We Survived 2008 With Or Without Foreknowledge

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LinkedIn is asking “Where were you in September 2008 [when Lehman Brothers went under this week that year]?” I was in Christchurch, New Zealand and had taken some kind of cappuccino with a lingzhi mushroom powder from a cafe that proclaimed it had curative powers but it made me sort of strung out. This was still the internet cafe days and I had stopped in an internet cafe to check email and Facebook. All of the headlines were very adamant that this was the start of a very excruciating and dangerous financial period.

I had taken pre-emptive steps in the previous years. While doing a research paper two years earlier, for sociology of all subjects, I had come across some data and commentary that there was a 75% probability that a major, devastating correction would come between the fourth quarter of 2007 and the first quarter of 2009. Somehow this statement resonated as true and I decided to go ride it out by teaching English in South Korea for a year as soon as I graduated in the summer of 2007. The markets did start to unravel with the subprime mortgage crisis at about that time and while in Ireland in the summer of 2007, a financial analyst operating out of London told me on a bus ride that the epicenter of devastation would be Ireland, then the US, and then have a global impact. Meanwhile, others in Ireland were manically saying to buy property immediately before it would go up in value any further. It took a full year of a tremendous run up in commodities prices before everything started to unravel. It seems like an almost alien time that this coincided with the US presidential elections and if you hear speeches from around that campaign time, they did not really address the severity of this backdrop. I remember just a week or two prior to this ten-year anniversary being on an airplane from South Korea to Australia and the TVs inside the plane showed John McCain presenting Sarah Palin as his running-mate, and before she began speaking, there was a brief period where people had some high expectations and suspense about her potential.



Where were you? Did you know how bad it would become? Did it touch you? Strangely enough in terms of net after taxes, 2009 was my best year ever even though it was the worst of the recession (a second teaching tour of South Korea did that). I can say that what “saved” me was to listen to people that were not super flashy or mainstream commentators – the talking heads, so to speak – but those who were a bit discreet and projected quiet confidence in what they were saying. Ten years later, I am not hearing consistent voices of this kind but the general message would be to not get overextended and to diversify so that you don’t sink when the unexpected happens.

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The Unfairness of Hubs

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Something that is part of defining where is the center of an empire is how strong of a travel connections hub a place is. In 2017 when I was attempting to get to Romania from Poland by air on short notice I was stunned to find that I could not find any way there for less than $300USD (a year later I would have realized that there are grueling ways to get there via bus for quite cheap – or perhaps I was unwilling to do that in that moment but ended up having to do that anyway after adding a trip to Ukraine). I think it is important that you know that you live at the center of an empire if there are many cheap flights in and out of your city to a variety of destinations.


There are many implications if you do not live at the center of an empire. You can become out-of-the-loop in supply chains which limit the variety of products you can access or make them expensive to obtain. You can find it difficult to visit relatives or repatriate any resources and ultimately that place gets starved of new capital or population inflows.

Almost always in Europe, the cheapest place to fly will be London. A lot of this price structure is driven by a high number of people flying to London anyway because they emigrated there for work after their respective countries joined the EU, but there may be something of a strategy to concentrate more wealth there. I wound up in London three times in 2017 in part because it was the easiest and cheapest place to connect to somewhere else. In the US, the cheapest place to fly in general will usually probably be Orlando or Las Vegas … is there any behind-the-scenes brokering to make this happen?

The key to any city or region’s long-term success in my opinion is that people are able to get in and out very easily and cheaply. Historically speaking, the countries that epitomizes this would be the Netherlands or Uruguay which are positioned between other powerful countries and have reputations for strong press freedom and ease of doing business. It will be interesting to see what happens to London after leaving the European Union but I suspect that over time there may be a new hub in continental Europe (Amsterdam is going in that direction but is geographically too small and already overwhelmed with this pressure) but London will see increases in visitors and transactions from greater distances. Canada may be more important in the future if the political instability of the US is a long-term situation (similar to the boost they had in 2001-2002 after 9/11).

