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Tarot, when using the correct deck and setting good intentions, is a great tool of divination. I find it to limit our inhibitions and through a combination of algorithms, probability, thematic concepts going back several centuries, Jungian archetypes, and intuition, we are able to make projections of a likely future. Sometimes the reading itself is the intervention that prevents this future, or makes us race toward it. We are able to make inferences about possible futures, though the purpose is often more to really grasp the possibilities at hand and to ascertain what your true wishes are, tempered by, in the case of the deck I use, a cheeky sense of humor emanating from the cards. In 2018/9 I have found a new voice in what the cards are meant to do.



How does it work remotely? We set up a Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, or Facebook video call. I show you the cards, you direct me which to pick, and we arrive at some conclusions. I interpret the cards combined with the nature of your question.

I chose the name “tarotworldtour” for what I do many years ago because so much of what spills out during readings with me is influenced by an adult lifetime of considerable travel and external cultural references that I believe strengthens the quality of what transpires.

TO BOOK, CONTACT ME AT: or message me at my Skype address: UBC2012JohnL

  • $50USD per 50-minute session, payment by check or PayPal.



Some of the magical forest settings near where I live in Poland.


I’m happy to visit with you. – John

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