2017: Institutional Breakdown

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2016 was the most fatiguing year many of us can remember experiencing and yet I stress to everyone that the individual knowledge base and sensibilities increased exponentially. I keep thinking of the expression “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” If it’s continuity and predictability that you seek out, I think this was the wrong time to incarnate.

We’re all busy and for that reason, I will try to be more succinct this year. Many of you are dropping by for the third or fourth consecutive year. I don’t change errors or inaccuracies in past predictions. If you want to know, you can look at the records (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). Without taking the time to look back, I was personally wrong on believing Hillary Clinton would be the next US president (though my cards have never indicated that) and the cards or my interpretation of them made it seem more like a three-way race – the reality was that third parties did play a larger role but were not a major bloc. Again, you can see what is fuzzy or wrong for yourself.

With the preliminary question asking of the theme of 2017, I drew the Four of Cups in reverse, which I read and determine to mean a prevalence of Institutional Breakdown. Four is a foundation so with this reversed in this questions, means the pulling away of stability and a new type of stability or order being sought, and the cups pouring out can mean angst, concern, discord.

Over the years I have struggled with which countries to focus on and how much, but both this audience and what people talk about all over the world is the US, spurred on by the interest in the 2016 election. I woke up on November 9, 2016 to messages coming in from France, Japan, Canada, the UK, Spain, and elsewhere asking me what had happened and telling me to pack my bags and get out. The UK and Syria were other places of strong interest this year. I’ll do whatever flow comes along – whatever is inspired.

Is Russia a real threat to the West?

XX Judgment; XXI The World

This is in the past and present context. These are not cards are associations most people would make with a country or government that gets a corrupt and undemocratic reputation. These cards suggest a backdrop potential for reconciliation and partnership as philosophies become more aligned. In fact, The World in the present position means a popular support and unity potential. Not what I would suspect but I’m not going to argue with them.

Future: Eight of Pentacles; Knight of Pentacles

Money money money. Commerce flowing. Four consecutive right side up cards is very positive. Pentacles symbolize money, commercial activity, success, good work. In spite of contrary information and trends right now, this suggests Russian prosperity and the country instigating improved infrastructure and accelerated activity. As a side note, I do believe even in a financial crisis type of situation, we may have a run-up to a commodities boom similar to the first half of 2008 again, and Russia would benefit from this. But I sense their central planning is building up strong commercial and resource links. The Knight of Pentacles in my deck looks like a warrior of the steppes or Central Asia, so I can see this correlation. Russia is not a threat in the conventional sense, according to my cards, but something of a juggernaut, which could insinuate that it is becoming a more powerful rival. There has been talk in alternative media for a few years of Russia developing a new Silk Road network.

Will there be a positive alliance between the US and Russia in 2017?

Five of Wands, rev.; Seven of Pentacles

The first card indicates distrust and bad rhetoric all around but the actual implementations and results are profitable in the long range. The first signs of something positive may come this year but the payoff is not yet realized. There are many months of turbulence first, rhetorically and with ideas.

Will Donald Trump successfully secure and hold the presidential office?

Ten of Pentacles; Five of Pentacles, rev.

Money plays a huge role yet again and it has multiple meanings here. The ten is a legacy and completion card. The man from money achieves and he takes his family with him. We have a few months of exemplary economic data to look forward to and some of it will be credited to him. There will be some breakthroughs early on and the passage of expansive business deals that seem fortunate. However, something along these same lines of success will be taken too far somehow and botched and start to unravel very suddenly. I have been feeling for some time that the fissure that will cause tremendous upheaval is connected to the insurance industry. Health care will be part of it but I think more like the investment sectors of insurance will be the first thing to break. Again, a strong start and then he gets blamed for things crashing.

