2015: Debts, Miracles, and Good Conscience

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This is the third year I have done something like a tarot State of the Union address or summary and the fourth I have assigned a theme. 2012 was The Year of the Opiates, a series of media sensations and euphoria to see the US through a presidential election with faith the in the system in tact. 2013 was The Year of Deconstruction, a period where institutions were upended and structures were questioned. 2014 was, to my estimation through last year’s reading, The Year of Self-Assuredness. The previous year was fairly robust in economic performance and the mood was more optimistic than in recent years. For 2015 I really had to focus on the experience of people in North America and do my best to accommodate Europe and Australia at the same time, because our experiences are more divergent this year than they have been in the last decade with the US prospering more than the rest of the pack for the first time in many years.

Once again, the sentiment in the media now is divisiveness, terror, danger! But the tone has changed as the commodities of oil and gas are more readily available.

The prayer I prefaced this tarot reading with proceeded as follows once I had earlier done a brief reading to determine that our theme this year is Debts, Miracles, and Good Conscience (determined by III: The Empress and Five of Pentacles):

Basel, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

Dear God: With the theme of “Debts, Miracles, and Good Conscience” going forward for most people in Western countries reading this summary, what is the most helpful thing for them to know in 2015? Please bless us with useful, constructive information from truthful, benevolent sources.

PAST, PRESENT: Nine of Wands, Two of Cups

This tells me that the fundamentals of developed countries are actually sound. We are equipped with everything we need generally. The long-term picture has always shown improvements and the standards of living are still good when looking at conditions one decade at a time. The Two of Cups points to more actual unity and agreement on the ground than we acknowledge. This also alludes to, on a more negative outlook, the prevalence of mergers and standardization. There is a blandness in the uniformity of some of our thought processes and mundane, bourgeois dealings.

FUTURE/APPLICATIONS: Queen of Swords, rev.; Six of Cups

The West must not throw its weight around. We are becoming less liked, and spreading a version of darkness. There is a bit of a loss of the “illuminated” quality coming from the West. People are having a more difficult time communicating effectively. Also, there is a bit too much nostalgia taking place while people seek stability in rapid change. This will be reflected with a very strong interest in the 1960s and 1970s in terms of fashion and outlook (some of the political upheaval of the day).

Six of Cups also speaks to a bit of indulgence and naivete. I take this to mean that the Western bubble of relative security and material comfort is not going to be upset for most people this year. We have been granted an extension.

Are there any major epidemics we need to worry about?

FUTURE: Five of Cups, rev.; Page of Wands

This pairing refers what has already been suffered in regards to the ebola scare. We are not really living up to our health potential, in fact, a general quiet crisis is cresting right now. We are turning a corner slightly as the worst figures are peaking at the moment since many people are taking positive steps and the availability of better food has improved in most urban areas where the majority of people live. The Page of Wands refers to hype and light on facts. There may be many announcements or promises of cures this year, but they do not have efficacy or real results for the most part. I do not see biological attacks as a big threat this year, which surprised me a bit.

Will a war with Russia kick off this year?

FUTURE: XIX: The Sun; The Emperor, rev.

I believe The Sun this time represents how western countries see themselves, as the Allies or the superior virtue in the world. I see the term “Union” being used more frequently, starting this year, but not to represent the EU or trade unions necessarily. I believe this term is being reassigned as those two institutions, or institution types, are partially dismantled. This card also refers to, again, the masses not really being affected by geopolitics, or getting benefits from them, such as the cheap gasoline while Russia is subjected to various degrees of economic warfare.

The appearance of the Emperor in reverse tells a lot. Default, stubborn leadership on all sides, and it could represent the declining popularity in Russia of Vladimir Putin. He will have to make other members of the government more visible to take the attention off of himself. The view of Putin as overly rigid and obsessed with power will take hold more. While the population will quiet down in Russia to some degree (at least in the capital), people will get along with their business and not engage politically for the most part… however, this is something of a lame duck or ineffective term for Putin and a lot of his peripheral support will lose interest.

