German Election Outcome!

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Allow me first to refer back to my September 2011 article and analysis, “Germany’s Pre-Eminence.” I have not altered this article since its September 21, 2011 release. Germany has since become the world’s third largest exporter, now trailing behind the US, which has advanced significantly in the last few years under an administration that has emphasized growing the country’s exports and as more oil and gas harvesting has made the country more energy independent. Still, Germany is perhaps even more recognized as the economic engine (or stabilizing partner) in the EU. This is enhanced even further by today’s news that the eurozone is officially out of recession, led by 0.7% growth in Germany and 0.5% growth in France. As I mentioned in the previous article two years ago, while many of the fundamentals in Germany’s economy are genuinely strong, there are misconceptions about scope of the relative prosperity there, given that low wages and increasing instability in job security are more prevalent than is spoken about.

I want to address Germany now due to the election coming in September 2013 and to get on the topic early. In 2011 I predicted that the economy would see no more than 1% annualized growth, which appears to be supported by this chart and also by the World Bank 2012 figure of 0.7% growth. As other European nations buckled under austerity and scandals, I also could clearly see that Sarkozy and Berlusconi would be booted out of office, but Angela Merkel would

be the last of the major figures in Europe to still hold office. Now the big question is whether she can maintain another term as Chancellor. Her CDU

Photographer: (Aleph), taken 30 April 2008

Photographer: (Aleph), taken 30 April 2008

party (Christian Democratic Union) party and its Bavarian equivalent are in the lead, but as has been pointed out, with coalitions that does not necessarily mean that she will prevail, particularly with the chief rival party, SPD (Social Democrats) winning some state elections in 2012 and 2013. With Germans simultaneously wanting to have a green economy that backs renewable energy and sustaining a social democratic mixed economy kind of state (for instance, several states have gone back to no out-of-pocket tuition fees for university, against global trends) while wishing to limit subsidies and bailouts to other European countries and at least publicly denounce spying by US institutions and government, Merkel has had to straddle all of these viewpoints to be looked upon favorably.

With all of these competing factors as a backdrop, I wish to put my tarot cards to the test and do so as succinctly as possible. I used my normal prayer and meditation to answer the questions:

Will Angela Merkel succeed in remaining Chancellor of Germany after the September 2013 federal election?

Past and Present: Five of Rods, rev; Knight of Swords

There is a dislike of the party that she represents overall but the people like her generally and see her as competent. The people do not like neoliberalism that much but her character stands out above competitors. There is the classic need to be all things to all people present. There have not been fiery debates so far or any kind of “rawness” to the leading in of the election but it will be very fiery in a week or two and a rhetorical war will emerge. She is being coached very short, quotable “zingers” that will stand out so that her personality dominates discourse and media, leaving it difficult for other names to be present in the minds of voters and observers.

Future: King of Swords, rev; The Sun, rev

It goes against my logical progression of how I see events unfolding, but both cards indicate the possibility of calamity. If she does not assert herself as protectress of justice and the human condition, she cannot win. I see strong arguments being thrown at her by rival left-wing factions that will force her to take a position, at least rhetorically, in this regard. If she seems as though she is too accommodating to any kind of deregulation, she will be painted into a corner she cannot get out of. The Sun in reverse also indicates that she must indicate to the people that there is a long-term commitment to environmentalism. Moving away from nuclear energy, which began in Germany in 2011 in response to the Fukushima disaster in Japan will be addressed, and her response must be convincing that the commitment to migrating away from nuclear energy is still on. Invariably, the approach to what degree the EU is centrally organized underpins this election and moment, and she must indicate that there is more individual autonomy in each nation, and this will be part of any “unveiling” that happens during the main debate and presentation of her platform.

In 2011’s reading in “Germany’s Pre-Eminence” I saw a female leader through roughly the 2015 period, a recent Yahoo article with some gossip supports this idea. As always, I have said that the future is flexible because of the number of variables, but I think that her party will win but have to co-opt the far-left in many regards and take many directives from the Green Party, though I can’t see an actual coalition being formed with the Greens. Again, if she is not prepared to answer to the far-left and has any soundbites that sound unsympathetic to environmental issues and the country’s overall commitment to renewable energy (though there are plenty of arguments against it being profitable now), a major dissolution of government will ensue. That said, I see female stewardship and feminine qualities prevailing in this election. She cannot be attacked for economic management of the country since it is perceived to be doing well except in the case of falling wages or the lack of security in jobs for which she can only fire back with proposed enhancements and improvements in these areas.

What kinds of developments will be the result of the 2013 German federal election?

Future: IV The Emperor; Five of Pentacles, rev

With her victory, in spite of what is being said now to address the demands from the left, it will be more of the same, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Business as usual for a while. The role of Germany in Europe is also expressed here: it is still viewed as the father of the continent and the only country occupying this paternalistic role in the minds and eyes of the world. Four represents stability because essentially most structures have four sides. However, five is a jeopardy number or a crossroads where relationships are tested. This could also refer to 2014 going into 2015. Around this time, I foresee some insolvency issues coming to light. I have always found the strengthening relationship with Russia for energy needs a bit risky and I think that this is a factor in some kind of crisis around this time. This is not a 019permanently debilitating disaster but could disrupt the balance of left-wing humanist principles with business-forward practice in the country that has the identity of high-end, high-quality exporting capacity.

