Poland Horrors and Charms

John Lett (Sessions)

I have put this post in an obscure place for just a few of you to see because I have a lot of plans with the material of my times in Poland. This is a pictorial support of this period.

In April I was convinced to come to a small city in Poland while working remotely teaching online. The city was fraught with weird complications and continues to be a pain in the ass sometimes but with beautiful moments with the students and colleagues. I feel fortunate in that people all over the world have been nice to me.



In the latest phase of my time here, I moved into a room in an apartment shared with a Polish girl and a Ukrainian girl – for less than 110 euros a month. The photos here show the room, more of the town drunks, time in the recording studio, and from when my boss and his family graciously showed me around the beautiful surroundings – the pastels in the city and forests outside offer something magical.


This has been a really dramatic time that deserves some adequate storytelling as I bounced from hostel to hostel and found a place to live and dealt with some things in this crazy anti-Potemkin. More to come.



John Lett (Sessions)