Not Ascending Fast Enough!

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Do you feel like your brain, observations, and time overall are racing ahead? At the same time, do you feel that many of the people around you are not adapting to the invisible energies accelerating around us all? This is the paradox I have observed around me for some time, and I have been watching social movements around the globe (notably in Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Occupy No More in Canada, and elsewhere) bubble up with violent clashes, reconciliation or apparent capitulation, and within weeks or months, the same issues surface once again. In the US, a lot of this tension is being subverted due to that economy being in the early stages of another economic bubble emerging as capital rushes back in, price increases return, and speculation and consumer confidence rises again… thus suspending transformative events from gaining significant traction.

I am not an expert on many spiritual positions and philosophies, but there is a plethora of videos on YouTube, such as “51 Signs of Ascension: How Many Do You Have?” that seem quite ubiquitous (skeptics might say pervasive) right now. Many Christians are alert and worried if people are “saved,” people with less conventional beliefs often believe our ancestors or creators from other planets are coming to correct the 003imbalances of the planet, and technocrats are aspiring to the highest levels of functionality in how our technologies interface (systems, robotics, etc.) to the degree that it probably feels like the second leg of the Enlightenment to those personally involved in those developments. The way media outlets and interest groups are set up, semantics and socio-cultural/economic backgrounds smack of these sentiments being literal worlds apart, but actually, most of these archetype views and expectations are expressing the same angst.

If you are in the frustrated group waiting for critical mass of your realizations to be reached, the impatience can be overpowering. I have contacts and friends who expect alien disclosure or the coming of Jesus to come at any moment and are willing to experience great upheaval in order to reach these critical moments. Personally, I have a profound sense of 002anticipation and optimism that some breakthrough is coming, but it is less defined or dogmatic, perhaps. The keys to not losing momentum I think are related to connecting these groups and finding common language in order to keep the ascension moving. We must not think in literal, black-and-white terms, but rather in consensus-building language (but not groupthink or oppressive conformity) to achieve greater cooperation. Perhaps one strong example may be the abortion issue which is periodically brought to the fore when other pressing financial and economic matters are decided behind closed doors. In other words, it is seldom the visible issue at hand that is relevant: in the case of abortion, it is an environment unfavorable to economic stability and security, as well as unequal living conditions that drives people to abortion. However, those managing the world political structure will keep the emotional and values entanglements at the fore to keep the major problems out of the discussion.

In my experiences working in many different types of environments and societies, I have learned that there is no particular system that has universally effective applications. If we draw on the US as an example once more, the Democrats in their present incarnation and practices completely step aside from their pro-labor roots to let the so-called free market of deregulation reign, and the Republicans whose inception was based on the sovereignty of the individual and a unified nation with property protections have capitulated to the same ranks as fundamentalist Islamists in the Middle East with carte blanche monopolies for super-polluters and tax dodgers. In this case, trying to become more alike and amiable has let the more corrupt elements control the discourse in a way where the majority lose. The true middle way here would be to leave room for more plurality with a few core 005values to not be up for discussion. Ironically, the constituencies that both major parties cater to want protectionism of basic social services and institutions, but constant confusion and deceptive articles, sub-clauses, and exceptions are thrown in amongst thousands of pages of documentation, resulting in detachment – which means it is easier for our brains to then become attached to values-based associations and accepting soundbite explanations.

All of these combined forces make most people operate at a very low vibration in order to cope. The book series with the flagship title The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, which I read in late 2012 and early 2013 (I recommend The Twelfth Insight above all for its references the 2012 time period), helped me be aware of these less visible (not invisible) energy exchanges and states of being. Essentially, then, if we are wanting mass ascension and not witnessing it from those around us, the concentration can then be on raising the energy level of those around us. We must not try to indoctrinate or force a particular belief system onto others, but instead concentrate on lifting their spirits so that they can reach the highest self-actualization possible at this moment in their lives. In my social and professional life, there are people that will never have the same interests as me, but one thing that seems to help the mood flow best for the whole is to imagine those around us with halos and beaming light and then strive to bring it out from them. Almost always, it comes! Remember, control is not the objective, the “us versus them” mentality is not desired, but truly seeing everyone stepping into the light and being cheered for is. Like dusting or keeping a lawn, it requires constant maintenance given that every job and  005role we inhabit is social (we get all of our money from somewhere else; money is a network, if anything) and people depleted of energy will approach others and take it away periodically in desperation through tears, engaging our sympathies, or violent tactics, but even then to some degree we must work within their vernacular and reality to raise them up, too, lest someone else inadvertently gets sucked into the vortex as well. We must view our exchanges with others as a constant loop of positive reciprocity so that people feel engaged and enabled to provide the universe with their own special brand of power.

As I have mentioned in my own YouTube clips and in previous posts, so much of the seemingly innocuous transactions in our lives are activism. 2013 is unfolding much in the way I expected in a tarot reading I did much earlier in the year, reflecting the overall “Deconstruction” theme underway at the moment. Now is the time to live and express oneself both authentically and diplomatically/respectfully in order to pass through the current hurdles.

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John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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3 Responses to Not Ascending Fast Enough!

  1. Lisa Falour says:

    This is beautifully written and the images are well chosen. What’s more important is the content, however. I’m outside the USA at this point but have noticed for the past three years or so, friends and contacts back in America all say things seem to be “going faster and faster.” Things seem to be slowing down, for me. They don’t generally sound happy about the hectic pace of their lives back in the USA. I’ve found solutions for a few of them, but those would involve relocation, and I’ve been finding Americans surprisingly dug in. Maybe I’m just getting older and my peer group is, too, but I don’t remember Americans being so “stubbornly stuck in place” before. I knew Americans to move and relocate pretty freely in the past — kids and all! Now they find excuses not to move — perhaps they see it’s all pretty much “the same everywhere,” which may or may not be true, depending on your point of view — and I’m not there myself to be able to really know.

  2. Dodie Bailey says:

    Well written, John.

  3. Kris Bethea says:

    Astrologically, this is a turbulent time, too! 🙂
    Great info!!

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