I May Seem Crazy but the Jury is Still Out Which One of Us the Chemtrails Warped More

John Lett (Sessions) (Planning a Europe Trip Consulting)

For years and years so many people have asked me to compile a list of all the conspiracy


I looked across the room in my Airbnb and wondered whether today would be the day to start this major project.

theory documentaries and sources that have been the material for laughs or fears. After years of having to push it off, it is in southeastern Europe that I started thinking about them more because people in this region are much more pragmatic and awake in this regard. It is a tall order to try to provide links to some great documentaries and I caution anyone that you can’t take any of them as an authority any more than the official news, just like any religion plays by its own rules and pulls in material just to justify its existence. I will say that often things that seem like outlandish claims turn out to be true and any time someone goes out of their way to dismiss something we must be alerted that they are being paid to do so or there is some other conflict of interest and in turn a lot of conspiracy theories can also be very irresponsible speculation or a platform to make money. There is also the belief that sometimes the sources of this information will deliver a great deal of truth to the public but then also be assigned to say or do very marginal things that are not true (such as spreading the flat earth theory) so that everything they have said that is true is dismissed – another manifestation of controlled opposition.

To continue to make this project a success by my measure, I am going about this in a totally different way. First, please click on the pictures to increase our viewcount (and to see their beautiful extent. They are currently from Riga and Sigulda, Latvia, a very high and strange energy point on the planet in my view (this is the story of the cave Gutanmis)). Next…






at the bottom of this page’s current iteration, you will see the first resource, a documentary I was directed to by an Irish friend in 2009, a mainstream source from the BBC, and we will move on to more controversial ideas in the near future. Century of the Self, by Adam Curtis, opens with “This series is about how those in power have used Freud’s theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy” and includes explanations of how cigarettes were successfully marketed to women (“torches of freedom”) and processed cake mixes were first sold.

Stay tuned for when the next resources/sources arrive!

Katy’s Perry’s video for “Chained to the Rhythm,” with over 500 million views and while wildly popular, may have begun the end her mainstream career. Check the video for symbols of empire and how the system disposes of even the ideal, compliant participants.


The following and beyond gets progressively more intense or marginal. The first, The Century of the Self, was produced by the BBC and stays within the confines of the Establishment but reveals a lot of facets that are unknown to the general public.


ADDED MAY 13, 2018:








ADDED JUNE 10, 2018:


This one is really crazy to think about but this presenter does present things that most people would never think about:

John Lett (Sessions) (Planning a Europe Trip Consulting)

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