Breaking Time Taboos – Another Regression

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

Once again, I underwent a past life regression session (this is the follow-up to “A Journey Across Time – My Unorthodox Past Life Regression Experience”). This is a ritual I plan to engage in about once every six weeks because I am experiencing a significant expansion on perspective each time. I do not necessarily report anything I see as historical fact or future prophecy, but it does offer highly constructive and instructive material when it comes to present-day applications and lessons. Instead of a re-hash and expansion upon what occurred this time, I will share the mostly uncensored notes that the regressionist took and shared with me, as she does with other clients. The opening situation is a location that the subject finds that helps one tap into their past life scenarios.014

This regression session was begun by setting the intention that John go to past lives that would be historically valuable for his mission to help others and make better decisions in this lifetime. 

The common thread in the last session was that he influenced the culture and people looked to him and he was ok with that. 

STRUCTURE – same ramshackle house with red shingles, broken windows, and a wraparound porch  

He felt as though it was the 1960s and that there was a lady upstairs.  

The inside of the structure had everything covered up in velvet coverings. There were cobwebs and he felt that no one would live there again. It was fully furnished but no people were visible.  

OBJECT – a bank note – currency. 

He was wearing black fabric shoes and a Middle Eastern flowing white garment that was belted. He felt he was old, around 50 and was a male. His name was either Ishmael or Ismael. He was in the Middle East. There were palm trees and sand. The scene was sand dunes, no buildings, with a silver SUV nearby – the car was newer than the 1960s. It was daytime and hot. He was looking opposite of where the people were. He felt there was something shady going on and he’s walked away from “the group”. They were all men that were not family but close associates; they used the term “brothers”.  

He realizes it’s actually the 1980s. It is a tense situation but they are not terrorists but were making scheming business deals. He feels pragmatic that he has to seem to be on board but he is actually not. They are getting ready to go to another town where an intimidation or coup will go down.  He can’t stop it but he disagrees with it. The group is organized with a couple of dozen really involved. The purpose is domination to control the commerce. Regular desert people are expendable and it’s a turf thing. His role is to give it all credibility – he is “normal”. His education attracts them but makes him not on board with all this. They are going to kill some people. 

He has a family that is Muslim – his father is a teacher and he is married with one son. The family is minimized in his life but are close to him in physical proximity, like in the next county in our terms, His father knows what he’s doing. His spouse and son don’t leave their home because of the culture. 

He’s thinking this couldn’t be him because of the timeframe but is getting the meaning of revenge and petty human stuff going on. He wonders if he has two lives going on at the same time.  

He sees another ambush on the part of his group. He sees dead children in square desert style home. It is 1988. He doesn’t feel an affinity with the place. It is Oman or Yemen near a border. His people and rival factions are responsible. Women and children are the victims. He only sees the aftermath.  

He wishes to go to another time.  


He immediately becomes more relaxed and laughs. Seeing so many green trees. The scene is like a sci-fi movie. People are around wearing white robes; they are coneheads and pasty appearing but not scary. They have accepted him. He communicates with them. He feels related but is not one of them. 

He is human. He has different clothes. He wears “crocs” with no holes and the toe is round, white pants, beige jacket. He is male or unisex and has bleached blonde short spiky hair. Could be female. And androgynous. The time is not of Earth and not relevant. Saw 1713 but not necessarily on our calendar.  

Hears name is Andrea.  

She is like a diplomat. Speaking with the aliens and learning from them. It’s what she is going to do (agenda) while she’s there. These people are way ahead of us. They are not very nice or sweet. Maybe was going to try to impose our ideas on them was purpose of being there but she’s going to study them to bring back to the humans. It is 1700 years in the future. There is more than one location where people are – 2 planets – Andromeda and Earth. The planet she’s on is maybe not a real place but could be a digital meeting place – people exist but could be a virtual reality space. Her research is successful. Science is so sophisticated. She is learning how to reverse engineer. The aliens know what she’s doing but don’t understand revenge and competition. They aren’t disruptive to humanity so they don’t mind her research. They are stoic with no emotions.  

She feels so much more relaxed now. It is because the future feels so much better than 030now. She’s more comfortable with her work – really awesome – no tension or dissension. No other humans are there. She’s alone but other humans are close. She’s doing all the work. They have explained human origins to her. She’s already learned a lot. Free energy is the norm. She’s excited by it because of accomplishing the goal. She feels a real sense of satisfaction. So much information going on. She knows everything but feeling pulled down a little because it’s so much to process.  

It seems as though they are implanting the visuals of all that’s happened to all who have ever lived in her via injections into her body. These “aliens” know so much more and because of what she’s learned it wouldn’t be good for her to go back to the humans. She thought she could go back but she pushed to be with the “aliens” and be native to them but she failed a little and she can’t deliver back because she’s one of them now and a defector. No harm will happen but she can’t go back. She has no regret but not ideal for her. It was her destiny to become one of them.  

California was her earth home – something is brewing there so the aliens are happy she’s not going back there.  

He wished to move on to Earth in this time period. 


Landed in California. It is dry and barren. It’s night and it seems someone’s around. She’s very anxious. Something’s afoot but she doesn’t know what. It is futuristic but before she went to the other planet. She’s in the right place. She is like a Junior Officer. There is a practice or test to test her psychic abilities or ability to see through dimensions. The authorities (The Commission) are testing her. She’s identified as someone with unique abilities and they are discovering her knowledge to use. They’ve seen it before (course of action). She’s there because of her very sophisticated communication skills. Humans won’t really speak or have a need to because they are telepathic.  