Will Congress and the cabinet do us serious harm this year? (Sorry this question is so vague but it’s hard to single something out)

The Chariot; XIX The Sun

This does confirm a conservative turn and very strong focus but not the tyranny many are expecting (and there would be strong evidence to support their feelings, too). On many occasions in the US people who did not expect to like Trump will like him in certain moments and contexts and to some extent, we may all have a better sense of direction. The cards here tell me that there will be a more consistent feeling to how things are done in these areas. There is no reference to money in these cards but I strongly sense some kind of debt relief initiative coming along. I would say that the inspiration from The Sun has something to do with the populations of the world disconnecting from governance and recognizing the sovereignty of their own spirit. In short, to my surprise, no.

Will the UK make a successful and agreeable break from the EU this year?

Five of Swords, Two of Cups

The separation will happen and be tense and terse. It is something that has to happen now and some people will lose significant amounts of money and deals severed. The growth cycle will go on for a bit but when the papers are signed and officiated, there will be a quarter or so of negative numbers, though the second or additional quarters will be attributed to the next worldwide downturn… which in part may get blamed on Brexit. Two of Cups indicates though that trade will continue and good relations will return. I see the number 60,000 which I think will be the limit of how many immigrants from the EU can be admitted to the UK each year for long-term living.

What are some events or outcomes Canada should expect in 2017?

Ten of Cups, rev.; Six of Cups

Increasing domestic dislike of the existing government. A lot of outrage from the public about the handling of environmental practices by the government. In the international community or how other nations perceive Canada, the country is looked upon more and more favorably as a return to its image as a benevolent and thoughtful country is enhanced. The Six of Cups right side up indicates new partnerships and arrangements where Canadian diplomacy or the setting of Canada is the backdrop to alliances and facilitating deals.

Will the Pacific theatre remain stable and peaceful in 2017?

Nine of Swords; King of Pentacles, rev.

Sharper rhetoric with accusations and toxic engagement between East Asian countries. This is the first negative card in this reading with money and from a head of state, or several heads of state. I see exploitation of the environment here, resource conflict, and maybe an environmental disaster. I suspect that the Philippines will be the epicenter this year but new male leadership in both South Korea and China could contribute to the mood.

Will most of the West be tilting more towards social democracy or socialism in the near future or some version of fascism or right-wing management?

I don’t usually do either-or questions because it’s not clear which version is being answered but the nature of this question lends more clarity for interpretation. Please notice that I use the word “management” rather than governance because it seems to me that that is a more accurate word for where we’re headed.

0 The Fool; XIV Temperance

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this card in a world reading. There will be a lot of new zeal and enthusiasm driving things in this year and the next few and I think that the right-wing is stronger. There are some fascist oriented people at the helm of it but that is not what the people want – there is a detachment from institutions going on that has some positives as well as dangers. It is mostly innocence driving this return to simplicity. Further, Temperance shows that the two constructed fringes of libertarianism and something like socialism are merging and people in government and positions of power on a more localized level will be asking themselves what is reasonable and basing decisions on that. This speaks again to Institutional Breakdown – there are problems with it but will make many wistful and enabled to do good things.

What is the most dangerous thing for most people to look out for?

Knight of Wands, Queen of Cups

Watch out for anything that seems too idealistic or right-hand men of people in power. This could also suggest that mergers and consolidation of power is the most dangerous thing – the position of these cards is not negative but because the question asks for a warning, they need to be read this way. The Queen of Cups seems very loaded and layered to me – she symbolizes here the zenith of material well-being, to appreciate it and to not be lulled too much by its availability and abundance in this time. I think we are a little too assured of our own security and power and need to be less indulgent and fixed on sating material wants.

Finally, a first for me to ask Will there be any revelations to the public at large from [government] institutions acknowledging extraterrestrial life [in 2017]?

XVII: The Star, rev.; Page of Wands, rev.

No. The Stars in reverse could not be more telling. Not acknowledged, no breakthroughs. The Page as messenger here is reversed, and Wands is magic and inspiration – intentional suppression of information. More chatter from the usual places but no official statements.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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