Calling on the Baltics for Inspiration – Vilnius

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One of the purposes of this site is to draw attention to areas of the world that may not get full western exposure in the media or as a tourist destination. I have been on the road for several weeks now and have gotten to experience the serendipity of the world on many fronts. A region that has a unique balance to it as the meeting place of Nordic, Slavic, Russian, Germany, and currently general European influences (via the EU) is the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. These places have offered a great homecoming for me in a way though it is the first time in this lifetime to visit them all. There seems to be so many noble characteristics to these cultures, probably stemming from intense pressures to survive and thrive under more than one occupation. I’ll leave you with some particularly vibrant pictures from Vilnius, Lithuania from late May 2017 in hopes you visit.


If you would like to know just how inexpensive Tallinn, Riga, or Vilnius are compared to your city, you can visit the Cost of Living Comparison site where users give their input on current prices – though this does not include hotels.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube

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2 Responses to Calling on the Baltics for Inspiration – Vilnius

  1. Dodie says:

    Beautiful photos, John.

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