1990s Kiddos: The Constructive Side of Globalization

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At the moment I am on the road after a major reorganization of a media company I was working at for the last year. All facets of the trip have synced together wonderfully with great friends coming back into my orbit in northwestern Europe and my house safely cared for by tenants and friends that needed the space. In 2012, after this blog/website took shape, I had a clear idea of what to tell about and the videos to go with it. Five years later, the world has evolved to such an extent and is so unpredictable in the West that what is interesting topically is now quite altered.

I have an optimistic view of a lot of things, I think partly inspired by a more powerful US dollar exchange rate when traveling in Europe. Once again I am frequenting hostels, and I would like to report that per usual there is almost always a German, a Frenchman, and a Korean guest, but Canadians seem far less numerous than they used to be on the road (maybe a less powerful Canadian dollar is at work here) and Americans have become far more present now that hostels are a household name in the US.

The uncertainty of what will come with Brexit is very strongly felt outside of London in particular, with places like Scotland and Northern Ireland potentially in limbo in the midst of possible separations from the United Kingdom of their own to contend with and Ireland somewhat in financial limbo if the Trump administration pressures company headquarters  to repatriate to the US and the European Union penalizes companies or Ireland itself for having too favorable tax rates for foreign companies

What does stand out more than anything is that a very high proportion of people born in the 1990s seem especially brilliant, informed, community-minded, and pragmatic. There is a high number of persons in this age group that can speak several languages with greater native fluency (they credit financial news outlets and YouTube videos), and I surmise that since they grew up after 9/11 and in the midst of the 2008 to present financial crisis, they missed the trauma of a world altered and did not have the shock of going from more pampered times to an era of surveillance and looming scarcity.

Our comfort zones are to be stretched in 2017, as I have termed it Institutional Breakdown,  but it is also exciting and a new generation gets to make their impression. Could they be indigo children, the starseeds?

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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