1990s Kiddos: The Constructive Side of Globalization

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At the moment I am on the road after a major reorganization of a media company I was working at for the last year. All facets of the trip have synced together wonderfully with great friends coming back into my orbit in northwestern Europe and my house safely cared for by tenants and friends that needed the space. In 2012, after this blog/website took shape, I had a clear idea of what to tell about and the videos to go with it. Five years later, the world has evolved to such an extent and is so unpredictable in the West that what is interesting topically is now quite altered.

I have an optimistic view of a lot of things, I think partly inspired by a more powerful US dollar exchange rate when traveling in Europe. Once again I am frequenting hostels, and I would like to report that per usual there is almost always a German, a Frenchman, and a Korean guest, but Canadians seem far less numerous than they used to be on the road (maybe a less powerful Canadian dollar is at work here) and Americans have become far more present now that hostels are a household name in the US.

The uncertainty of what will come with Brexit is very strongly felt outside of London in particular, with places like Scotland and Northern Ireland potentially in limbo in the midst of possible separations from the United Kingdom of their own to contend with and Ireland somewhat in financial limbo if the Trump administration pressures company headquarters  to repatriate to the US and the European Union penalizes companies or Ireland itself for having too favorable tax rates for foreign companies

What does stand out more than anything is that a very high proportion of people born in the 1990s seem especially brilliant, informed, community-minded, and pragmatic. There is a high number of persons in this age group that can speak several languages with greater native fluency (they credit financial news outlets and YouTube videos), and I surmise that since they grew up after 9/11 and in the midst of the 2008 to present financial crisis, they missed the trauma of a world altered and did not have the shock of going from more pampered times to an era of surveillance and looming scarcity.

Our comfort zones are to be stretched in 2017, as I have termed it Institutional Breakdown,  but it is also exciting and a new generation gets to make their impression. Could they be indigo children, the starseeds?

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Books and Travel Are the Best Value Multipliers (When Chosen Strategically)

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My historic go-to in a so-called desert period, or gap between work or scholastic assignments, has consistently been travel. When funds or timing did not allow my imagination to be expanded with travel, I have relied on books, documentaries, and subtitled films to stand in and do this work while I physically stayed in one region. Reading and travel are relatively inexpensive education and value producing activities in a world of depreciating assets and liabilities.

Quite simply, you can afford to see the world by simply not ever ordering drinks or appetizers in restaurants, spending an extra day shopping for the best flight ticket prices, and being creative or flexible about your accommodations when traveling. If that is out of reach, you can check out books from the library and essentially experience the world without having to go anywhere or spend any money.

olymposWhen embarking on travel, one hears friends and family asking “how can you afford to travel so much? Are you just playing around?” The truth is, I have been to 31 countries and because I shopped around for deals and stayed in youth hostels (check out hostelworld.com to see some of these locations – their reviewing system really prevents a lot of danger and heartache), and by being strategic with this, I spent far less on doing it than on all my used cars combined, and I estimate about half of what my higher education cost, though the latter is somewhat blended with travel. There is nothing wrong with taking package tours or cruises, especially if your time is limited, you have a higher income, and you don’t want to think out a trip. However, it is more cost effective to see several countries at over an extended period and it’s also better for the environment to see a lot of places at once than to make several trips to see one or two countries for a week or two.

If you travel extensively, you are more likely to be a critical thinker when it comes to international diplomacy and reason and be able to think in a more abstract, contextualized way. From a purely fiscal standpoint, if you know that you are going to be changing houses or changing vehicles or the like, you can time your travels so that you are not paying rent and mortgages and it can actually be cheaper to be traveling than it is to maintain a house or apartment.

Books and film with an educational or cultural value are something that produce value to multiple people with very little overhead. I recently went into a bookstore in Lawrence, Kansas called The Raven Bookstore that has extremely well-vetted literature selections. I hesitated for a long time to spend about $25 there because I am very careful with my spending, but I had to take a step back and ask myself 1) Do I want authors to be compensated to produce good work? Yes. 2) Do I want this bookstore to exist and for the clever people there to have satisfying work? Definitely yes. 3) Is $25 worth of education going to come to me from this? Yes, and I could sell the books for a reduced amount or give them to a library and provide residuals to the community.

