Daytrips Around Veneto and Venice

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I have returned to teaching for the first time in seven years and have my first week under my belt now. My position in northeastern Italy is one that is surrounded by great people on staff and also in the student body. While it is always a physical shock starting a new position and absorbing pieces of a language, culture, and organizational culture, and further this curriculum is much more active than what I’m used to (a lot of games and interactive tactics), I have been treated so well through advice of colleagues that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. The locals do insist that the haze here is just related to fog but I do believe the dominance of diesel in the car marketplace is affecting me.

During my time here, I will do my best to take advantage of this very centralized base to see lots of towns and scenery here. You are never far from the next town or village. It feels like they all link together in a relatively low density but one that feels like a very spread out suburb. One reason that I came here is to explore a long-term arrangement because I can sense that this area will not experience the same amount of turbulence that North America or Asia will in the next several years. It is really surreal living in places of 800 years of continuous settlement and you can see how this impacts people – it is a less dynamic and fast place but rather people take a long view and are in no rush to finalize something. This runs at times totally counter to what I expect from the American business landscape where you have to move very quickly before the mood changes or a competitor gets into the space first.

Here are some recent scenes I’ve enjoyed.



I missed coming here in 2005 and assumed it would be long gone by now. It’s really congested and a bit too much for my taste but I am glad that I went. It is very near me and a round-trip ticket is €9.80 with hourly departures the majority of the day.



This was a quick day trip with a new coworker, his girlfriend, and friend. They were excellent company to hike up the hill over the small city. 



Europe was high on my priorities to relocate to also because of the nighttime pedestrian culture. You can see that people prefer to stay in numbers here. There is something to be said for surrounding yourself with architectural beauty to benefit your psychological health.

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (Planning a Europe Trip Consulting)

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4 Responses to Daytrips Around Veneto and Venice

  1. Rich Gedney says:

    From your description and photos it looks like an amazing place to live and work. Congratulations. 🙂

  2. Dodie says:

    Love your photos, John. Glad everything is going well.

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