She could be a pioneer. She is in her mid 20s and in North America but it is desert like and arid. People live in communal settings. It is not super polluted. They are living in Epcot Center like structures. It is not a negative time but she’s focused on the test. She did ok. She was not sure of the reason or results of the test but she was willing to do it because it was a challenge and has purpose. 

She is being integrated into a team. They are joking. She has longer hair. 

This team will be like the astronauts of today but more diplomatic and government related in this future era. This is a good form of the CIA. They are space ambassadors. Her family says only Andrea would get involved with this. She is overwhelmed in a good way with the level of detail she is getting. 

He (John) then becomes curious about the state of the rest of the world: 

Australia is under Chinese control. 

Africa is wearing different clothing like armor. It is not Third World but is more on par with advanced countries.

Asia is depopulated. The deserts have expanded. Most live in SE Asia which is carefully preserved. They keep the population controlled. It is a tourist place. 

Middle East (Iran) is more green. It is restored historically. The tension is gone. It is like a kingdom but nice. The religious backdrop is answered. Lot of historically important stuff that explains real religion in Iran. Therefore it is sheltered. The Middle East is the center of the world.  

Europe is more heavily forested and better climate. People have opted out and live differently than other places. It is back to older ways with less technology. 

North America/Australia/Africa are more advanced by choice.  

Now he (John) wants to go to another past before our time. There are 2 or 3 scenes and he picked the more dominant one.  

It is the American Southwest with red rocks and desert. He is a male Native American who is Spanish speaking. His name is Squam. His is a kind of slave and treated very badly by the landowner. It is the 1770s in a Spanish colonial setting. It is a ranch type place.  

He’s worked for the landowner before they came to this place. He is sometimes bound by ropes. He will never be able to get out of this situation. He’s tried to run away.  

He’s short in stature. He is handy in ways beneficial to the landowner. He takes the work seriously but wants to run away for freedom. The landowner is expanding his business. He has no family and he’s older with no kids. Could be family deeper into Mexico. He was taken from his family and converted to Catholicism. He has adapted but has mixed feelings because Catholics do bad things in Mexico.  

Said “That SOB!” He sees he’s there because other brown people like him and it makes it safer for the landowner. There will no end to the exploitation of the people. “What if I can kill him with no one around” “3 steps behind the horse”.  

Culture is the exploiter. Personal gain for expanding north to New Mexico or Texas (this is where they were relative to the present time.  

(John) Realizes the landowner is xxxx from this present lifetime who is xxxx. This explains a lot to him. He can use this in this lifetime and explains why he protects her now in his xxxx role.

This gives him a sense of closure. He feels very relieved and knows why he didn’t want to go to this scene and why it was so persistent. He feels serene. He feels like he is in a shallow sea of water that is a perfect temperature.  

Time to come out of the session.  

Thanks, John! 


One thing I will add is that the aliens were not unkind as I saw them but rather stoic and what many humans would consider detached.

I should not try to manipulate or dictate the direction of a regression session, but the other competing past life scenario appears to have been a place under ancient Greek influence, and that is where I intend to resume my exploration next time.

Check out “A Journey Across Time – My Unorthodox Past Life Regression Experience

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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8 Responses to Breaking Time Taboos – Another Regression

  1. Lisa Falour says:

    Way fun! I am guessing who XXXX is you must protect — I may know. Neat! I am unable to find anyone to do this for me in Paris, France. No one responds and no doctors refer me — they spook badly and don’t want to see me anymore, yet have said I’m sane, don’t need meds. Hm.

    I just have to go on what I remember, what I feel, and be very detached from it, very “reason-things-out.” I am nearly certain that simultaneous incarnations occur — I’ve seen a doppelganger more than one, others saw it, the “original” knew of it, and his brother had one, a real one, a physical one, who was decapitated as a teen in a dreadful accident. It tormented the brother, who felt “the wrong one died.” No one could explain why two of them were such carbon copies in the same area of NYC. The mother of the dead one would cry as soon as she saw the brother I knew. He went mad and committed suicide in 2005. This tale is described at length in the book SWEAT by Joe Bonomo.

    Just as much as past-life stuff and other stuff, I seek some help remembering some paranormal things I’ve been through. I’ve been professionally hypnotized, in the States, and found it pleasant, safe and helpful. Again, no one gets back to me.

    Very good entry you put here.

    • I was very surprised at the simultaneous life situation because I thought that you can only be in one fixed place at a time. The 1980s Middle East life was not something I wanted to explore further because it is one which I have been incapable of stopping the people around me from being supremely stupid.

      I have a friend in Lyon who has said for anything remotely spiritual or alternative in this way, a French person typically needs to get the services in the UK because it’s not really marketed to in France.

      • Lisa Falour says:

        That could be. There are any number of approved hypnotherapists in Paris, but I’d have to be sneaky about what I was trying to do. I’m continuing to look here, and am about to leave to see a specialist. I will ask him for a referral, also. At the end of getting our other stuff done. I could also ask my local psychologist — I’ve worked with her for over a decade and she’s very helpful. I’m leery to travel to the UK at this point.

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