Third Past Life Regression

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On Sunday, November 30th, Central Time in the US, I will be participating in my third past life regression. One of my friends who specializes in this who has performed the two regressions you have read about before and I will be exchanging the regression for tarot, and we expect major revelations. If you have any topics of interest historically or going forward (we did wind up in the future a few times) that you may want us to attempt to add to the mix, please let write below and subscribe for follow-up if you are interested.

To revisit what has happened thus far, here are the two previous regressions documented:

Furthermore, I am doing a special and performing an experiment. Through early evening Central Standard Time in the US, November 30th, somewhere on my website – you will have to search randomly or strategically to find it – is a special code that you will recognize as being out of place. If you find this code, email or privately message me what this code or reference is. I will do a drawing after the period closes (not affiliated with WordPress, Facebook, or any other organization) and the person drawn will receive a free 30-minute tarot reading sometime during the month of December. The format of the reading can be in person, over the phone, or with questions in writing and a report submitted, depending on the location of the individual drawn. If the person drawn is a subscriber (including those who sign up today, November 30th) to this blog/website, the length of the reading will be at least 50 minutes. The purpose of this experiment and drawing is to gauge what terminology you are drawn to, discovering analytics, preferences for content, and other social media contagion factors. The “winner” will not be announced publicly automatically – it will be at their discretion since a tarot reading comes with non-disclosure when working with me.

Sometime in December, we should have the results of the regression session posted here. Another topic that is forthcoming is the Evil Eye and understanding how showing gratitude is not interpreted the same way outside North America.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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