2015 Theme!

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In early January 2015 I will be doing my annual tarot theme for the year with a few major issues addressed. This can by no means be tailored to every individual, but is rather a common experience theme encountered by western people who will comprise the vast majority of those individuals reading the material.

This time however I wanted to question and reveal the theme a bit in advance. With the CAM00594usual question of what will be the major theme of the year, prefaced by asking that the cards have benevolent forces steering information that will be helpful to us, the two cards that surfaced were: Five of Pentacles and III: The Empress. Therefore to my estimation, this year’s force and theme is:

2015: Debts, Miracles, and Good Conscience

More to come in early January! Subscribe for free and for instant email delivery when the assessment is released. To see what was anticipated in 2014, please revisit 2014: The Year of Self-Assuredness.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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