Value$: A Mixed Economy Connection

People are always instinctively feeling that economics and spiritual matters are separate, largely because of so many high-profile cases of large church organizations being exposed for occasional corruption. This sentiment is no stranger to me after I was forced to pretend to be a missionary in South Korea for a time in 2009.

Value$: A Mixed Economy, which I released in June 2010 came out of this sentiment. I had just finished reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and working in Asia for a couple of years, where consumerism is far more active than outsiders expect. Written in San Francisco, Kansas, Puerto Vallarta, and Guadalajara, this book of poetry and essays about money was about consolidating the ideals of a city and loving money wholeheartedly with the gradually revealed realities of the criminal aspects to a lot of commercial activity, to the ultimate failings, and yet how integral it all is to have commerce flow in a way that we have been familiar with.

So what is the connection to tarot, money… Value$? It is that money is an emotional, spiritual representation of what is going on internally and the war between institutions and free agents in the economy. The institutions control when money is abundant, and also when to cut off the cash and shake their finger at the public and say “Look what you did.” There is a lot of gambling and chance in money, but more often than not, how much you have, how much you make, and what you do with it are expressions of what is going on with your spirit. Spend money indiscriminately? Ah, that could mean you don’t respect the “sanctity” of money or institutions but you want their approval. Hold onto money like a miser and have paranoia about having enough money? You are aware of the power of the institutions and want to buffer yourself from them and perhaps your own animal instincts. Don’t know where money comes from or goes? You are spiritually uplifted and not grounded to the realities of the world. Willing to do anything for a government post and salary? You may see money as an instrument of authority rather than liberty.

If you take anything from Value$: A Mixed Economy, please look at your purchasing decisions and see what they could be pointing to. Do you think before you buy?

– John Lett

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