That said, your time and funds must be spent judiciously. There are times when you want to read for fun or see a beautiful place just because you can, but more often than not you want to try to extract something from it that will pay you back either in having more apt responses in the workplace to better engagement with friends facing problems, compete better in an exam or job interview, or establishing another base or two in other locations to escape to periodically. Where you can go “wrong,” I caution, is that in my case I pursued so many interests, angles, businesses, friendships, cultures, subjects, and what-have-you that I spread myself too thin over hundreds of contacts in a dozen countries and states and could not focus. Therefore, when I have the chance to meet and mentor people in their early 20s in particular, I tell them to consider focusing on a couple of places of interest and to not pursue intellectual interests to the point of impracticality or delusion because the payoff gets watered down as a result. You can relate to lots and lots of people but not be able to get them all to interact together and it becomes incredibly frustrating in a world of specializations and market and demographic segmentation.

Before thinking that travel is a luxury or reading is a waste of time, truly break down the costs and try to think outside of the box for how to place a value on these investments in comparison with the mundane, bourgeois, or necessary things in your life now. If you are not able to afford a budget trip – and most of us have experienced this dearth of time or other resources – living in an age of literacy and information should give you a comparable free substitute in a book or movie.

I’ve written on some of the merits of hostels before, which you can read here: Hostelling Rite of Passage.

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2017: Institutional Breakdown

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2016 was the most fatiguing year many of us can remember experiencing and yet I stress to everyone that the individual knowledge base and sensibilities increased exponentially. I keep thinking of the expression “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” If it’s continuity and predictability that you seek out, I think this was the wrong time to incarnate.

We’re all busy and for that reason, I will try to be more succinct this year. Many of you are dropping by for the third or fourth consecutive year. I don’t change errors or inaccuracies in past predictions. If you want to know, you can look at the records (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). Without taking the time to look back, I was personally wrong on believing Hillary Clinton would be the next US president (though my cards have never indicated that) and the cards or my interpretation of them made it seem more like a three-way race – the reality was that third parties did play a larger role but were not a major bloc. Again, you can see what is fuzzy or wrong for yourself.

With the preliminary question asking of the theme of 2017, I drew the Four of Cups in reverse, which I read and determine to mean a prevalence of Institutional Breakdown. Four is a foundation so with this reversed in this questions, means the pulling away of stability and a new type of stability or order being sought, and the cups pouring out can mean angst, concern, discord.

Over the years I have struggled with which countries to focus on and how much, but both this audience and what people talk about all over the world is the US, spurred on by the interest in the 2016 election. I woke up on November 9, 2016 to messages coming in from France, Japan, Canada, the UK, Spain, and elsewhere asking me what had happened and telling me to pack my bags and get out. The UK and Syria were other places of strong interest this year. I’ll do whatever flow comes along – whatever is inspired.

Is Russia a real threat to the West?

XX Judgment; XXI The World

This is in the past and present context. These are not cards are associations most people would make with a country or government that gets a corrupt and undemocratic reputation. These cards suggest a backdrop potential for reconciliation and partnership as philosophies become more aligned. In fact, The World in the present position means a popular support and unity potential. Not what I would suspect but I’m not going to argue with them.

Future: Eight of Pentacles; Knight of Pentacles

Money money money. Commerce flowing. Four consecutive right side up cards is very positive. Pentacles symbolize money, commercial activity, success, good work. In spite of contrary information and trends right now, this suggests Russian prosperity and the country instigating improved infrastructure and accelerated activity. As a side note, I do believe even in a financial crisis type of situation, we may have a run-up to a commodities boom similar to the first half of 2008 again, and Russia would benefit from this. But I sense their central planning is building up strong commercial and resource links. The Knight of Pentacles in my deck looks like a warrior of the steppes or Central Asia, so I can see this correlation. Russia is not a threat in the conventional sense, according to my cards, but something of a juggernaut, which could insinuate that it is becoming a more powerful rival. There has been talk in alternative media for a few years of Russia developing a new Silk Road network.

Will there be a positive alliance between the US and Russia in 2017?

Five of Wands, rev.; Seven of Pentacles

The first card indicates distrust and bad rhetoric all around but the actual implementations and results are profitable in the long range. The first signs of something positive may come this year but the payoff is not yet realized. There are many months of turbulence first, rhetorically and with ideas.

Will Donald Trump successfully secure and hold the presidential office?

Ten of Pentacles; Five of Pentacles, rev.

