Regressions That Kicked My Biases and Prejudices in the Ass

Athens subway station, June 2012

Athens subway station, June 2012

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)  

Past life regressions have been a major subject of interest for me and it remains one of the top two more closely followed topics on this site. I recounted my first three last year (2014) at this site and have somehow neglected to go into details with the following three further ones I’ve underwent in 2015. Typically in this experience, the methodology that my guide uses involves visiting three lifetimes and two or three scene “drop-ins” during each lifetime, depending on what the mood dictates. I may eventually write a book expanding on what I have encountered, but for the time being, I think the most productive thing for everyone reading is to have some highlights and major themes discussed in brief, but in no particular order. My point here is to give light to themes and concepts I did not previously embrace or accept in my waking hours, and perhaps still do not.


The most surprising incarnation I can recall this year was being some kind of tropical bird flying over Brazil. In my personal life, I do believe in reincarnation but not as other animals. I felt all the glories and dangers of being a bird, and I could also have some sense of more simplistic thinking. The vibrant colors with some visibility of heat or temperature was very pronounced. However, I did have the experience of being eaten by a larger predator bird after a time. This was reasonably painful but what was even more bizarre and unexpected is I also had the experience of still being alive when digested, and subsequently pooped out as fecal matter and being “rained into” the earth. The sense is very tingly and slimy, but not totally unpleasant. It really gave me a sense of full participation in the experience of living and gives a greater sense of value and connection to life systems.


I did have one incarnation where I was an indigenous person in what I believe to be India now. It was impossible for me to place a time, future or distant past, on this lifetime because there was no evident means of measuring time. I was still somewhat plugged into contemporary western expectations but I can recall telling my regression guide that I was unhappy with the simplicity and collectivist activities of this lifetime. I can recall undergoing some kind of adult initiation ritual that I felt to be really stupid, the lack of commerce or meritocracy outside of ritual (no academic systems, complex bureaucracy, or the like) and constant group affiliation activities. This lifetime is harder for me to remember but it was a definite outlier and brief interlude of a short life just to get some sense of what this life experience type is like. I’m appreciative and sympathetic but have no desire to go back to this level of simplicity.


I was a firm believer or trapped in the perspective that we only can be one place at a time and that our souls experience one present at a time. However, I encountered a lifetime where I was in the Middle East in the 1980s (a time where I was also present in my known lifetime here in the US as a toddler). This was a highly stressful incarnation where I was by family relations and peers a reluctant “terrorist.” Without seeing specifics, I was a teacher or in a school, a male, and my peers were preparing to initiate an institution attack. I could not diplomatically stop them from doing it, and it may have been a suicide attack. While I already have some understanding of the group pressures and efforts to end western imperialism in the Middle East, it was a terrible sense of conflict and trying to mediate extremes. I also am now inclined to wonder if we are living out several existences at the same time and if this is could be an accurate attribution as to why we feel so connected to others far away, or have sudden anxiety for no apparent reason. Can we navigate in and out of the minds of others at other times, and is it a recording, or is it all happening simultaneously in God’s mind?


The most empowering past life regression experience I have had was yet another situation I am not sure is in any way feasible. I traveled into what is now Bavaria (Bayern) or the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in present-day Germany. This was the 1300s and I was apparently a gnome. I have never studied the mythology of gnomes but what described a strange culture to my regression guide. These gnomes no longer exist because human society has become more humane and does not necessitate their existence. They were an all male order mostly only visible to children that existed as a justice valve in a highly barbaric time without mechanisms to correct what we would call severe abuse of both physical and sexual natures. These gnomes seemed to grow from the ground or manifest rather than be born and they would live a few hundred years in collectives where any judicial decision would have to be made collectively rather than with individual agency. I saw several images of perhaps a corrupt merchant or abusive parent and these gnomes would sometimes sabotage or damage property, and in more extreme cases, set fire to properties and totally wipe out a morally corrupt individual. I recounted that this species vanished a few hundred years later as civilizations became more organized.


There are many more regression revelations that came to pass in 2015 but these challenged my outlook and that is the greatest value building asset of the regression experience. We are meant to challenge the norms of our respective societies to some degree and undo some of our programming.

My first three regressions have been recounted in deep detail here:

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)  

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