2020: Stronger Foundations and Increased Value

John Lett (Book Sessions)

This reading is meant to be very broad for global purposes and thus there are some sweeping generalizations but the main message is this: hope returns, many solutions are soon to follow.

I foresee not a return to normality but a period of returned or enhanced clarity and functionality. Each day we are reminded that a cyclical recession should occur at any time, but it keeps being delayed for reasons we do not understand. Perhaps sophisticated algorithms developed after 2008 have the whole financial system on autopilot for the time being.

We are still scared and uncertain of the future no matter what our views are. We entered the year with a heating up of situations in Iran and massive fires in Australia, but I have strong reason(s) to believe that these events will pass and work out favorably. For example, I think the appreciation of Australia and funding for preserving wildlife there will be more secure as a result of these horrific events. There was a lot of green in the card configuration which indicates to me that higher crop yields, rain, and moderate weather will be more prevalent in more locations this year than recently. This may include more flooding than usual, especially again in south Asia, maybe in Australia, and I think the southeastern US. I do see some water solutions coming as well – improvement in desalination processes.

I asked the following:

Dear God, Please bless these cards and our interpretation of what they present to us today with Your guidance. We ask that You are able to steer information to the readers of a global audience to find useful, correct, and truthful guidance in what they can expect for 2020. We ask specifically, what is the prevailing situation we as a whole will experience in the year we recognize as 2020 and for any strategic advantage of how to navigate this environment.


As the lead card, I received the King of Cups – generosity, and a healthy harvest – more stable weather patterns, more green/wet this year, perhaps the passage of one or two major green initiatives. This indicates a major part of the trade war will pass or quiet down – bear in mind that the president of the US is strongly motivated to be re-elected or to legitimize his time there.

I see a much stronger belief in the various green movements and it will not continue to be seen in the false right-left paradigm but as a unifying issue that affects everyone. We must not look at it as a tax and punishment scenario but a mass-scale effort where we all bear responsibility to shape the future.


Ace of Pentacles – price of land has been rising and will continue to rise. Commodities will rise, dividends will be paying out, recession delayed, and there is a good startup environment. I see that the conditions for creativity and problem-solving are firming up.

Queen of Wands – female leadership, clarity, wisdom, passion. You will see more women not only in positions of power but people will be listening and following. I am very optimistic about legitimate messages being heard and cutting through the fabrications more than we have seen the last five or six years.


Page of Swords, rev. – disinfo, nonsense, lies from the same figures as before on all sides, circus-like environment still going on but everyone will ignoring it. I see again that the same kind of propaganda and incorrect information will be coming full force but it will be debunked a lot faster and people will start being more objective – we all must take information from multiple unrelated sources and then try to gauge a common-sense understanding.

King of Pentacles – new leadership in Greece that is very visible or Putin’s sudden replacement, restoration of order – beginnings of a Slavic union. I see the emergence of new, more unifying leadership. I think that Putin is out relatively soon much in the way he suddenly appeared as a replacement in 2000.

Overall, I see more stability, tourism slightly slowing down partly due to distrust in operators and some inflationary pressures. People are looking to invest. The fundamentals of the economy do not make sense but there are more protections in the financial system and people are more resilient than they were in 2008. People want solutions that have lasting value again.

It doesn’t say this here in my care configuration, but people need to and will be more cautious about buying into things that might suddenly disappear or stop operating. Do not put blind faith into anything but actively support things that you want to endure.

The biggest question of our time is (since this year is the year we all accept and decide to do something about the environment): How do we dispel inequality and oppression in our current system? What is fueling our anger and driving people further right and further left is that people want to bring equality and justice but the language and branding that has been politicized is confusing and diverting anger away from the system itself.


The Star, rev. – get out of false dichotomies, two-party set-ups, start deprogramming. I think we will start being more successful at this – do not just follow the views of your “tribe” but untangle, disrupt, and dissect what motivations each faction has then try to include as many people as you can to reverse this card and reach illumination.

I feel that while we are not going back to old norms, there is a sense that we can catch our breaths a bit this year and get a lot of meaningful and satisfying work not only started but completed.

John Lett (Book Sessions)

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8 Responses to 2020: Stronger Foundations and Increased Value

  1. Kelly a says:

    Excel reading. I agree with many of your statements. Especially society taking off the rose colored glasses and finding the truth themselves. Peace my friend.

  2. Vicky Luttrell says:

    You have just corroborated much of my inner knowledge and hope for the future. Thank you for the work you do, John.

    • I appreciate you coming, Vicky. There may be some setbacks in terms of what it seems like has happened or will happen on the surface, but the overall trends are toward exposing the truth and getting to progress.

  3. sofiapw says:

    Thank you for this wonderful reading, John! I look forward to the coming year.

    • Thank you for reading, Sofia. I am as well – though I did not expect the economy to look strong still this year. It seems like residuals and payoffs are coming for many people.

      • sofiapw says:

        You are so keen. The value of being able to see into the other realm never ceases to amaze me.

      • sofiapw says:

        I want to clarify that your senses are clearly saying the need to respect the environment will be a big turning point this year. We are also all focusing at home, deciding what really matters. I told my mother the other day that I thought that CoVID-19 is a blessing in disguise, meant to rip society out of the illusion that business as usual is okay. It is forcing us, in the silence of our own homes, to reevaluate our lives and our decisions.

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