Money plays a huge role yet again and it has multiple meanings here. The ten is a legacy and completion card. The man from money achieves and he takes his family with him. We have a few months of exemplary economic data to look forward to and some of it will be credited to him. There will be some breakthroughs early on and the passage of expansive business deals that seem fortunate. However, something along these same lines of success will be taken too far somehow and botched and start to unravel very suddenly. I have been feeling for some time that the fissure that will cause tremendous upheaval is connected to the insurance industry. Health care will be part of it but I think more like the investment sectors of insurance will be the first thing to break. Again, a strong start and then he gets blamed for things crashing.

Will Congress and the cabinet do us serious harm this year? (Sorry this question is so vague but it’s hard to single something out)

The Chariot; XIX The Sun

This does confirm a conservative turn and very strong focus but not the tyranny many are expecting (and there would be strong evidence to support their feelings, too). On many occasions in the US people who did not expect to like Trump will like him in certain moments and contexts and to some extent, we may all have a better sense of direction. The cards here tell me that there will be a more consistent feeling to how things are done in these areas. There is no reference to money in these cards but I strongly sense some kind of debt relief initiative coming along. I would say that the inspiration from The Sun has something to do with the populations of the world disconnecting from governance and recognizing the sovereignty of their own spirit. In short, to my surprise, no.

Will the UK make a successful and agreeable break from the EU this year?

Five of Swords, Two of Cups

The separation will happen and be tense and terse. It is something that has to happen now and some people will lose significant amounts of money and deals severed. The growth cycle will go on for a bit but when the papers are signed and officiated, there will be a quarter or so of negative numbers, though the second or additional quarters will be attributed to the next worldwide downturn… which in part may get blamed on Brexit. Two of Cups indicates though that trade will continue and good relations will return. I see the number 60,000 which I think will be the limit of how many immigrants from the EU can be admitted to the UK each year for long-term living.

What are some events or outcomes Canada should expect in 2017?

Ten of Cups, rev.; Six of Cups

Increasing domestic dislike of the existing government. A lot of outrage from the public about the handling of environmental practices by the government. In the international community or how other nations perceive Canada, the country is looked upon more and more favorably as a return to its image as a benevolent and thoughtful country is enhanced. The Six of Cups right side up indicates new partnerships and arrangements where Canadian diplomacy or the setting of Canada is the backdrop to alliances and facilitating deals.

Will the Pacific theatre remain stable and peaceful in 2017?

Nine of Swords; King of Pentacles, rev.

Sharper rhetoric with accusations and toxic engagement between East Asian countries. This is the first negative card in this reading with money and from a head of state, or several heads of state. I see exploitation of the environment here, resource conflict, and maybe an environmental disaster. I suspect that the Philippines will be the epicenter this year but new male leadership in both South Korea and China could contribute to the mood.

Will most of the West be tilting more towards social democracy or socialism in the near future or some version of fascism or right-wing management?

I don’t usually do either-or questions because it’s not clear which version is being answered but the nature of this question lends more clarity for interpretation. Please notice that I use the word “management” rather than governance because it seems to me that that is a more accurate word for where we’re headed.

0 The Fool; XIV Temperance

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this card in a world reading. There will be a lot of new zeal and enthusiasm driving things in this year and the next few and I think that the right-wing is stronger. There are some fascist oriented people at the helm of it but that is not what the people want – there is a detachment from institutions going on that has some positives as well as dangers. It is mostly innocence driving this return to simplicity. Further, Temperance shows that the two constructed fringes of libertarianism and something like socialism are merging and people in government and positions of power on a more localized level will be asking themselves what is reasonable and basing decisions on that. This speaks again to Institutional Breakdown – there are problems with it but will make many wistful and enabled to do good things.

What is the most dangerous thing for most people to look out for?

Knight of Wands, Queen of Cups

Watch out for anything that seems too idealistic or right-hand men of people in power. This could also suggest that mergers and consolidation of power is the most dangerous thing – the position of these cards is not negative but because the question asks for a warning, they need to be read this way. The Queen of Cups seems very loaded and layered to me – she symbolizes here the zenith of material well-being, to appreciate it and to not be lulled too much by its availability and abundance in this time. I think we are a little too assured of our own security and power and need to be less indulgent and fixed on sating material wants.

Finally, a first for me to ask Will there be any revelations to the public at large from [government] institutions acknowledging extraterrestrial life [in 2017]?

