is more than likely a long-term goal of mine rather than a short-term and may be open to more participants in the following decades. The tarotworldtour concept exists on very humanist terms and traditions, but with further emphasis on individual experiences and realities, as tarot has revealed to me that the future and natural conditions are not fixed elements that we can detect with our ordinary senses, but ruled by complex, unknown algorithms with changeable trajectories. We do not (or should not) eschew capitalism totally, but instead work on removing the powers of many abstract financial instruments and be more concerned with real exchanges of value and a remonetization and reassessment of what is valuable (education, experiences, “the helping professions”) and what is vulgar (war-making, exploitation, addictions).

Do please examine which areas look like good positions for forming the kinds of communities you are interested in creating and see which ideas have legs. Where in the world do you believe you can survive, thrive, or generate the best ideas?

John Lett (About) (Readings)

GENERAL UPDATE: I have received a few letters regarding my 2009-2010 predictions of Mitt Romney becoming the selected Republican presidential candidate. As of now, I have not done a public reading about the continuation of the Obama administration. I believe that at the moment, he is likely to win, as the strategy is to use inflation to create more jobs and stimulate the economy, but as early as 2013 there could be more obvious declines in the economy surfacing. If there is not another war campaign or attack, he is likely to resume the position, but I have been informed (perhaps erroneously) that a new war front will be opening soon. (4.23.2012)
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