I do not see a war, which also surprised me to some extent.

What is going to happen to Australia this year?

I asked this question because I see this country as one that successfully held onto high wages, high interest rates and returns on investment, and one with the most rapid dismantling of these foundations. The terror events, and even more the reactions to these events and engagement with Russia have been uncharacteristically aggressive. Also, I have reason from past life regressions to believe that Australia will not remain a sovereign nation this century.

FUTURE: Seven of Wands, Ace of Wands, rev.

The struggling and sputtering of the ideals and magic of “The Lucky Country.” This is an earnest, productive nation at a hard turning point, but it is not a hopeless situation. However, many federal goals and aspirations will fall far short this year. There is not any real leadership or genuine steward to see things through. Through very strenuous organization and sticking to values of strong work ethics and tolerance, this hurdle can be overcome but I think there is a sentiment of not reaching full potential that will likely plague the year in Australia. Once again, a new government will be formed – I think December 2015 or January 2016.

Are there any interesting trends or is any excitement afoot?

FUTURE: XVIII The Moon, rev.; King of Wands, rev.

Lots of questioning of values and ethical shifts. “Why do we always do it this way?” I also think lack of loyalty or permanency is a feature of how things are going. In this case, it makes people vulnerable to intolerance and all kinds of negative bias. There will be some spectacular scary media stories this year that keep people in the highly suspicious and paranoid modes we have lived through for the last 14-15 years. There can be a thrill and amusement to it, but the Moon reversed suggests to take control and be your own moral compass. Self-control and an approach of social inclusion will be rewarded and appreciated in the long run and in the afterlife.

Will any countries break away from the EU?

FUTURE: XIII: Death, Three of Wands, rev.

Yes. I would not have suspected that anything could break this now forced union but yes. Death symbolizes renewal, break from past patterns, and an inevitable turn. The EU itself is not breaking up now, but I think a provisional break off will happen for Greece based on what I see here and it seems like perhaps one other country to the East – though movement of goods will remain in tact and less traumatic calculations of debt repayment will be decided upon (for once). All kinds of avoidance of core dysfunction and disagreement in the European will be employed because I feel like at the highest levels, it is known that the future of Europe is quite different from the rest of the developed world – in the distant future I see a very localized type of many cultures, eschewing of some aspects of globalization, and much more administration at the municipal or “county” level. There will be many rather high-profile blow ups exposing abuse of expenses and I think France and Italy will have some unrest against the centralization of power, while Spain may be quieter this year with a noteworthy start to economic recovery.

Will the economic boom in the US continue?

FUTURE: Ten of Wands, Eight of Cups

We are coming near the apex of the bubble which will start popping in places this year. The Ten of Wands is associated with a tremendous amount of pressure building. This year will see the investment side of things start experiencing distress due to overvaluation and too much idealism, but it will not affect the population so much this year. Much like 2007-2008, unemployment will continue to go down for the better part of a year.

The perceived abundance in non-renewable energy and the political makeup will, for a time, delay better investments for the long-term interest of the environment and even equity or value of assets as people do not think far ahead. Eight of Cups speaks of environmental problems, particularly with water. Good opportunities are missed and some visible irreversible environmental damage will occur this year in the US.

Taken at the site of a scene of THE SOUND OF MUSIC in Salzburg, Austria. You never know what great things are in store once you’re out of the ornamental tunnel.

There is far more to be said and to be analyzed but far too much material to cover this year. With the tumult of automation and the speed of life picking up, there will be a strong element of nostalgia. When many of you come home in the evening, you pause at the front door and lean against the door in relief that your sanctuary is in tact and a constant in your life. We are spared any catastrophic upheaval yet another year, and several major crises are averted, which many will attribute to the supernatural or their own resolve. There is so much to be grateful for and your resources are both numerous and near, within and external. The greatest combined task is to set your own agenda and to be resourceful, open, and yet retain more than a modicum of loyalty – more for your own sense of worth and self-assessment than anything.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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