XVII: The Star, rev.; Page of Wands, rev.

No. The Stars in reverse could not be more telling. Not acknowledged, no breakthroughs. The Page as messenger here is reversed, and Wands is magic and inspiration – intentional suppression of information. More chatter from the usual places but no official statements.

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2017 EMERGENCY TAROT! – Institutional Breakdown

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Hello all. What a harrowing year 2016 has been for everyone you ask. Tonight the western world sympathizes with the family of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, who died less than a day-and-a-half apart. The coverage of numerous celebrity deaths and the far larger upsets (as in unexpected results) of Brexit and Donald Trump winning the US 2016 presidential election. As many of you who have been coming to my site for years know, I have done a tarot reading of a year at the start of the year annually now for about five years. I think the cards have captured the spirit of the year rather accurately and sometimes nail specifics. The theme they identified for 2016 was Overturning Stagnation and Betrayal, which if you really look at the heart of the things going on, people do feel like we are not where we should be and we have been betrayed by our leaders, at least if the ideals espoused are taken seriously. I personally felt that Hillary Clinton would take the presidency but the tarot cards never said this, no matter how many ways I would ask them later in the year – they always indicate a more youthful male character taking over, and so I cannot say that Donald Trump will take office, either.

I will plan like other years to release a lengthy reading on January 8th or 9th. I do not actually do the full reading of the year until I’m living in that year so that some flavor of it can take hold – it is less abstract. However, I will, as I have in other years, ask the cards now to pick a theme for the year. This cannot dictate the mood and experience for all, but will do the best possible to summarize a prevailing mood or theme.

Dear God, please help me do humanity right by through you influencing this deck of tarot cards [The Golden Tarot], telling us useful, beneficial information that is accurate. Amen.

What is the overall theme of 2017 for people who will read this and the world in general?

FOUR OF CUPS, in reverse

I was hoping to provide you all with a message of resounding success and indefatigable energy or a return to normalcy – something reassuring, but this is not the case. I call this Institutional Breakdown.

Four is the number of foundations. When you have a four, think of a structure having four corners and walls. It’s very solid, and you could say materialistic in some cases – very conservative, stable, holding out, and things of this nature. Cups have to do with emotions much of the time, and if you have them upside down, that sense of comfort or balance is being emptied out. This suggests completion and some very serious dark moments.

However, there is always a flip side and ways to take ownership of this kind of card. You can see this as a moment to take initiative and recognize that a sense of security and stability is the primary deficiency around you and to try to find new ways of accomplishing building that up. Reading this and seeing where we are now, I cannot see anything other than severe crashes of varying and various sorts happening, but already in 2016 you will see evidence of new types of resilience and strength forming. With Institutional Breakdown that also means many nascent efforts taking root, and they will be very localized, not centralized (federal). We are going to be living in more and more truth, in both its love and brutality.

There are two things I wish to remind everyone: the long-term future is always an improvement on where you are now. Second, find that time to yourself for introspection and use that time to restore yourself but also to find empathy for other people.

More details to come as the cards reveal themselves in early January 2017. As individuals, we are growing, we are improving!

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting Neoliberalism

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)  14700972_10100517962366649_5614980834164336158_o

This has been a very intense year for all I know, one of both aberrations, disruptions, and complete paradigm transformations. I have experienced some traumatic deaths in the family, health incidents in the family, and observed friends who have had abrupt deaths in their families as well. The Syria Civil War and its victims, political machinations, disputes and deaths between police and citizens, and environmental issues are weighing heavily on our minds. Above all, we want to ultimately curtail and eliminate corruption but at the same time not dismantle every good quality a person or institution has in the event they just have mismanaged optics.

Something to remember is that the long view of history is always positive and demonstrates improvements, however we are set for another period of adjustments and structural insecurity with technological change implementation and an unsustainable financial system. This is a rather US-centric view but the emphasis on financial services and interlinking movements of capital and legal systems worldwide while large corporations find loopholes make the themes we will experience rather universal everywhere. What does this involve?:

  • sudden disruption of access to commodities, most likely waking up one day and there is not affordable fuel for a few weeks or longer
  • raided pension or national retirement schemes. In the US, I think Social Security is safe  for now but 401Ks, annuities and insurance related investments, and other funds are going to be strained or wiped out in many cases
  • physical social space like clubs and bars shutting down – community watering holes are having a hard time making payroll and the rent
  • slaughter of retail economy
  • several industries having reached all their potential audiences and customers and now only able to fight rivals for greater market share – mainly telecom/mobile
  • free trade deals as a last ditch effort to expand marketplaces and deregulate further while at the same time bringing US-style litigiousness to all corners of the globe
  • major mergers and acquisitions that will bring short-term gains and buyout opportunities for some middle-aged workers
  • an escalation of scapegoating of countries like Russia, China (although the enemy will constantly change, and oftentimes the conflicts will not amount to anything – everyone will forget in a matter of weeks) and sometimes ethnic or special interest groups. More bribery to stage conflicts in various locations to keep attention off of other things – particularly the money system
  • a huge and sudden shift towards automation, robotics
  • both staged and real cyberattacks. Again disruption of services and access to money – all people must keep some cash on hand
  • the emergence of more blackmarket activity in the US (this is more like later in the 2020s)

While it looks like Hillary Clinton will become president, there is a small chance that the US will have a Brexit type of revolt. I think that Donald Trump is not popular by merits but a combination of millennial dissent, the failure and devastation of health care costs (both in the Affordable Care Act context and through trends that were well-established long before this element was introduced), and a distrust of the Establishment may be sufficient to make a real upset occur in unanticipated ways. I have been an avid supporter of bringing awareness of Jill Stein forward and also supported Bernie Sanders, but it’s my understanding that conflict will result from this election no matter what happens. Paul Ryan is quietly gunning for power and he is the real force to be reckoned with.

The bigger picture here is unfortunately urban versus rural. If we can restore a harmonious relationship between these two broadly defined types of lifestyles and trade resources, the US will be more functional. When the next recession hits and a regular recovery seems much more difficult to attain, this is when virtual reality and pharmaceuticals will work in tandem as industries to regulate human emotion and perception at an unprecedented level.

Europe is the hardest hit target of neoliberalism right now. The powers that be have released millions of migrants and refugees on the continent to bring the social states there to the brink and frighten English-speaking and East Asian countries from wanting more socialist forms of governance. For a time, Europe will react in the desired way, to have US-style ethnic tension on one hand and overt political correctness on the other, but long-term Europe will reject an overly technologically obsessed culture and a new humanist philosophy will be borne within the next 50 years.

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Under a Spell – 2016 Machinations in New York and in General

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)    005

There is a pervasive feeling that we are standing on the precipice of something unknown and a new modality of living. These moments are not unknown in the human experience but right now, anecdotally speaking, you will notice a number of your friends are undergoing traumatic aberrations as we all begin to reposition ourselves for new scenes. The memories of the 2008 to 2010 (and never fully recovered from) world economic meltdown are fresh enough that many of us have vowed to never be financially vulnerable in such a manner ever again and have arranged our lives accordingly.

On perhaps a more trivial and superficial front, two key influencing nations find their brands at a crossroads. First the UK will have a referendum to see if it will remain in the EU, while US President Barack Obama tours through Europe to remind the constituency of all the advantages of membership while trying to push through a not-so-talked-about free trade deal with Europe. Then of course in November the US votes for the next president for the 2017-2021 term. I want to focus on a number of aspects of the latter and how I see some serious psy ops underway.

Every US presidential election in modern history has been carefully managed by the shadow establishment – every thinking person knows this. Occasionally some groundswell may occur that brings about a populist candidate, but these candidates are either coerced into integration into the system, used for token opposition, used as scapegoats in a constructed conflict situation, or in some rare but not rare enough instances, summarily made to look as though they have committed suicide or overdosed. All of the above tactics are old hat techniques going back centuries but a segment of the population is getting harder to manage from an information flow perspective – we are clearly in an era of cynical realizations and where artifice is more fallible.

In January, I had a dream that there were rival factions of angels above vigorously fighting over what future is set for us politically in the United States. I have believed since 2013 or 2014 that Hillary Clinton will be our next president. I do believe in 2015 and 2016 this future was contested by Bernie Sanders and this has largely been fueled by people wanting to take ownership of their existence and take the US standard of living to the ideals we have been espousing since its inception. However, what happened in New York during their primary this April (2016) has seriously hampered the possibility of this alternative future. Listen to your hearts, dear readers – you can conceive of the possibility that Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary by some degree but with 58% of the vote, and in districts where the vast majority of the population consists of people in their 20s and 30s who are hipsters, artists, non-profit workers, public sector workers, and volunteers? I believe and nearly venture to say I know that Hillary Clinton had to win this state or else and the old Tammany Hall machine saw to it.

