2016 Theme!

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2015 is drawing to a close and I have been busy with 2016 readings for clientele, both new and returning. Soon I will be preparing the fourth annual global tarot reading. This can by no means be directed to every individual, but is rather a common experience theme encountered by the majority of individuals reading the material – a collective western or broader experience, if you will.

Both intuitively and from what I gathered last year, 2015 is the last year of a certain type of stability we have gotten used to, but by no means the beginning of any type of end.

Dear God: With solemn reverence and pure wishes and thoughts, please bless these cards with useful, clear, and accurate information that helps readers make informed decisions for their own betterment and the betterment of society. What is the presiding theme of 2016 for the world, or the world of most of our readers?

The resulting draw is the Ace of Cups in reverse.

Therefore to my estimation, this year’s force and theme is:

2016: Overturning Stagnation and Betrayal

I expect occasionally violent reactions as people “wake up” to the ending of an era of certain types of security, an experience we have witnessed with social contracts breaking down to some degree. On the individual level, many people are going to take stock of their lives and see that it has not all amounted to the returns expected or promised from and for their efforts. However, as with anything in a reversal, we can turn this card around to reach fulfillment and self-actualization with careful stewardship and taking it all as an opportunity for personal enrichment. It does seem like a very politically unstable year with established political orders in the world getting upset, at least cosmetically.

More to come in early January! Subscribe for free and for instant email delivery when the assessment is released. To see what was anticipated in 2015, the hits and misses, please visit 2015: Debts, Miracles, and Good Conscience.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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5 Responses to 2016 Theme!

  1. Kris Bethea says:

    So, basically, a really shitty year for empaths..

  2. Sofia says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the voice of the universe with us, John. May you have a year filled with blessings and love. Your friend, Sofia

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