Remembering Lisa Falour

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

Taken from Bossa Nova Beatniks' Facebook page.

Taken from Bossa Nova Beatniks’ Facebook page.

Many of you will fondly remember the participation and remarks of Lisa Baumgardner Falour on this website and from YouTube. I had a strong premonition as January 2015 wore on that she had passed, and sadly, to the best of my knowledge, it appears she did die in her home in early January according to fineillstartagoddamnblog, kitwenclas, Club 57 The Book, and Bossa Nova Beatniks. She died at the age of 57.

An artist and philosopher, among many other credentials and talents, her Bikini Girl zines have been shooting up in price, now showing in the $125.00 range and showing up in higher positions on Google. Her two primary places of living were in New York City in both the Lower East Side and Brooklyn and later what she referred to as a Paris suburban ghetto, the city of St. Denis, France. She was a very strong influence on my own activities and assisted many who frequent this website in one way or another, building vast social media networks, particularly on her YouTube channels slobomotion and cutecatfaith, and a lisafalour Daily Motion account, all of which I recommend that you visit for highly useful insights and guilty pleasure, non-politically correct humor. Chemtrails, abductions, financial wizardry and crimes, spousal relations and tribulations, and more than anything, her experiences as an expatriate in France are the main subjects. Lisa Falour released well over 2,000 videos on her channels from 2010 to 2014. There are so many that are useful to watch, but I have selected several here that may be particularly poignant, amusing, or informative for you. Rest in Peace our friend, and to those reading, spread the good word of an amazing artist who needs to be researched and remembered.

“Bondage Model in a Haunted Apartment”


“Lisa Falour’s Bizarre Expat Exploits – France”





“Immigration is Traumatic!”



“Losing Everything … (Bus Ride, France)”

“ — Part 1”

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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14 Responses to Remembering Lisa Falour

  1. Rich Gedney says:

    It saddens me to hear of her death. She often sent me long emails discussing various topic’s, her health among them. She kept on going no mater what exploring various topics in her videos, despite her ill health. I had great respect for Lisa. I’m proud to have known her and call her my friend. I will miss her terribly. May her soul find peace and harmony. Or have a rip roaring next life. She deserves it.

  2. Rich Gedney says:


    She admired you a great deal John and often mentioned you in our email correspondence.

    I first learned of her passing with your article of her passing. I had thought about her a great deal in the last few months and was getting ready to write her. I have been taking care of my mother who been very ill with a heart condition and is now stable enough where I can start doing other things. Writing Lisa was on the top of the list.

    Dean Treadway of Movie Geeks United called the New York Times today and talked with them a while. They seamed interested in doing a story on Lisa. I hope it progresses. She deserves no less.

    Heading over to Manuels Tavern sometime in the next few days to drink with Dean Treadway and remissness about Lisa. Dean was her escort when she attended the MoMA event for the book “The Modern Women”.

    Thank you for including my interview with her. She was so happy and boisterous that day and that is how I will remember her.

  3. Rich Gedney says:

    John, Here’s the link if you need it. Lisa Falour’s Bizarre Expat Exploits – France Gonna be a sad weekend.

  4. Joe Serrano says:

    Ayyyy,….buddy, it pains me to know that Lisa is no longer there, for us, sharing her wisdom, knowledge and experience with a greenhorn like me, before i met her virtually on YouTube, consider me just another of the “sheeple”, working and eating mindlessly without developing my own criteria,…making plans, once I’d become established as a successful business owner here in this central mexican city of Querétaro, my plans were to go some day and visit with our beautiful Lisa, alas I took note in one of our emails that Kris just didn’t know what he got in his wife and meanwhile Lisa with dignity, attributed this fallout of their love to the daily routine that we all experience. And now, with no motive to go to France(who wants to visit with K?)might as well be just another sheep tourist goin’ in some excursion package of Western European points of interest! Ya did her GOOD John,….hmm,…I finally know your name, although your youtube username’s COOL! Take care mon, and beautiful memories of our dear buddy, that BEAUTIFUL, BRAINY HOT BLONDE* Babe of slovenian and germanic stock with ya always, I know Lisa will ALWAYS have a place in my heart for her.

    *lol,…many a times she’d call me a ‘flatterer’ and others that she wasn’t “Hot”, but you and I know she was only being modest.

    • I am sorry I have missed your message, Joe. I was traveling to New York City and Montreal over the last couple of weeks during a short break. The duration of the time I continually saw things I wished I could report to Lisa but there was no one to tell. This memorial page is in the top five of my most viewed articles out of about 70, and I believe this would please her immensely. We have a duty to keep her name out there. Please let us know what you work on in Queretaro.

  5. Damien says:

    Did not personally know this lady,but really admired her honest approach to Lifes problems .Her insights were perceptive and instructive. I too will miss her, may the Lord be good to her and may she rest in peace. Damien

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  7. barb skidmore says:

    Was saddened to hear of Lisa’s death. I was her lover for 2 years, while attending Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 1975-1977. Always an interesting person, challenging and fun to be around, she will be missed eternally.

  8. Lisa Genet says:

    My heart is broken. That lovely, naughty dame is gone. I have to come back and write a little more I am just too sad and shocked. I had wanted to get back in touch with her, especially after seeing the Club 57 exhibit at MOMA last week. To me, Club 57 was Lisa Baumgardner; sorry Ann Magnuson. What a huge loss. Is someone, anyone, writing about Lisa? What disease had the chutzpah to take her at 57? 57. Ironic. Thinking of you Lisa Baumgardner. I know you are stirring things up in that alternate universe I believe in. Love, and lots of coffee. Mwah!

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