Granted, Bernie Sanders has not been behaving or speaking as virtuous as the constituency expects, and he is as fallible and flawed as anyone else, and he is a career politician. Furthermore, his election would induce conflict and turmoil of huge proportions and would probably not go on to a second term. Is it a lack of competence? No. But if one has ever seen the British TV series A Very British Coup, one can see a near template of what would ensue – sabotage on the part of the Establishment causing an orchestrated commodities, banking, public services, and industry collapse. But the question and answer is – is it morally superior and worth the effort? Absolutely, yes.

I think that this possibility is all but squashed at this point and yet I also know that that is the strategy being applied to the psyche of the people. Until now a number of people have been able to overcome this frequency or spell that is at work but something on the Tuesday primary in New York changed everything. I don’t want to succumb to inevitability but I also don’t want to be delusional. The Clinton machine has probably taken over. The false paradigm of her being here to “save us from Donald Trump” has taken root in spite of the fact that a sizable portion of the population realizes or suspects that Donald Trump is a plant to cause a fake rivalry between Clinton and himself. He will not win the presidency, and this is not even a possibility among the elite, but he will gain a fourth fortune getting mileage out of this campaign and be a folk hero to the 25% of the adult population that votes for him. The despair and disengagement of the progressives and socialist elements also serves a great purpose to those in charge who need the weapons manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial “GOD” (guns, oil, and drugs) economy running. Let us not totally disparage the only viable candidate that we have had to possibly overturn that system, though of course it would come with great material inconvenience for a few years to get out of that system.

I struggle to provide a solution or counter to any of these forces at work. They are too powerful and too sophisticated for anyone to take head-on. It always comes back to the same activities: boycotting the big box stores, investing in your friends and networks, pull away from the banal and horrible elements of society, and to not fall for the false paradigm arguments in society (believing wholeheartedly in the narrative presented to us of who the terrorist groups really are) or for distraction small scale social political issues. I think to get the same kind of political satisfaction we probably need to focus on local elections and our own Congress and Senate candidates, which get swept away by the once-every-four-years political Super Bowl.

No matter how we cut it, serious lifestyle adjustments are not far around the corner – no later than in the next year or two we will see the limitations of our energy, food, and water resources. With this kind of distress taking place to the environment so close, does that change at all who you want to be the leading figure of the United States? Who is the most acutely aware of the reality of our situation?

One last thought – people want to boycott North Carolina for the transgender public restroom issue but will allow electoral fraud go on in New York? Sit on that thought a moment.

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2016: Overturning Stagnation and Betrayal

John Lett (About) (Sessions) (tarotworldtour YouTube)20151220_125525

Many of you are rejoining us for the fourth year in a row that this annual prediction summary has been organized (2015: Debts, Miracles, and Good Conscience, 2014: The Year of Self-Assuredness, etc.). The most striking thing that was mostly correct was that Australia formed another government (or at least established a new prime minister) yet again in 2015, although it happened three months sooner than I speculated from the cards. A noted inaccuracy is that at least in the allotted space of time, no countries broke off from the EU. As expected, the US economy started to sputter a bit, but it has not started affecting the population yet, particularly because oil is inexpensive (or depressed in value) and this extra savings has contributed to a little bit more prosperity in that country.

Dear God, please bless us on January 10, 2016 with useful, constructive, and accurate information in regards to this year, 2016. Please send positive angels and guides to allow me to accurately interpret what the cards, the guides, and You are saying and indicating.

Bear in mind our lead card for the year is a reversed Ace of Cups which suggests intense discord, worry, or what I interpret as awakening to a sense of betrayal. A lot of illusions will be broken this year.

What is the most important thing to know or understand in 2016?

PAST, PRESENT: Six of Pentacles; Ten of Swords20160110_184440

In spite of what may be reported, most people are coming into 2016 with their eyes open in that they are grateful for their financial and material security if they have it and they comprehend their privileged place in the world. They understand their unique place in the world. Syria and the Paris attacks have contributed the most to their gratitude for not being directly implicated. However, the swords are an indicator that people are on edge because they feel a definite end to an era. Like in 2008 when the economy collapsed, smartphones started coming in, and a strong sense of change came about with new styles of governance, a similar overhaul is coming in. Some people react to this by embracing extreme nationalism and arming themselves, whereas others will want to move with the times in technology and robotics, and still more will want to get back to the basics. None of these thoughts are new but the intensity and fear are more tangible in spite of stronger stability in the last few years. In other words, it’s a time of appreciation ahead of dramatic changes that may compromise our standard of living.

