Tuesday Nightmare: 2012 Election


John Lett (About) (Readings)

If you have not voted yet, I very much endorse that you be part of the first wave of people to embrace third parties. I will get into the reasons for this later in the text.

I voted for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for the US Presidency who has been twice arrested in the last few weeks, the first time for trying to enter Hofstra University premises during the second Presidential debate, which shut out third parties. This makes sense to do in a state where one of the two major parties always has a tremendous lead (in Kansas, Romney would probably capture at least 60% of the vote, thus a vote for Romney or Obama makes no statement).

For the purposes of the readings related to this set of predictions, I prayed before each tarot and meditation that I was to take my own bias out as much as possible and I also stated that I realized God is not political and does not favor a particular country, political party, or individual most of the time.

As you can see here, strangely (but not surprisingly to me), the card that came that represented Obama was The Knight of Swords – someone who presents intellect and determination in words. The first card I drew for Romney was represented by The Knight of Pentacles, which is one who seems to be in charge of defending the homeland, property, and charismatic in business. Note that neither one of them is the King, which means in this case that neither inspires the confidence of a majority since there are sufficient flaws or under-developed aspects to create doubt.

EACH writing piece I do for this website seems to escalate in difficulty and get further and further apart in time.

Tarot has revealed to me, as I have said elsewhere, that the future is flexible, not one version of events. Also, given that there could be up to twelve dimensions, it is not clear which sequence of events we will live on. Tarot typically works best when the situation is already at work and it can enlighten you on what will happen if variables remain the same. I may ask the cards, “Will I get to work today okay?” and they may answer with “Yes” and this is some of the stuff that could happen along the way, it is impossible for them to note all the movements of the parties you will pass, and the changing will of each element.

I am trying to tackle the issues of the 2012 United States Presidential election and cannot give crystal clear responses, in spite of multiple tries. Part of the reason for this is that I am far less informed on Congressional and Senatorial races, as well as Propositions in states like California (though some regarding funding of schools and GMO food are highly important and I have heard the basis of them, Proposition 37 in particular).

Regarding psychics, instincts, and tools of divination, if you search the internet, a very big majority predict Obama to win. The psychics who are around me, including someone known in Seoul, South Korea as “Madam M” has predicted Romney will somehow win, and this will send the economy into a tailspin and then a recovery will happen.

At this precise moment, there are thousands of people casting spells, praying, manipulating, spending money and so on to influence the election. There are also astrological forces, weather conditions, up and down days in individual lives that will be changing up until the last moment.

Through tarot and meditation, I saw in 2009 that Mitt Romney would be the Republican candidate for this cycle. It made perfect sense because he was not really in the public eye that much, but most people knew who he was, he is sufficiently religious to satisfy many people, and he was a Republican governor in a Democratic state that oversaw Commonwealth Care, the health care system. In 2008, I lived in Boston, MA briefly and was told that that plan was a disaster, but I knew that the nation would not necessarily ever hear that.

If you do an Electoral College interactive map experiment, it quickly becomes clear that statistically, Obama is much more likely to win if the “safe” states are accurate. My personal belief after VERY careful thought (but millions of other people have carefully thought this over as well) is that Romney will win North Carolina and Florida. I think Obama will win Nevada and Ohio. Only God or an insider knows how Virginia will tip, seriously! Actually, I think there will be some controversy there about the true vote count, but this is not the crucial state. I can say that Obama will have fewer votes there this time than last.

The place that has me worried about a showdown is MICHIGAN and to some extent Colorado. Third parties could play a role in that narrowing because the people there are surely fatigued from promises and incorrect statements made to Americans at large about their territory and business landscape.

I will not do the full-on breakdown of all the cards that revealed responses this time, as it would be too detailed, but I can tell that this election is about safety versus self-actualization.

I am of the camp that believes that the Republican and Democratic parties, while more polarized publicly in the last 25 years, actually are in collusion and nice, reformer, upstart elected officials go to Washington with hopes to transform the system and get shot down by this fossilized pairing. Thus, we should not entertain hopes and feelings too much in either party, because people will lose vital time in diversions set out by these two platforms. Essentially, the goal is to be as centrist as possible and include everyone, rather than blow them off or incite defensive feelings.


As I have mentioned, I think that Obama is much more likely to win, albeit narrowly. However, one persistent thing that keeps coming up is the presence of Swords everywhere, and often downward. This Presidential election will be contested at several levels. I kept indicators that Obama would win by several measurable rubrics, but perhaps step down. Where his destiny lies is in a global position – in fact, it would make more sense to see him in Hillary Clinton’s position in some ways given the movement and posturing involved in that position.

