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The beginning of the year is the busiest time for examining the trajectory of our lives and implementation of new policies to be more effective in our dealings and habits. Please contact me to look into 2016 or visit this website as we unpack the trends in governance, fiscal, and social trends and how they can apply to our personal lives.


In the US and Canada there is no need to use your own phone plan minutesInternational calls are limited to landlines or Skype and most countries will require a small differential if the call is outbound. Payment by cash or Paypal.

  • $50USD (£40/€45) per 50-minute session.
  • NEW: Due to a new UK phone subscription, there is no longer an additional charge for tarot over the phone for landlines!

Tarotworldtour, my travels related to a spiritual and economic solution quest, commenced in 9 countries in 2012, started in Vancouver and hit Kansas, New York City, Lisbon, Madrid, Santander, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Istanbul, Antalya, Olympos (Turkey), Fethiye, Athens, and Montreal.

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