Third Regression: Encounters With Defeat, the Closing of Eras

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It is with a heavy heart at moments that I report back recollections from my third past life regression from today. It was a profound and expertly organized affair as usual but themes generally tie what seem like unrelated life scenarios together. What I can conclude unifies the timelines from today is accepting at times that some historical events are inevitable and any amount of pushing against them can be wasting your time. It is also important to remember that the whole of the human experience looked at as a whole provides context and some assurance that events are never totally wasted occurrences.

My regression guide is a good friend I have known for over ten years and we had a fairly profound connection immediately. We have often wondered if there have been extensive past-life tie-ins. Again, I do not want to profess anything as undisputed fact for myself or other people who have traveled this planet, though I strongly believe that at bare minimum, if you are having a regression, much of the time you are tapping into the eyes of someone who has lived somewhere at some time. With my friend who is my regression guide, I have always seen her as a daughter, even though in this lifetime she is more than 30 years older than me. Today we wished to explore our first encounter in another lifetime.

We went through our procedure of linking to the past (described in A Journey Across Time – My Unorthodox Past Life Regression Experience and Breaking Time Taboos – Another Regression) and I could immediately tell that this was going to be a more challenging session than what I experienced before because we had set out the intention of finding our links and also the task of looking at my life in this existence in five years’ time (2019).


To try to find my link with her was really unlike anything I’ve visualized before. It was something like flipping through a Rolodex with historical images and feelings impressed on the cards, or a few seconds of hundreds of movies spliced together while a gentle falling sensation ensued. I seemed to traverse Europe many times and see failed harvests, early libraries, rivalries, children, and so forth in very quick succession. Finally I seemed to land in a foggy environment with a Viking ship in front of me. I determined that I was a 45-year-old red beared man setting sail for “Anglia” or today’s England, in 1060. I will say that I know of the Norman invasion of 1066 but I am fuzzy on the Vikings that late in history. What I saw was myself with five other men landing on the eastern coast of England (a part of it with cliffs) and instead of looking to ransack monasteries like my predecessors may have, we pushed inland and split company to carve our own winnings somewhere. My regression guide asked if I was a pirate and I explained that we did not view ourselves that way – it was economic expansion and trade. She asked if I had family – they were all tucked away and out of sight and this was something I accepted without question.

I was able to get inland and with what I was “told” or could understand from a distance is that I was near what is now Leeds. I did find my guide in her other incarnation. She was a decrepit, stout 30-year-old bearing a resemblance to Mrs. Patmore on ITV’s Downton Abbey, probably a widow, running a primitive mill on her own. She was grinding grains and made some breads. She was somehow an informant and advisor to me and no one local interfered with her collaborating with an invader because she was a major instrument in their food source and local economy. She lived in a tower of sorts and I lived somewhere in that vicinity for some time, until knights with horses showed up (horses seemed foreign to me and I wonder if horses were not used by Vikings or the Norse people at this time) and pushed Nordic people, including myself away. I was then instructed to look forward, and I could see myself visiting the area in 1073. My old collaborator was by then dead and gone, but the town was prospering under the new order and I was somehow able to freely travel this land without obstacle in a civilian capacity.

There was a lot of carnage I was aware of going on in the background, but somehow I was spared from watching it happen again, though I did see one of my colleagues snap someone’s leg off shortly after landing on the island. It was witnessed with an air of aloof indifference because this would have occasionally been commonplace at critical moments.

My regressionist friend and I then tried to find another critical scene to our friendship and connection but I wound up seeing her on a plane in 2008 and visiting with her whereby I could see myself from her perspective, but we could not really extract any particular meaning, though perhaps that year being the major kickoff of the financial meltdown we have all lived through had a connection to the next scene.


I wanted to see this lifetime in 2019 and parlay my own role in it to the greater events of the world. I landed in the bathroom of my childhood home, where I now live alone. Seeing myself, the top of my head no longer had hair and I was about 15 pounds (seven kilograms, one stone) thinner and lighter than now. It took me a while to establish more details of the time, but looking into the driveway, I saw a small black, modern hatchback car. I learned from peripheral senses that we had begun harnessing nuclear energy a bit again and there was a definite energy crisis on.