Hubs are unfair though because they gradually seize capital from other regions and we must consider how to either create a plurality of hubs or have more transactions take place in a virtual, online environment to save energy and keep people in less expensive places.

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It is a Tragedy that Roseanne the Show Has Been Canceled

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What a missed opportunity and destruction of a legacy. ABC did the absolute correct and necessary thing to take punitive actions against Roseanne Barr for posting something so vile and uncalled for, but I find the gleeful response of swathes of people on social media very disturbing – similarly, I do not agree with people who have started saying that it is only happening because she is a President Trump supporter. I think of so many people impacted in this debacle. First and foremost, Valerie Jarrett, whether she was actually a puppet master to the Obamas as has been claimed at times, is a highly accomplished, multilingual woman who after accumulating experience and by all appearances communicating with finesse and exhibiting model intelligence, and for her to be compared to an ape is devastating. For any person of color I cannot imagine what it would be like to live in such a threatening environment as to be reduced to that any random moment no matter how much one achieves. I also think of Jayden Rey, the little girl playing Roseanne Conner’s mixed ethnicity granddaughter, and how traumatic this must be for – to have trust squashed in this way. However, similarly to the Cosby legacy going down in his sex abuse, rape, and assault cases, there is a lot more on the table than the person who holds together a concept or product.

Roseanne phase I (1988-1997) did a lot to tackle real issues with class and economic

hardship in ways that had not really been addressed on television for about a decade – perhaps since All in the Family. I do not need to cite what was done here. Some feel that it went too far and normalized sexual things too early, while others see it as bringing out into the open what has always been going on. I would like to say that a lot of the initial contempt directed toward her has to do with her body type and not standard Hollywood/entertainment appearance. Much of the comments I have seen following the series cancelation have had remarks such as “she always was a pig.”

Roseanne phase II (2018-?) by all appearances I have seen in the media (I have not gotten to watch a full episode while living in Eastern Europe) seems to have had lofty goals of unity that have not been set or achieved for a long time on television, which audiences in Middle America resoundingly responded to in April and May 2018 with high ratings. I have seen some commentators again reference that this alone should excuse her behavior – it should not. However, a show that has a gender fluid character, blended ethnic family features, all kinds of political spectrum representation (including a Jill Stein supporter), one that addresses fertility issues, class divisions, grandparents that went for a new political movement out of desperation of worsening economic circumstances, and nostalgic combined was just the medicine people needed to reach for the American aspiration of true, authentic unity. Sara Gilbert, someone much more on the left and liberal perspective, apparently spearheaded this project and made it happen, and so it is not like this is Roseanne Barr’s right-wing extravaganza as many have portrayed it.

This project must somehow live without Roseanne. There is a lot at stake to let this kind of disillusionment seep in from every corner in the United States because we are entering very dangerous, uncharted territory to let some dreams be realized for a while and then have a legacy that so many are attached to for varying reasons be ruined.

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I May Seem Crazy but the Jury is Still Out Which One of Us the Chemtrails Warped More

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For years and years so many people have asked me to compile a list of all the conspiracy


I looked across the room in my Airbnb and wondered whether today would be the day to start this major project.

theory documentaries and sources that have been the material for laughs or fears. After years of having to push it off, it is in southeastern Europe that I started thinking about them more because people in this region are much more pragmatic and awake in this regard. It is a tall order to try to provide links to some great documentaries and I caution anyone that you can’t take any of them as an authority any more than the official news, just like any religion plays by its own rules and pulls in material just to justify its existence. I will say that often things that seem like outlandish claims turn out to be true and any time someone goes out of their way to dismiss something we must be alerted that they are being paid to do so or there is some other conflict of interest and in turn a lot of conspiracy theories can also be very irresponsible speculation or a platform to make money. There is also the belief that sometimes the sources of this information will deliver a great deal of truth to the public but then also be assigned to say or do very marginal things that are not true (such as spreading the flat earth theory) so that everything they have said that is true is dismissed – another manifestation of controlled opposition.

