When a Deal Collapses

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As I write this, Theresa May in the UK will in a couple of hours go to Buckingham Palace to request forming a government. If all that is happening on the surface is true, her government’s plan was to hold a snap election and to widen support to get Brexit initiated under a more supportive and stable atmosphere. A few terrorist attacks in and a more bold manifesto from Labor cut this short in a matter of weeks and now a more shaky coalition may come together.

I see some parallels with this and my own life and something to consider carefully is when you decide your own wishes and logic should supersede those of others. There are so many variables that can be unforeseen and can impact a deal but the repeated problem here is too many people, myself included, assuming inevitability because they are not really listening to other people. The result has been all of us trying to cobble together some kind of new “coalition” of sorts all the time both at the organizational and personal levels. I believe that because there is so much uncertainty in the marketplace and not a lot of a solid, long-term vision for anything, this capital-starved environment is forcing us all to behave this way.

Now more than ever is a time to conserve resources and deploy them in very deliberate ways. Set small, more achievable goals and keep everything above board and honest (the latter of which we must do all the time anyway) and then as your smaller achievements materialize and give a strong foundation, you’ll be better equipped to scale up and increase success by adding to what is already in place.

If a deal collapses, go back to the most basic, simple formula that has worked for you in order to restore confidence to yourself, your organization, or in the marketplace. Keep a calm demeanor, itemize your achievements, and remind yourself of what your long-term vision is (not what is contingent upon one deal – if everything rests on one deal, that is not the best vision anyway). If there is really no hope of any kind of revitalization or there is some public failure component to the situation, the emphasis shifts to going around and delivering genuine thank-yous to all participants and partners. The range of expression for this depends on the context of the situation – it is up to you whether partners should be named publicly or if these thanks should be private in the event that there is some kind of tainting of their name in the collapsing situation. Stop to think of every kind of scenario of what reconfigured power may be in the future so that no one is offended or left out who could be an asset to a stronger future.

I do hope that the press is kind to Theresa May because while she did assume office in the Brexit era, she was against Brexit before becoming Prime Minister and appears to be someone who applies herself very diligently and without major ego problems.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube

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