When taking in my childhood and current community of Topeka, Kansas, it was a very gutted commercial real estate situation I witnessed. This is not something hard to conceive DSC05625of since there are dozens of formerly vibrant areas up to the 1980s and 1990s that are now vacated, but this was quite bad to see, including a shopping area not far from me that is performing decently at the moment. What I saw indicated that only places with food purchasing or consumption seemed to be doing well or still in existence. There were almost no people on the streets or driving around. My regressionist asked where the people were. “At home,” I replied and felt. A lot of commercial activity had continued to move through the mail and people were even writing letters a bit more to avoid consuming too much fuel. I sensed that many people started their cars with activation from their phones and Smartphone technology was still a big instrument in our lives, but had migrated to more voice commands and responses.

Furthermore, I was advised by some unknown teller that all over the world, circumstances were more authoritarian, but it was more severe in the US. I almost wish to say there was a curfew instituted. The unemployment issues were handled by a greater number of people receiving stipends and subsidies though the official unemployment rate was just above 10 percent. By all measures, the economic center had shifted to Asia. I did not see people starving or rioting but rather, people had retreated home. What really surprised me is that it was going into 2020, another US election year, and I overheard that Hillary Clinton had been president during this interim but was grievously unpopular and was not expected to be re-elected. I was advised that most of the key people in my life now were still living but I did not have the time or wherewithal to engage with any of them to learn more.

I sensed I had been in Asia for a while again and had returned to shore up or access my assets before heading to Canada to live. My personal prospects were in good shape but I was too depressed with my surroundings to go on in them.

With a transition I cannot fully remember now, we decided to move forward to another significant time and I was all too happy to leave 2019 behind. We landed in 2044 and I woke up in a sterile cosmetic surgery clinic.

If you have ever seen the more recent version of Stepford Wives from ten years ago, what I saw reminded me very much of that movie. It is very hard to relate to someone who has not had a regression how details of a society or place are revealed to you when you land in such a place. It’s a bit like someone is providing a narrative you cannot exactly hear while you walk through mini scenes that are a slice of that lifetime and setting. I learned that I had something akin to a younger face transplant and the entire economy and society had shifted toward health, beauty, education, and personal achievements. I told my guide that this was the first time I could recall in my lifetime since the late 1990s that the future felt optimistic (at this point in 2044, if I were to still be living, I would be 6o or 61) and technology and science were embraced without much debate since good was coming of it. My guide said that I typically do not talk about celebrities or sporting events or anything of that nature in a regression, so I was able to relate to her more of the same: the magazines (still thriving or thriving again!) were mostly oriented toward attainment of youth and personal fulfillment. It was insinuated or understood that there was something on par with relative world peace and a unified global system though I could not really report on what life was like outside of major urban areas. The only area that really operated outside of this super optimistic mindframe and governance was South America. Everyone spoke very sweetly and said everything in a “kindly way” (unlike what I saw in the 22nd century in A Journey Across Time – My Unorthodox Past Life Regression Experience which was all about speaking in heroic, absolute terms, or at least in my caste) but it became apparent to me that a large part of this setup was due to very effective and almost universal pharmaceutical opiate use deployed by central planning. While there was an obvious artificiality to everything going on, it was a definite improvement upon the reduced circumstances of 25 years ago and what authorities and the public saw as perhaps the only answer to the post-industrial way of life.

This was a very strenuous regression session that was a fair bit of work for both of us. When I was coming out of the session, I was swept up in the spirit of 2044, witnessed from either North America or western Europe, which at the time was not that distinctly different from North America. I felt something like a synthetic tear of nostalgia as I was symbolically waving good-bye to the very sweet people of that time who bore little prejudice or animosity except against physical limitations from getting older. The people reminded me of theme park employees in their earnest way of going about things, and I have reservations about that kind of chemically induced peace and already in 2014 resist milder forms of this kind of activity, but understand that it may be an interim solution we arrive at in the not-so-distant future.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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