Emerging 2019 Tarot Theme

John Lett (Book Sessions)

For the last several years, I have used my Golden Tarot deck to prognosticate some general themes I expect to be of global importance each year. This is hard to summarize and generally I miss or the cards miss some key things but the general spirit of things tends to be accurately reflected. As far as I can recall over these years, I have never felt this much energy surging into a new year as I do now. It may be more life experience or time with the cards that makes me feel this way.

I was compelled to pluck out The Knight of Pentacles as a guide overseeing this year. This is kind of a stalwart figure who is not terribly interesting but energized with loyalty and a spirit of commerce or productivity. I think this is sort of the ideal that many or most of us would like to have right now to apply some kind of stability and traditional hardworking values to how activities go.

Dear God, Please help me via my deck of cards, the Golden Tarot, identify an accurate and prophetic theme for 2019 that will help every reader be more prepared for this future reality and not only give them every advantage possible, but make them the most equipped to join your presence once again one day. What is the principal global theme of 2019?

Nine of Wands & Seven of Cups, reversed

I am stunned that the Nine of Wands resurfaces this year. It was the card in the second position for 2018. This carries a lot of meaning in my view. The energy we are in now is not to be easily shaken off. This means a period of anxiety, withdrawing, feeling the aftershocks of cumulative damage, etc. is going to carry into 2019 and come to a head. We will see a continuation of the rise of what we term far-right nationalism or anti-globalization and to some extent a far-left socialist response, but the irony is that the majority of people are something like The Knight of Pentacles who just wants to get on with work and quiet, steady accumulation of resources. France and other countries will feel the full force of these polarities and people will hit the streets in growing numbers – it will not be stopped this time.

The Seven of Cups reiterates that message of orderly process but in a reversed position it means a false sense of security or illusory qualities. It cautions to choose carefully and to not fall for the most alluring offer. We see this continuation of not easily being able to determine who is telling the truth and who all the players really are. This is the year though that the financial unraveling seems to begin in earnest, though it will be mostly investors and corporations which feel it first.

I think this combination of cards means that the average person will start to grasp the real level of danger that has taken hold of the planet. It is not because of or directly related to the sitting US president, Brexit, the yellow jackets of France, etc., but the unsustainable nature of the entire system.

I term this year’s theme (Get Your) Ducks in a Row, which means to prepare for something, especially tasks or money, but the reality is that you cannot be fully prepared. There is nothing cute or ironic about this year’s theme as I see it, but there are ways to thrive in any system and if you do not try to beat mortality.

Once again, I see an ushering in of lots of opportunity for personal development and enhancing things on an individual or family level. More to come about this in 2019 with the full text. Happy Holidays to all!

John Lett (Book Sessions)

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