2013: Year of Deconstruction

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Retrieved from "A Series of Music Festivals Produced by Journeyman Bassist Doug Wimbish" - http://wimbash2011.wordpress.com/2011/08/12/hello-world/artdeco2013lrg792/

Retrieved from “A Series of Music Festivals Produced by Journeyman Bassist Doug Wimbish” – http://wimbash2011.wordpress.com/2011/08/12/hello-world/artdeco2013lrg792/

I declared 2012 “The Year of Opiates,” in which there would be profound ups and

downs to create deeply felt reactions. This was particularly true in the UK with the Jubilee, Olympics, and in the US with the Presidential election, spate of shootings, and conflicting economic data.

Based on the following findings and an overall feeling I have had for the last several weeks, I will call 2013 “The Year of Deconstruction.” While we all have our own agency and wildly, widely varying trajectories in life and radically different administrations we live under, I preface my public tarot readings with a prayer to God that asks to answer it from the perspective of the majority of my readers… who are predominately Western or heavily influenced by Western realities through the English language.


  • Deconstruction of established values and beliefs.
  • Sustained decline, but not major freefall of financial systems at the local level.
  • Growing health consciousness, the people unified in mutual disgust for mainstream approaches.
  • “Alternative” religions become more mainstream.
  • Few means of growing money but no new currency or seizure of assets.
  • Many people withdrawing from predictable spending and trend-following behaviors.
  • Skepticism, cynicism.
  • Hiding real beliefs in straight, corporate jobs. Long-term plans of whistleblowing.
  • Quiet networking/cooperatives.

What is the overall, prevailing experience many people in the world will have this year?

PAST, PRESENT: The Empress signifies the abundance and fedundity of the world. One could interpret this as a liberal, Garden of Eden vision of the world in which a system replenishes itself naturally and people interact in a sustainable way. This is indicative of our true nature, rather than an environment of scarcity.

The Star, the card that appeared in the place of the present, is reversed in this question, which has several negative connotations in this situation. It is predominately disillusionment, unrealistic expectations, and chasing the wrong rainbows. I interpret this as a reference to a hyper- external media environment with manipulated meaning. This does not come as a surprise to anyone reading here, but is not meant to provide an overly cynical view of the present times. However, our exposure to images through marketing of affluent lifestyles sets our expectations very high.

FUTURE/2013:  The Sun suggests that many people are going to recognize this as a year that they are aware of what they have and what good fortune has shielded them from. There is considerable re-evaluation and deconstruction of previous mindsets and people generally like will have increasing awareness of their natural environments. I am biased about the Idle No More movement evolving out of Canada, but I do see a tie-in here in that there will be a more visible presence of Pagan, Wiccan, First Nation, polytheistic, and other more nature-centered beliefs this year. The relief of passing through 2012 has made many open to a less orthodox and heavy-handed religious worldview.

The Four of Rods in reverse describes the results of the year, and this is a bit unsettling. Four is a number of stability, foundations, balance, and long-term holdings. If it is in reversed it can mean the opposite or challenges in this respect. The Wands or Rods has magical connotations and this is disillusionment in reverse here. I interpret this to mean that while people are going to be more grateful and more earth-centered, they are going to be more aware of how their property and security is being unseated and every day attention will be directed toward where the wealth is disappearing to. For the time being, this issue is not going to be in any way resolved. There is not sufficient energy or willpower to overturn this.

People will watch some of their property or jobs vanish suddenly, which has already been happening for some time. There will be very public battles for power and holding on to positions in the political arena.

A prediction that I made in 2011 has come true in that between Italy, Germany, France, and Greece, only the leader Angela Merkel will remain standing by 2013. Sarkozy and Berlusconi are gone.

Are our assets safe?

Four of Swords refers to an abatement of some of the struggle. The principal of the money is safe for now, but external factors can make it unsafe or counterproductive. There is not a direct threat to your assets right now, in spite of what many are saying. In other words, it is hard to make or save money but not direct theft of it or a physical removal of it, but “diminishing returns” applies.

The Page of Rods appears, and I think that this card appeared with a similar question for 2012 a year ago. This refers to persuasion, temptation, sensation, and words that have to do with exuberance and marketing sense. This means to curtail indulgence or envy for more glamor, because this is the biggest threat to capital or property. With money, unfortunately I still advise to make very conservative, well thought-out decisions.

