The 8 Most Psychically Active Places I Have Been

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The last ten or so years have been a really dizzying period of work and travel and have Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 11.40.01 AMtaken me to places that were previously not on my radar. There are some places that very much activated what I would call psychic or supernatural capacities.

Topeka/Northeast Kansas, USA

This is where I hail from and whether it is because it is the original home base for me or I was born into that environment because of its intense psychic vibrations is a mystery. However, the fact that weather systems collide there and there is some seismic activity from small fault lines definitely contributes to how spirits can often “pierce the veil” into our reality in this region. It does seem to me that places that have a combination of fault lines and where high and low pressure systems meet often activate people psychically.

Northeast Romania

In this location, I experienced a lot of weird incidents that seem to stem in part from the religious overtones of the region. I document it in detail here. Incidentally, in Transylvania, I did not really experience anything.

Eastern Germany, Western Poland

This is another area that has warm and cold fronts smash together with explosive results sometimes, since these forces can meet here. In Eastern Germany, many years ago I stayed in Wittenberg in a church that was the site of where Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation and I heard someone banging on an organ in the church while it was padlocked from the outside.

In 2018 I moved to a place in western Poland which was once Prussia and then Germany. This place has some, to me, very dark and disturbed energy in spite of an overall friendly population. I later found out that the shopping mall here was a women’s work camp during World War II and much earlier, the city was the site of heinous witchcraft accusations and trials.

Delphi, Greece

Nothing super profound happened while I was here, but the vibration was very positive and at a high vibration. I think this energy of providing the mind clarity and some blankness merits the town being on this list because it is a location where one could clear the mind and perhaps move on to something new and better. Nearby Athens for historical reasons is equally or even more profound, with a bit more roughness around the edges.

Olympos, Turkey

The site of former Roman and Greek settlement, it is now a national park with treehouse lodgings nearby. When I sat among the ruins, I had a very strong sense of calm and opportunity to do and be well anywhere in the world. It is one place I would permanently drop out of civilization (but with fantastic wifi connections!) if the correct situation for that were possible. I do not have any fantastic images from this place of my own, but if you research it, you will not be disappointed.

Sigulda, Latvia

This area gave me a feeling of slipping into medieval times for inexplicable reasons and I still feel compelled to return in spite of how far away it is from my normal bases in the world. It is a short distance by train from Riga. I could feel time smashing together there and had I stayed a bit longer, I think there would have been some time disorientation.

Heidelberg, Germany

The profound wisdom and cumulative intellectual capital of this city is palpable to me and I wrote many years ago that this would be a really interesting spiritualist base (though it is probably too expensive in this area to be sustainable for such a thing). With the oldest library in Germany and one of the oldest universities, the knowledge accumulated there is quite distinguished. The ruined castle is worth venturing up that great hill for.

Knaresborough, England, UK (York Vicinity)

I documented this in My Mother Shipton Obsession. It is a short distance from York, England. Both places are worth googling for images to get a sense of each place but nothing beats going there in person.

Is there another place I may not have been that you feel must be included?

John Lett (Book Sessions)

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2 Responses to The 8 Most Psychically Active Places I Have Been

  1. dbailey22 says:

    Interestingly enough, when I was young, I felt “at home” the moment I stepped ground in Morocco. I also will always return to the Southeastern Gulf Coast states (where people/spirit follow me everywhere).

    • I have a possible chance to check out Morocco in the next year or so, so I’d love to see that for myself. You are not the first person to write or say that here. The Gulf might be your base again one day, it feels like.

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