To continue to make this project a success by my measure, I am going about this in a totally different way. First, please click on the pictures to increase our viewcount (and to see their beautiful extent. They are currently from Riga and Sigulda, Latvia, a very high and strange energy point on the planet in my view (this is the story of the cave Gutanmis)). Next…






at the bottom of this page’s current iteration, you will see the first resource, a documentary I was directed to by an Irish friend in 2009, a mainstream source from the BBC, and we will move on to more controversial ideas in the near future. Century of the Self, by Adam Curtis, opens with “This series is about how those in power have used Freud’s theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy” and includes explanations of how cigarettes were successfully marketed to women (“torches of freedom”) and processed cake mixes were first sold.

Stay tuned for when the next resources/sources arrive!

Katy’s Perry’s video for “Chained to the Rhythm,” with over 500 million views and while wildly popular, may have begun the end her mainstream career. Check the video for symbols of empire and how the system disposes of even the ideal, compliant participants.


The following and beyond gets progressively more intense or marginal. The first, The Century of the Self, was produced by the BBC and stays within the confines of the Establishment but reveals a lot of facets that are unknown to the general public.


ADDED MAY 13, 2018:








ADDED JUNE 10, 2018:


This one is really crazy to think about but this presenter does present things that most people would never think about:

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Digital Nomad Diversions in the Balkans

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Croatia and Serbia are quite timeless locations that offer a lot of opportunities to keep overhead low while one does their remote work. The tax implications are vague and confusing but if you can navigate that, you have the opportunity to infuse some cash in a region in need of capital but also to enjoy some of the best architecture and landscapes on the planet. I would say that Croatia offers this really relaxed Mediterranean vibe (it is not like that for the population much of the time due to lack of employment opportunities and heavy taxation) and Serbia a really warm hospitality from the people that is hard to find elsewhere. At the moment I am in Belgrade waiting for a friend to arrive and catching up with friends that I met at random last year who have become such wonderful bedrocks. Consider this region to harken back to more artistic and dramatic times and have a feeling of restoration.



A few scenes around Rijeka but the castle ruins and church are from the historical town Kastav, Croatia. My friend was so generous to take me ’round to some places that were not easy to go via bus or on foot.

I have been to Belgrade before but this time I have noticed the beauty more than ever. It is really tastefully illuminated at night and its location somewhat on the hinterland of Europe from a northwestern Europe power base perspective ensures better prices and bargains.

There are some strange mystical forces to tap into here and I wish to delve into that more in the near future.

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My Mother Shipton Obsession

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Long before the ardent belief in aliens but long after the ancients looked to the stars for meaning and for prognostication, there was Mother Shipton, the English Nostradamus. Was she a real person? Much an enigma like Jesus, though by any interpretation far less virtuous, she is said to have been born in a cave in Knaresborough, England, and from there to invoke the ire of totalitarian monarch Henry VIII. I first heard of her on a mysteries and legends program in the US (not the same one but a History Channel version here) and occasionally her name would resurface over the years until I finally went to the cave in 2017 – not knowing a friend’s daughter lives in the same town. Incidentally, I find this town to be one of the most beautiful towns, if not the most beautiful town I have visited, conveniently located by rail less than one hour from York.


Mother Shipton, or the the posthumous editor of her work, predicted things from smartphone communications to the transgender movement.

Knaresborough has the ruins of an old castle in the center, some beautiful cliffside paths and properties to view, the iconic railway bridge pictured in some of my images, and the site where Mother Shipton’s cave is has the oldest paid attraction in England, the petrifying well. The town handily wins being named my favorite town to visit, probably because I wasn’t expecting anything more than a cave.

I credit Mother Shipton, or the story about her, as part of what made me aware of some divination capacities I have and what led me to tarot nearly ten years ago.

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Castelfranco Veneto, Italy

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I never got bored with walking around the relatively small core of Castelfranco Veneto, Italy, where I was teaching English for three months last year. The Italian sense of proportion and aesthetics is second-to-none (though organization and predictability is probably second to last!). Click through to get the details of the pictures, or better yet base here and see the region, especially given that Venice is just a five euro, 50 minute train ride away.

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