Should voters vote for third parties in this 2012 election year? Will it help matters?

The overall message of third parties will be heard this time and it will plant a bug, but the overall population is too short-sighted right now, and the message delivery of third parties has been too poor in its organization and resourcefulness, by the nature of people who want to step outside. The movement at present is seen as immature by those not participating. Reform in favor of third parties will begin almost immediately after this election, but not during.

What will the outcome for Gary Johnson of New Mexico be in 2012?

I received cards that suggested some kind of infiltration and somehow the voters are not really coming through. As far as I know, just coming from logic, he is placed at a distant number three position.

How does the election turn out for Jill Stein in 2012?

Cards associated with travel and influence show up. The cards suggest she is the actual third candidate and will acquire national recognition from this election. However, she is considered a threat by the Establishment and she will be surrounded by bad… perhaps this is why she was arrested twice recently. Attempts will be made to buy her off and if she gets a TV show on one of the cable TV networks, as I think may happen, then that means she has been bought off or put into a position where she cannot speak out [italicized statement added Nov 5, 2012).

How will the results be for Rocky Anderson of Utah in the 2012 election?

My cards suggest he is the candidate that would be most desired by the US if he was prominently placed. He also seems to have the most untarnished record. He has a combination of Pentacles and Swords, which means he combines the fiscal/business acumen with the intellectual side, which is important because neither Obama or Romney encompass both. He will be a leading candidate in 2016, I think.

Will next week (the Election week) be violent?

It looks very turbulent. I think almost everyone in the US will be very upset, even if they get what they think they want. Everyone will feel as though something grievous and inherently wrong has happened. Trust in the system will break down worse than in the year 2000.

Will we decide who is President within the next week?

Severe caution will be taken in many places because some manipulation has happened, but most of the participants are ethical and wanting to make sure that they are above suspicion. I think the dust will settle on Wednesday. The only thing that worries me is a possible concession on Obama’s part after it would otherwise appear that he has won, as that would have the most unstable series of reactions in the country.

Will 2016 bring third parties and more freedom to the US?

Prominence of Swords… intellect, more decisive, libertarian aspects, combined with the Wands, the magical and organizational elements. The US will be radically different by 2016, and for the better, but again, it’s not coming from governance, but rather how the people mobilize and look out for each other.

Dear God, what is the message You want people to have regarding the 2012 Presidential election outcome?

Face your disappointment now, there will not be the economic growth you want. There is profound disillusionment. We have to decide if we choose to be brave and move out of the “Matrix” or whether we cling to comforts that provide diminishing returns.

(After drawing a second set of cards) People are going to look at excess spending while overall liquidity and spending directly to the public does not surface. Lots of regret and continued worry in terms of faith in the system.

Other pieces of puzzling feelings and impressions:

  • I sense Obama does not really personally want to go on for a second term, but has to in order to save face for the Party and to keep the illusion going.
  • There is quite a bit of an arsenal of bad information about Romney but both sides have decided to keep it quiet. If it is released before or on Tuesday, it would actually help him.


  • Indiana will go to Romney. New Mexico could also do so.
  • If Romney wins, it will be because of New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Iowa, and/or Michigan. New Hampshire consistently tilts, in my tarot cards, in his favor.
  • Nevada will go for Obama again because the population is younger and not native to the place, but people who moved there for opportunity with relative success.
  • Neither of the big candidates will secure more than 50.2% of the popular vote. In fact, I think both will achieve between 46% and 49.6%.
  • Neither of the two big candidates will get more than 300 electoral votes. The calculations I keep coming up with are between the 269 standoff and 282.
  • Pennsylvania is not “safe” territory for Obama this time. Sandy may have had some bearing, but I think a smaller victory will happen for Obama.
  • Obama’s team, if quiet and not attacking Romney too much, and not revealing some of the secrets they learned of the Romney team, will win. However, if they release anything explosive about Romney between now and then, they will lose.
  • The 18 to 30-year-old crowd has not been catered to that much in this election because I believe MANY of them have voted or will vote for third parties, particularly those who were familiar with Ron Paul at the time.
  • When I asked about Jill Stein, I got a “3” card and Gary Johnson a “2” card, which makes me think they may get 3% and 2% of the popular vote, respectively, though this sounds very ambitious.
  • With Colorado, which is probably as close or closer than Virginia in counts, I got Three of Cups upright and Three of Rods upright when I asked if Romney would win that state. Obama’s cards were two upside down Cups. I think Democrats may lose this state and blame the third parties for it, though it looks like Romney will have relatively the same amount of votes or fewer than McCain in 2008.