FUTURE/APPLICATIONS: King of Wands; Ten of Pentacles, rev.

The most important thing to remember is the sovereignty of the human spirit, soul, and magic that underpins our purpose in being on Earth. Humanity has tremendous personal and collective power. The King is a stable figure and Wands represents magic, and in this context it is a reminder of your wonderful capacities to create, be inspired, and connect in humane, informed ways. This awareness of integrity will hold us together in challenging moments. Pentacles in reverse is a negative indication in regards to inheritances, legacies, and generational interaction. This reminds me of the issue I foresee with retirement accounts, pensions, annuities, and all sorts of public funds coming under threat more than ever this year. Organized labor will be loud this year and some tremendous layoffs may cause social problems between various age groups and there is risk of turning against each other where money is concerned when it is discovered that accounts are underfunded. I think the epicenter of this will be Europe and quickly it will spread to all of the northern hemisphere and Australia.

There is also a great deal of conflict with how generations react to the next crisis. The younger population will have to break with norms against what predictably worked for their parents or grandparents in previous years. Much more interdependency will be required (sharing of resources, less conspicuous consumption and investment) than was typical in the post-World War II to 2008 period.

Where should our money be? How can it be safe?

FUTURE/APPLICATIONS: XXI: The World, rev.; IX: The Hermit

This is a very confusing year with commodities fluctuations. The meaning could not be clear. Keep the money close to you where you can get it easily. I feel at closing of 2016, oil may be around $60 a barrel or that will be the average for the year. Again, pensions might often be totally bankrupted this year and particularly offshore investments look very dodgy and hard to collect, which may have something to do with global exchanges becoming more erratic. The world is turned upside down so I could see tiny countries, islands, or southern hemisphere countries having better returns than what is usual. Argentina will have some recovery this year, a small bright spot.

The Hermit indicates laying low and enhancing your networks. Concentrate on bringing value close to home and being cognizant of helping out friends in your network. Make the money work in visible ways that are in your community and stick to what you know.

What are some major health issues or improvements to expect in 2016?

FUTURE/APPLICATIONS: Eight of Swords; Three of Wands, rev.

I see a lot of secrecy and restraint this year. I am affected by news that I have seen in regards to price fixing and manipulation in pharmaceuticals but I think that it is going to be harder for people to get the medicine that may resolve health issues. Also, discord among intellectuals on how to proceed and politics in that system will prevent some major breakthroughs. It is not until the 2020s that we will see almost warp speed progress and tackling of maladies.

What kind of new government can we expect to be elected in 2016 and inaugurated in 2017 in the US?

FUTURE/APPLICATIONS: The Sun, rev., Two of Pentacles, rev.

The next president and government will have tremendous challenges in front of them. I expect the severity of structural problems to be laid squarely in the open by the time the next president takes office rather than unfolding exclusively during their administration. The Two of Pentacles in reversed means a decoupling of institutions. I see in this a breakdown of the two-party system, at least in this cycle. A primarily three-party race will leave a lot of doubt and unhappiness with the results of the election and redefining of what each party is. Immediately a lot of the ideals that led the winner’s campaign will be dismantled in part out of necessity to compromise with the 50-60% of the electorate that did not vote for the winner.

Who will the next president of the United States be?

FUTURE/APPLICATIONS: XVI The Tower; Knight of Cups

I hesitate to ask this because there is no card with a name on it. I also have been sensing and telling people for some time that I believe Donald Trump is an intentional spoiler to ensure the election of Hillary Clinton to the office. Bernie Sanders as of this writing is probably the people’s choice for president, but his advanced age (relatively) is a known hindrance.

The cards are extremely difficult to read, but they do indicate calamity. I can say with certainty too that the youth turnout and passion will drive the election. If the US were a more revolutionary oriented country further to the south, I would say that a complete overthrow or new way of governing would take hold. Open rivalry between defense companies and the desires of the people may take hold. This may be the year of more visible cohesiveness between Mexico, Canada, and the US. The Knight also suggests a youthful, idealistic candidate, but I can’t see who this could be because the most likely candidates are not notably youthful. I have never encountered a message from a card pairing quite like this before, but I read it as aspiring to and holding on to what could be. The future is not written in stone, but rather a few different courses are available to take, and different realities one can live in.

