Digital Nomad Diversions in the Balkans

John Lett  (Sessions)

Croatia and Serbia are quite timeless locations that offer a lot of opportunities to keep overhead low while one does their remote work. The tax implications are vague and confusing but if you can navigate that, you have the opportunity to infuse some cash in a region in need of capital but also to enjoy some of the best architecture and landscapes on the planet. I would say that Croatia offers this really relaxed Mediterranean vibe (it is not like that for the population much of the time due to lack of employment opportunities and heavy taxation) and Serbia a really warm hospitality from the people that is hard to find elsewhere. At the moment I am in Belgrade waiting for a friend to arrive and catching up with friends that I met at random last year who have become such wonderful bedrocks. Consider this region to harken back to more artistic and dramatic times and have a feeling of restoration.



A few scenes around Rijeka but the castle ruins and church are from the historical town Kastav, Croatia. My friend was so generous to take me ’round to some places that were not easy to go via bus or on foot.

I have been to Belgrade before but this time I have noticed the beauty more than ever. It is really tastefully illuminated at night and its location somewhat on the hinterland of Europe from a northwestern Europe power base perspective ensures better prices and bargains.

There are some strange mystical forces to tap into here and I wish to delve into that more in the near future.

John Lett  (Sessions) (Booking Side Hustle Discount)

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2 Responses to Digital Nomad Diversions in the Balkans

  1. dbailey22 says:

    “Serbia 16” Reminds me of the Pleiadians.

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