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I May Seem Crazy but the Jury is Still Out Which One of Us the Chemtrails Warped More

John Lett (Sessions) (Planning a Europe Trip Consulting) For years and years so many people have asked me to compile a list of all the conspiracy theory documentaries and sources that have been the material for laughs or fears. After years … Continue reading

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Loving Serbia – Tourists Need This Country in Their Lives!

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (Planning a Europe Trip Consulting) Serbia deserves really great coverage as a country for its spiritual and hospitality depth but it does take a quick overview at times to pique interest and generate discussion. I was probably unusually … Continue reading

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A Few Romantic Images from Zagreb, Croatia

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube) Night views often reveals the most romantic and idea-generating scenes that connect us with our elusive past. These are some images from a very hot July evening in Zagreb, Croatia. This is a relatively inexpensive … Continue reading

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A Low Cost, Picturesque Creative Re-launching Pad: Chernivtsi, Ukraine

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube) Chernivtsi, Ukraine is a city that I meant to pass through purely as a cost-saving measure en route to Romania but it has turned out to be an intensely spiritually charged location with very high … Continue reading

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