2017 EMERGENCY TAROT! – Institutional Breakdown

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Hello all. What a harrowing year 2016 has been for everyone you ask. Tonight the western world sympathizes with the family of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, who died less than a day-and-a-half apart. The coverage of numerous celebrity deaths and the far larger upsets (as in unexpected results) of Brexit and Donald Trump winning the US 2016 presidential election. As many of you who have been coming to my site for years know, I have done a tarot reading of a year at the start of the year annually now for about five years. I think the cards have captured the spirit of the year rather accurately and sometimes nail specifics. The theme they identified for 2016 was Overturning Stagnation and Betrayal, which if you really look at the heart of the things going on, people do feel like we are not where we should be and we have been betrayed by our leaders, at least if the ideals espoused are taken seriously. I personally felt that Hillary Clinton would take the presidency but the tarot cards never said this, no matter how many ways I would ask them later in the year – they always indicate a more youthful male character taking over, and so I cannot say that Donald Trump will take office, either.

I will plan like other years to release a lengthy reading on January 8th or 9th. I do not actually do the full reading of the year until I’m living in that year so that some flavor of it can take hold – it is less abstract. However, I will, as I have in other years, ask the cards now to pick a theme for the year. This cannot dictate the mood and experience for all, but will do the best possible to summarize a prevailing mood or theme.

Dear God, please help me do humanity right by through you influencing this deck of tarot cards [The Golden Tarot], telling us useful, beneficial information that is accurate. Amen.

What is the overall theme of 2017 for people who will read this and the world in general?

FOUR OF CUPS, in reverse

I was hoping to provide you all with a message of resounding success and indefatigable energy or a return to normalcy – something reassuring, but this is not the case. I call this Institutional Breakdown.

Four is the number of foundations. When you have a four, think of a structure having four corners and walls. It’s very solid, and you could say materialistic in some cases – very conservative, stable, holding out, and things of this nature. Cups have to do with emotions much of the time, and if you have them upside down, that sense of comfort or balance is being emptied out. This suggests completion and some very serious dark moments.

However, there is always a flip side and ways to take ownership of this kind of card. You can see this as a moment to take initiative and recognize that a sense of security and stability is the primary deficiency around you and to try to find new ways of accomplishing building that up. Reading this and seeing where we are now, I cannot see anything other than severe crashes of varying and various sorts happening, but already in 2016 you will see evidence of new types of resilience and strength forming. With Institutional Breakdown that also means many nascent efforts taking root, and they will be very localized, not centralized (federal). We are going to be living in more and more truth, in both its love and brutality.

There are two things I wish to remind everyone: the long-term future is always an improvement on where you are now. Second, find that time to yourself for introspection and use that time to restore yourself but also to find empathy for other people.

More details to come as the cards reveal themselves in early January 2017. As individuals, we are growing, we are improving!

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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1 Response to 2017 EMERGENCY TAROT! – Institutional Breakdown

  1. Rayna Engle says:

    John, I always appreciate your devotion to the truth! Right ON! As always I agree that even though the ‘situation’ may look bleak at best, I believe we are on the way to an amazing future!

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