  • Austerity from Hell. I found the presence of downward-facing Swords, which means lack of faith in the institutional/intellectual side of business and divestment from them.
  • Investments dropping off in established places.
  • More property crime.

What is the main change that will come from 2012/2013?

People embracing false hope and instant gratification but with a growing tension towards self-sufficiency and operating outside of the established forms, which are organically falling back.

How should one invest now?

There are no solid investments now in anything that works from an abstract manner. There will be a bit of a jump start after a panic of the markets at the end of 2012, but this will be short-lived. There will be no government-led renaissance in this period. Small but noticeable gains will be made all over the US, something that has already started, as people invest locally and finance projects of people they know or at the community level.

Possibility of more wars?

Tension is building in that direction but it is more in the form of rhetoric for the US. The United States will become more isolated in the world but the stage could be set for a bigger conflict more toward 2015. Public awareness is offsetting the ease of making these events happen.

God and those who work on Your behalf, what is the general advice You give for people in this period?

Watch your investments. The escalation of scams and trickery will get more complex as capital is drained from the system and people become more astute. Live as ethically and possible and tend to every matter that is upsetting you or that could create problems immediately. Be prepared to live with a lot less. Ethics!


The future is flexible. You can survive and thrive in almost any system.

It’s a waste of energy to think of the usual two presidential candidates as enemies. They allow one party to advance in some areas while another declines elsewhere for periods of time in order to perpetuate the belief that one is more responsible for bad things happening than the other.

I don’t really see a concerted effort from the right-wing top brass to get Mitt Romney elected, suggesting expediency and damage control later on. Too many people in comfortable positions are scared of what could happen to them in a new system and so quietly prefer to have more of the same rather than something else. Only 1) extraordinary magic and manipulation between now (Sunday, two days before the election) and Tuesday, 2) Obama conceding the election very early on in a dispute in exchange for a global governance position, or 3) or a soured mood in Michigan and a narrow win for Romney in Virginia, in my “tarot professional” opinion, could have Romney as a winner. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson will rise considerably, fueled mostly by people in their 20s and early 30s, but will probably only be accused of changing the Electoral balance of the election in Colorado.

John Lett (About) (Readings)

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3 Responses to Tuesday Nightmare: 2012 Election

  1. Rich says:

    Hi John, Great article and interesting predictions. I can tell you that North Dakota ( were currently live ) is firmly behind Romney. Mostly due to the oil companies. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next few years.

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  3. Very interesting. I was hospitalized for ten days recently and the French staff often asked me, “Who will win?” I surprised them all by replying, “Obama, by a narrow margin.” One guy said, “It’s a selection process, not an election — same as here.” Pretty astute.

    France just minted ten thousand gold coins of 5 thousand euros each. People in Paris were lined up starting at 4 am. The sale was a huge success.

    I voted absentee, for Stein.

    The Congressional hearing in 2011 from a computer programmer who in 2000, at the behest of a politician named Feeney (Florida?) was asked to write a program which could sway elections was very telling. Bush clearly did not win the election in 2000. They don’t allow voting machines in France, but there are big interests in having them in the US.

    I hear Hillary Clinton is stepping down soon.

    The Benghazi story is a disturbing one and apparently goes straight to The Top. Things are not as they appear, people are not whom they claim to be.

    I’ve recently heard from an American man here in France who made the mistake of closing his successful business here, selling his house, and returning to the US (California) in 2006, only to see the house he bought there quickly lose half its value. He’s returned to France, but lost his footing, and is about to look for work in Wales, which he likes a great deal. I had two coworkers here return to the US and buy houses in 2007, giving up their lives here and selling their real estate. It has not turned out well for either of them in the States, and now they regret leaving.

    Hollande is not actually as unpopular as he is being made out to be in France. He took some good initiatives quickly and set a good example (such as pay cuts for himself and other politicians). His plans look reasonable to me. I did vote for him in the final round here (I have dual citizenships).

    The economy is generally stagnant here or even faltering, but it has been stagnant for 20 years now, minimum. Quite a few “forgotten” areas of France are actually doing well, which is a surprise. More jobs, lower rents (!), reasonable real estate prices. This is raising some eyebrows, as these are rather “uninteresting” regions of France no one usually hears too much about. Some cities are highly dependent on a single industry, so are very vulnerable. Clermont-Ferrand comes to mind — a city based on the Michelin company. I continue to see a lot of works on the infrastructure here, restructuring of some areas, long-term projects for public transportation, green energy, et cetera, but of course, it’s never enough, there is still waste and pork barrel going on, and these things do take time.

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