This pairing says to go ahead and move boldly forward. Do not go for the status quo or compromise in an unethical way. Go against logic and seek the highest possible vibration, greatest moral and social ideal of all encompassing inspiration in this election cycle. There are three strong players who are depending on a sense of inevitability to get themselves elected (Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Jeb Bush). Seek out and imagine spontaneous joy that spreads around the world to turn the dark course around. At this time, it is more likely for a dark drudgery to take hold but by visualizing something amazing and funding an amazing lifestyle of abundance, it can be overcome. Very dramatic change and departure of financial norms will happen either way.

Interpret this as you may. I do not want to put an inevitable out there.

Will the legacy of the Justin Trudeau government in Canada be successful and positive?

FUTURE/APPLICATIONS: The High Priestess, rev.; Eight of Wands

The new government of the Liberal majority in Canada feels progressive and different from other governments in the world right now, with a positive if somewhat unprofessional or inexperienced vibe to it also.

These cards suggest some of the dirty deals of Canada coming to light tempering the electorate with some cynical realities. Margaret Trudeau or wife Sophie may be disliked or revealed to have some kind of financial advantage that is questionable. I see him being the leader of Canada for a total of six years with lesser support the second time he is elected but enough to get his party re-elected. Canada’s world image is going to improve under this administration and the population is more politically aware and optimistic as a result of getting him elected and overcoming the Harper era, so this period reflects as positive in spite of a mild recession and lackluster economic performance hovering over the country during this entire period.

Will there be any resolution to the Syria problem/Civil War soon (in 2016)?

FUTURE/APPLICATIONS: King of Cups, rev.; Knight of Wands, rev.

Assad will not capitulate to what the western financial and military powers want in spite of the fact that Putin and lesser armed rivals cannot significantly help in proxy wars. There is no benevolent leadership or idealistic leader to help. Putin’s assistance may taper off. Refugees remain largely stateless on paper but I believe will mostly remain in Europe because they were allowed to go there to destabilize the continent financially and culturally (through no fault of their own). The Knight of Wands in reverse suggests some gang formation in Europe.

Will Islamic State/Daesh and terrorism be controlled and on the way to defeat this year?

FUTURE/APPLICATIONS: Judgment, rev., The Devil, rev.

Prejudice and misunderstanding of real forces at work with these groups will still reign, preventing real defeat from taking place. Most people working for governments, security, or the terrorist groups are all misled about who they are working for and for what cause, but I do not see enlightenment for the majority of the people involved or the general population. Economic problems in the Middle East and Europe increase the severity of these relations and this part of the world will see more so-called terror and tension.

Psychically speaking, I have been concerned about Canada more than other places and France and Belgium remain very tense this year.

What are some exciting and optimistic developments underway that are spreading organically and without as much effort?

FUTURE/APPLICATIONS: Four of Cups; X: The Wheel of Fortune, rev.

Taken outside The Merchant, a vintage store in downtown Topeka, Kansas, USA summer 2015. http://www.themerchantonline.com/

Taken outside The Merchant, a vintage store in downtown Topeka, Kansas, USA summer 2015. http://www.themerchantonline.com/

New foundations starting. This year is the year a lot of people will mark as the beginning of a particular chapter in their lives where it all started to change for the better with their relationships and they realized their real needs. A lot of good on the personal level starts now and human consciousness is getting more advanced and enlightened outside of the political arena. Tolerance wins more often than not.

There is a very bad turn trying to work its way into our reality now. I always ask my tarot clients to look at everything in 50- or 100-year chunks rather than year-by-year when it comes to world events. We are extremely powerful spirits but also there are circumstances where you have to ride the course of history until it gets to a certain point of where it needs to go rather than trying to push back too hard – otherwise you will get totally mowed over. Ride this turmoil with finesse and then stand upright again. I would still say to shoot for your ideals this year but do not resist, fight, or seem obstinate.


I wish everyone a happy, prosperous year where their dreams are realized and for our collective goodwill toward this planet and its inhabitants to overpower want and any lacking resources. We must visualize all of the people holding hands and forming a unified line stepping into a great future as one, not as rivals or separate camps.


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