Market Sensitive Predictions

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Abandoned retail/commercial space in Plaka, Athens, Greece, May 2012. Photo by John Lett.

In a series of readings I performed with the purpose of public disclosure over the period of a year (May 2011-February 2012) called Tarot of the Day (“day” meaning “at this moment” rather than “daily”), I had somewhere between mixed and positive results in terms of accuracy. However, I have since ceased to do these as wide-scale release of this information does have some bearing on markets. In recent months, I have been getting a few ominous responses from the cards regarding markets and geopolitical balance, and I do not wish to contribute to the spooking of investors by joining the ranks of the bears. Furthermore, good advice loses its luster if scattered too broadly. Astute investments that will help the whole of society must be done gradually and with conservative steps if the least amount of damage is the aim.

More precise information to disambiguate present situations can be revealed through a reading or consultation (the latter involving an assessment of where the best location and allocation of assets appears to be), and totally outside the realm of electronic communications. I believe more or less that everyone can ride out the present times, but it will take cool heads and astute calculations.

These are the ten installments of Tarot of the Day, complete in their accuracies and inaccuracies, and not altered from their original state. They serve as primers for basic situations rolling out over the last year, the big battles being with radiation in Japan, financial upheaval in Greece, UK rioting, the state of Germany’s economy at the end of 2011 (a subject I can expand upon in private), and the Occupy movement.


John Lett (About) (Readings) (YouTube channel)

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