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This is a reminder to all who drop by here that I actively try to match people to services and vice versa.

From, “10 Euros, 10 Dollars, 10 Pounds,” by Images_of_Money, June 16, 2011.and vice versa.

I have gotten so much mail from all over the world that indicates talented people are very eager to do something productive to advance the goals of their friends and networks. I do believe that the world economy has had recovery spurts in 2011 and 2012, with some setbacks. In 2011, some were malevolent and I also think that the psychological impact of the Japanese quake and tsunami was felt everywhere. However, in 2012, the biggest obstacle has been our own passivity, at least in the US and Canada. The European financial and economic problems are really more insurmountable for the time being, given that there is some wicked consolidation going on at the political level.

You have probably seen me write this elsewhere, but I often quote T. Harv Eker:

“Every dollar is a soldier. Their mission is freedom.”

Therefore every time you spend money, think of it as having the impact of an activist.

The readership here and contacts I have range from artists, photographers, roofers, those who can do complete interior refurbishments, real estate agents, tax specialists, consultants, immigration consultants, art dealers, online sales agents (one has even sold cars this way!), publishers, insurance agents, touring agents or providers, hotel owners, financial advisors, etc. We cannot move forward if we do not actively take an inventory of what all of our friends and people in our network are doing. We have to pass on contact details in all relevant situations to try to keep people secure because for the moment, there is not a belief that institutions can supply this basic protection.

In general I advise us all to:

  • Be cognizant of the people around us and what is going on with them. Do not perform excessive hand-holding, but if you are experiencing a period of some abundance, try to isolate 1-2 friends and treat them to something to boost their morale.
  • Pay close attention to people with children and ask them what small thing could be done to make the holidays easier for them.
  • Keep notes, on paper or mentally, of the skill sets your friends have and when you meet new people, gauge what is going on with them. Everyone appreciates a match, even if it goes nowhere.
  • Keep self-improving with lessons or exposure to new things. This generates some cash circulation for the instructors, but also adds value to society.
  • I often hear “I can only find this at Wal-Mart!” (or fill in a similar box store). Most of these things you can do without. Gift-giving and collecting of the nature we know is on the way out, and needs to be.
  • If you are running your own business, do not freak out if things do not go as planned. This fear will scare off customers, as we inevitably give ourselves away. Stay calm and keep business hours limited to create the impression of scarcity from time to time.
  • Redirecting capital locally also extends to food. If you can find a local producer, that makes a huge difference. I have had the great fortune of sourcing eggs and honey from someone at work for prices that are lower than mass-produced food from indeterminate, dubious locations. We have to feel “clean” in terms of the food we’re taking in and also our economic conscience.
  • With a friend in financial trouble, if you are at their place and see something that could be of use to you, offer to buy it (if and only if the relationship is so close that you could make such a proposition or request).
  • No matter how poor you are, donate a little bit of money here and there. The act will lift you up and make you feel well enough to be able to contribute something, and thus generate some opportunities for you.

Addendum: I recommend watching interviews on YouTube with the financial advisor who used to word for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the first Bush administration, Catherine Austin Fitts. I found her in 2012 and have surmised that her views are very much in line with what I advocate here.

John Lett (About) (Sessions)

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2 Responses to Help Wanted/Networking Warriors

  1. Hi! My CV is, frankly, impressive (!), and is available on demand, though it’s in French. I have American and French (EU) dual nationalities, and am set up now legally as an international going concern. I have an MBA with honors, a B.S. degree with honors, I’m multi-lingual (most apt in French and English), an artist, writer, editor, travel tour guide in and around Paris, France, a personal assistant for people who do business here in France (I do travel, also, upon request), I teach, train, do portraits, rune readings, cook and do personal services, do export of whatever is legal to ship or send abroad, and more — and I am a former paralegal on two continents and a trained stenographer with full secretarial capabilities, “old school.” I’m an actress, comedian, dealer in antiques, supplies, materials, equipment and art, a musical producer, a publisher, a former registered representative with extensive Wall Street background on two continents and specialization in Asia, a former estate planner and insurance agent, and I have reliable contacts in many countries. I do exptratriation and relocation consulting, advise engineers and other technical professionals, work with medical professionals, arts people, am adept in production and operations management, fully trained and and as capable “with numbers” as I am with management and many types of communications, and that’s only part of it all.

    I am listed in the White Pages, the only Lisa Falour in Paris Saint-Denis, France, and easy to reach via my website, — or this blog. I can be paid in euros or USD, and have American and French banks to receive (and to send) payments.

    I do charge, even for a referral, but I think my fees are highly reasonable. Thank you.

  2. I see I misspelled expatriation! Oh, well! See, we all do need a good editor! My best to you all.

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