CONCLUSION: Oftentimes, instead of praying to be correct or to have controlled outcomes, it is best to pray for what delivers the most good and once an election result or other type of decision is made with some permanence, continue to bless all parties involved. Even if someone we dislike wins, we never want to wish failure upon someone or a group because that opens the door for further hostilities and innocent people become ensnared. It is possible for concessions to be made where universal small victories reach all factions and levels of society.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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4 Responses to German Election Outcome!

  1. richgedney says:

    Interesting article. I had no idea that the German economy was growing. Sad to see that the wages are falling. I remember going into a Eye Glass store in Guangzhou and being quoted several prices. The highest priced lenses were of German manufacture. Which were touted as the Cadillac of lenses,or the Chinese equivalent, by the salesman. They were thinner and more durable lenses then the others being offered,however they were twice almost three times the price of the Chinese lenses. It seemed by the Chinese salesman’s attitude that the German exports are seen to be extreme high quality goods by the Chinese. Which goes back to their running third in world trade. I know did know they are running third in car manufacturing export with VW’s new manufacturing facilities in Mexico. Where they pay the workers one third the rate of current American car manufacturing workers.

    Enjoyed your take on the upcoming election.

    Rich Gedney
    Dance with life instead of fighting it!
    ~ Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu

    • Rich, thank you so much for stopping by! Yes, I have been hearing over the last three years or so that Volkswagen and a few other automakers had moved to the American South and were hiring large numbers of people, but these are not union jobs. Manufacturing of this sort and with Amazon have expanded dramatically thus bringing back some jobs but they are not high-paying ones for sure.

      German companies have been efficiently making deals with Russia, China, the US, and Eastern Europe. I recommend the television network, which is also shown on YouTube, DeutscheWelle (their channel is deutschewelleenglish) for short coverage of what is going on in Germany.

  2. Lisa Falour says:

    I see a rare typo in this with the word “through” at the beginning with reference to Ms. Merkel. This is an outstanding blog and I’m sharing the link with a contact in the UK. I’m in France and was pleasantly surprised by the GDP (it’s called PIB in France) figures yesterday, although I must say I was sorry to hear we were technically in recession early this very year — I wasn’t perceiving that at all here, in and around Paris. France is pretty stagnant to most Americans, I think, who are more accustomed to dramatic booms and busts and sudden changes in things.

    For me, your tarot reading is inauspicious but that’s as far as I’ll take it. Fives, to me, indicate a “crazy element” which is seldom good. Reversed cards also tend to be inauspicious, even when they might only indicate short term failures or disappointments which could sometimes have good outcomes overall, later on. Bumps in the road, so to speak. Missed opportunities which can be unfortunate, but which can be learning experiences.

    The number four always indicates to me deep insecurities, often connected with material possessions (such as real estate). I do numerology, and a residential address which boils down to a “four” will never be likely to be a place one can relax and feel really safe and secure. People tend to never feel free of a fear of loss in such places. It will nag at them.

    The “crazy five” does indicate “things will not be boring.” Perhaps some crazy forces are at work, but more likely it’s crazy people. Some people are psychos, let’s face it. A lot of them hold positions of power. They clawed their way to it!

    I continue to perceive “sour grapes” from places such as the USA with regard to Europe. The EU was a long time in the planning and it’s going to take generations for it to work, but Europeans tend to be people who think well into future generations, when they do this. (Some Asiatics do this, also, I’ve found.) We know it isn’t going to be easy. I began investing in the EU back in the ’80s and fairly quickly decided to make it my home, leaving the USA, which let me down time and again, behind.

    John Lett always tries to keep a constructive, positive approach to things. What I would like to say to him and to my fellow Americans is that the best possible thing you can do there now is to CLEAN UP YOUR OWN BACK YARD. Yes, I’m talking the environment. It’s a toxic mess, not good for its citizens and there is real work to be done there. It costs nothing but your effort to “get behind the business end of a broom.” I met a black American couple from the Midwest on my way to London this week, grandparents there with two beautifully behaved granddaughters, and the wife is The America I Generally Knew — intelligent, decent, with solid values and common sense, and a lot of respect for themselves and for others. Everyone, please, remind yourselves, whatever and whomever you are, be your best — this is your only shot at it!

    • Lisa, “inauspicious” is probably a good word for its variety of outcomes and interpretations. If only some of these countries had you as an adviser in the same capacities that you were able to help institutions in New York and now with those interested in large-scale import/export from France.

      The future of Germany is not of gloom and doom but I am realizing that certain political balances of a unique brand seem necessary. I seriously debate now whether I should have given equal attention to the Australian election with the shift of all proposals from the two main parties, Labor and Liberal because they are standing now exactly where the US was in 2000/2001… at the same time, a true left-wing position for long bouts does not suit that country as a whole.

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