Tarotworldtour is the page from where we can discuss the supernatural and higher meaning of the goings-on around us, but without losing touch with the pragmatic and real needs we have as agents in a world operating with money. I create this page with the intent for all of us to find richness, but never at the expense of someone else. There are choices and alternate paths that are not set in stone, as tarot makes clear to us, and only God can know the full extent of the relationships of all players and the trajectory our purpose is on.

You will find a strange but cohesive series of postings and articles here pertaining to economics, hauntings, past life regressions, and strange happenings.

About the Author

John Lett is an American tarot practitioner, ESL teacher, and Master of Library and Information Studies graduate from the University of British Columbia in Canada. He is B.A. holder in sociology and English from Topeka, Kansas and has lived in Copenhagen, Boston, Seoul, Vancouver, Montreal, northern Italy, Croatia, Serbia, and western Poland. He has written the e-book Value$: A Mixed Economy. He has been reading tarot cards since 2009, but practicing predictions and readings since the age of fifteen. After working in a publishing company in Topeka, Kansas in an events and marketing role and Lawrence, Kansas at a magazine startup, he is now teaching English as a foreign language in Poland and with online students.   (Book a Reading)


2 Responses to About

  1. richgedney says:

    John, I’m attending Tbex (travel Media blogger convention) in June. Let me know if you would like me to research anything for you or obtain any info you might need / want from a fellow blogger or lecturer. Cheers, Rich

  2. Clara Rocha says:

    I found you on utube . I am in desperate need of help . My life keeps spiraling down in many ways . I could really use your energy , powers and strength .

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