Under a Spell – 2016 Machinations in New York and in General

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There is a pervasive feeling that we are standing on the precipice of something unknown and a new modality of living. These moments are not unknown in the human experience but right now, anecdotally speaking, you will notice a number of your friends are undergoing traumatic aberrations as we all begin to reposition ourselves for new scenes. The memories of the 2008 to 2010 (and never fully recovered from) world economic meltdown are fresh enough that many of us have vowed to never be financially vulnerable in such a manner ever again and have arranged our lives accordingly.

On perhaps a more trivial and superficial front, two key influencing nations find their brands at a crossroads. First the UK will have a referendum to see if it will remain in the EU, while US President Barack Obama tours through Europe to remind the constituency of all the advantages of membership while trying to push through a not-so-talked-about free trade deal with Europe. Then of course in November the US votes for the next president for the 2017-2021 term. I want to focus on a number of aspects of the latter and how I see some serious psy ops underway.

Every US presidential election in modern history has been carefully managed by the shadow establishment – every thinking person knows this. Occasionally some groundswell may occur that brings about a populist candidate, but these candidates are either coerced into integration into the system, used for token opposition, used as scapegoats in a constructed conflict situation, or in some rare but not rare enough instances, summarily made to look as though they have committed suicide or overdosed. All of the above tactics are old hat techniques going back centuries but a segment of the population is getting harder to manage from an information flow perspective – we are clearly in an era of cynical realizations and where artifice is more fallible.

In January, I had a dream that there were rival factions of angels above vigorously fighting over what future is set for us politically in the United States. I have believed since 2013 or 2014 that Hillary Clinton will be our next president. I do believe in 2015 and 2016 this future was contested by Bernie Sanders and this has largely been fueled by people wanting to take ownership of their existence and take the US standard of living to the ideals we have been espousing since its inception. However, what happened in New York during their primary this April (2016) has seriously hampered the possibility of this alternative future. Listen to your hearts, dear readers – you can conceive of the possibility that Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary by some degree but with 58% of the vote, and in districts where the vast majority of the population consists of people in their 20s and 30s who are hipsters, artists, non-profit workers, public sector workers, and volunteers? I believe and nearly venture to say I know that Hillary Clinton had to win this state or else and the old Tammany Hall machine saw to it.

Granted, Bernie Sanders has not been behaving or speaking as virtuous as the constituency expects, and he is as fallible and flawed as anyone else, and he is a career politician. Furthermore, his election would induce conflict and turmoil of huge proportions and would probably not go on to a second term. Is it a lack of competence? No. But if one has ever seen the British TV series A Very British Coup, one can see a near template of what would ensue – sabotage on the part of the Establishment causing an orchestrated commodities, banking, public services, and industry collapse. But the question and answer is – is it morally superior and worth the effort? Absolutely, yes.

I think that this possibility is all but squashed at this point and yet I also know that that is the strategy being applied to the psyche of the people. Until now a number of people have been able to overcome this frequency or spell that is at work but something on the Tuesday primary in New York changed everything. I don’t want to succumb to inevitability but I also don’t want to be delusional. The Clinton machine has probably taken over. The false paradigm of her being here to “save us from Donald Trump” has taken root in spite of the fact that a sizable portion of the population realizes or suspects that Donald Trump is a plant to cause a fake rivalry between Clinton and himself. He will not win the presidency, and this is not even a possibility among the elite, but he will gain a fourth fortune getting mileage out of this campaign and be a folk hero to the 25% of the adult population that votes for him. The despair and disengagement of the progressives and socialist elements also serves a great purpose to those in charge who need the weapons manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial “GOD” (guns, oil, and drugs) economy running. Let us not totally disparage the only viable candidate that we have had to possibly overturn that system, though of course it would come with great material inconvenience for a few years to get out of that system.

I struggle to provide a solution or counter to any of these forces at work. They are too powerful and too sophisticated for anyone to take head-on. It always comes back to the same activities: boycotting the big box stores, investing in your friends and networks, pull away from the banal and horrible elements of society, and to not fall for the false paradigm arguments in society (believing wholeheartedly in the narrative presented to us of who the terrorist groups really are) or for distraction small scale social political issues. I think to get the same kind of political satisfaction we probably need to focus on local elections and our own Congress and Senate candidates, which get swept away by the once-every-four-years political Super Bowl.

No matter how we cut it, serious lifestyle adjustments are not far around the corner – no later than in the next year or two we will see the limitations of our energy, food, and water resources. With this kind of distress taking place to the environment so close, does that change at all who you want to be the leading figure of the United States? Who is the most acutely aware of the reality of our situation?

One last thought – people want to boycott North Carolina for the transgender public restroom issue but will allow electoral fraud go on in New York? Sit on that thought a moment.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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