Pausing in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana, Slovenia is hopefully the penultimate stop from my travels though my base may be moving. Slovenia is a deep, intense research trip and the beauty of the people, architecture, and landscape has been a nice diversion from the agenda-driven nature of the trip.


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I am staying in a hostel that is normally a special needs residential school. I’m taking liberties here from what I was told but it is maintained by a doctor and I sense that he introduced the hostel idea for summers. Some of the students or clients are able to work here. You can see the beautiful views from the windows. I was exhausted and hid in my room a bit because I wanted to make sure my energy was right in case anyone was here and sure enough as soon as I was going down the stairs I was hit by a group and their facilitator translated all these suggestions they rapidly gave off enthusiastically for what to do here. One must be ready to give a platform when someone has something to tell like this.


Strangely when I was converting money to euros for here the first coin was minted in Slovenia and the doctor’s name bears a strong resemblance to mine. At the reception sat a Spanish girl who was at the last hostel in Croatia that I regretted not being able to speak to more so it is very coincidental she is here. We got to visit and will hang out before she leaves. We all had quite the discussion how the special needs population for lack of a better term, and particularly those on the autism spectrum, are actually more evolved gifts to humanity.

Please enjoy these images of a low-profile but treasured city.

UPDATE: Here are some images from a side excursion to the world-acclaimed Bled, Slovenia, north of the city:

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)

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  1. Dodie says:

    Beautiful photos.

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