Which less visible professions are smart moves for people who are not specialized or who do not want to invest huge sums of money in more education?

The Ten of Pentacles appears in reverse for the backdrop, and this is a very traumatic state of affairs. This alludes to the fallen middle class, decentralized family management, high overhead and cost of operations, disputes over property, scant resources, etc. To me, this validates that there is a real dearth of professional outlets available.

The King of Pentacles is a master of the suit, who carries a demeanor of self-assuredness which is a combination of real wealth and skill, but also convincing posturing that helps lead to this economic security. This is “more of the same” advice – it is a game of chicken whereby we must outwardly appear to be in good condition and competent in order to advance.

The King of Pentacles is also a card of practicality and sound reason. If any profession sounds dodgy in that you can’t see its connection to real, on-the-ground activity, then it is not a good step to take. Conversely, it does suggest that the era of a strong financial services sector is not yet over, either. Insurance, banking, accounting, public finance, administration, and auditing, and not always requiring a degree.

Will people be pursuing healthier lives successfully? Is the food safe?

Many conflicting views on health and food safety and both the GMO establishment and all-organic believers will be fighting for dominance. The Queen of Swords, the maternal intellect and brainpower force, will swoop in and I think that more militant awareness of food and health will gain ground this year. The radical, “leftist” view, if you will, is becoming more credible and people will be willing to make more sacrifices in cost and effort to gain control. Bills like California’s Proposition 37 (GMO food labeling) will be reintroduced, succeed, and bring awareness, though even with a majority voting for them, will not be legislated yet.

While this counter movement goes on in the West, the overall food quality worldwide will continue to decline and the majority in developed places will still be making poor choices. The good news is that food networking and local sourcing will prevail for those who are interested, which comes as no surprise given that farmer’s market operations have been multiplying considerably and I have personally been sourcing food locally this way more often.

There are many events that happen every year that are unexpected. In 2012, these were mainly violent incidents of shootings or civil wars. What are these to be in 2013?

People are mentally ready for a more informed way of life and have a vision of their ideals of a peaceful, balanced, open way of life, but so far have not been able to overpower institutional stress and inequities. As the world generally becomes more tired of violence, sociopathic behavior, and professional stress, people will merely keep dropping out of society. The Hermit appeared in the second card position here, which says if you want to avoid a lot of trouble, just simply don’t follow the herd and lay low with books, exercise, select friends, or the pursuit of an education of some kind (not necessarily in the form of formal schooling).

The warning that appeared in the answer to this question was to be cognizant of very compelling efforts to persuade your purchasing and investing decisions. Again, this is a year to be very conservative about financial decisions. This does not mean to sit on your money as people have been doing from 2007 forward, but to not get involved in anything too abstract. Stick to very logical dealings in 2013.

Another remark here is something that I generally tell people anyway – you must escalate your awareness of what the consequences of your spending will be in each deal. The eggs at the supermarket may be $2.50, but paying 50 cents more at a more ethical store will hurt you slightly in the short-term but bounce around your community several times and return value-added to your own livelihood within the year.

For further insights or individual sessions for a number of purposes, please contact me through this website’s “Sessions” or “About” sections.

John Lett (About) (Sessions)

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6 Responses to 2013: Year of Deconstruction

  1. Lisa Falour says:

    This is a “snake year” approaching in the Chinese system, which suggests thoughtfulness, wisdom … inner-thinking.

    • I have seen a lot of people responding this way and there are a number of videos about “ascending” in circulation right now. A certain segment of the population is more contemplative right now.

  2. TheSheChef says:

    I love this post! it’s very solid and saavy without the least bit of fear. I like how you explain the eggs concept of paying a bit now instead of “paying” for it later! Well done my friend.

    • Thank you so much! I have been getting phone calls this week at work from older preppers and I told them to stop by your YouTube channel of the same name.

      An older lady I knew who hid her illness from her children and died in Korea so as not to be a burden was in some sticky situations to try to get things going and she said that “we always pay for it.” If you have a huge success, it is because you spent somewhere else to make it happen – or if there was this fantastic romance, you have to keep delivering something in order to feed it. Through tarot I have learned that we have to ask for things that are feasible, and also as Catherine Austin Fitts quoted from one pastor: “If we can face it, God can fix it.”

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