Carnival in Rijeka and Snaps Around the City

John Lett  (Sessions)

Carnival is something to be experienced at least once in your life. This was the first for me and I think Rijeka is a safe, affordable place to experience it.

I work totally online through video calls but I force myself to escape for a few hours each day when it is still light out. Usually this includes walking to the center, in the neighborhoods in the hills above this art deco building, or running down to the harbor. Inexpensive cafe bars abound everywhere and the sunshine and palms are free to enjoy, especially on sunny days.

A friend and the owner of the room I am renting is always expressing her creativity not only in the arts but in the kitchen and is generous enough to share with me huge quantities of what she makes.

Rijeka is an unexpected surprise and nice place to get the job done wth the friendly locals and strike the right balance between a youthful frenzy and quiet corners to get creative before you head down the coast.

John Lett  (Sessions